🌴 Thinking of coming to Your Next Big Thing Retreat in Bali? 🌴

🌴  Thinking of coming to Your Next Big Thing Retreat in Bali? 🌴

hello cubicle crashers Lydia here from
screw the cubicle and as promised I wanted to livestream in here today to talk a
little bit about the Bali retreat called your next big thing retreat that I have
every single year in beautiful tropical Bali that’s happening from April 22nd to
the 29th this year and I’ve had a few people ask me a little bit more about
the breakdown of what people will be experiencing hi Carolyn
oh it likes to see you’re always the first one in and I wanted to know that
first of all I’ve done a little open house last year when we were talking
about Bali retreat and breaking down the experience but I realized I didn’t
do that for this year hey Thomas how are you in Seattle and I wanted to share
today in our live stream a little bit about what we’re planning for the Bali
retreat in April but also really to show you what actually truly happens give you
a bit of a play-by-play of what happens in the seven days that we spend together
now seven days doesn’t sound like a long time to reinvent your life in career but
let me tell you the power of focus and the incubation experience of being
with ten people and myself and amazing mentors that will work with you and
collaborate with you for seven days consistently really really absolutely
brings you to so much clarity around your cubicle escape goals that involve
things like your life transition plan managing your money dealing with all the
fears and obstacles and mindset that you need to develop in order to even be
doing something different at all but most importantly it really helps you to
develop a plan of making a living outside of your cubicle job because
that’s what you’re here for and it’s really hard to do it on your own
especially if you’ve never been an entrepreneur before you’ve never started
a small business before there’s so many moving parts right like to start a
business and very likely you’re having a little bit of what we all do when we
first start a business it’s a bit of business pornography right sort of suing
what everybody else is doing out there and actually not being able to perform
when it comes to your own business and I want to take you out of that state of
mind and help you do this in the tropical paradise that is Bali but the
most important thing is like when we get to work with you every single day for
seven days your ideas your perspectives your
brilliant brilliant gifts that you can be utilizing into a business can be
workshopped and really can be getting some
feedback for your ideas because a lot of the times were in our own echo chamber
of what we think we have to do and what business we think we have to start and
what we are capable of starting that it’s really hard to really be brave
about doing that because you may not realize things about yourself on what is
even possible for your talents and your skill sets unless you’re able to talk to
an expert about it but also as a roundtable discussion with the very
people that are doing the same thing and be able to again offer some excellent
excellent perspectives from their point of view and helping you build a business
that’s going to be simple to run that’s going to be location independent so that
you can have the freedom you deserve but really in a way put on a bit of horse
blinders and as you get you to focus on what really matters most to launch a
business rather than getting distracted by really shiny marketing things that
actually will not get you started right so I really specialize in like the lean
way of starting things and getting you to results a lot faster than if you were
to overcomplicated where most of us that are starting a business are solopreneurs we are you know service based providers we don’t have to actually be
operating like a big business to start getting clients right but first of all
you sort of need to know what it is that you want to focus on in your niche what
sorts of gifts and purpose your work is going to be built upon really
understanding the true foundations your business will be your customers will be
relying on you for and understanding what you need to create like what offers
you need to be creating to sell how you’re gonna craft these solutions to
earn a living in your business and what is really that overarching theme for
this body of work that you truly want to build and your business may be actually
just one aspect of it so this retreat is really a combination of business skills
that you’ll be learning as a first-time business owner to do things lean in the
lean way and simply but also it is hugely hugely a support system that you
need to create that transition and those powerful changes that you want to happen
in your life a lot of the times the questions we have the retreat or what we discuss may have nothing to do with business at times because where most people
struggle in is to believe in themselves that the doubt that they keep looping
around in these conversations with their inner critic and also really preparing
their personal life to be ready for this change so we do this combination of
business building workshops but we also also really talk about the human side of
things things like conversing with your spouse you know having your money
prepare to be ready to take your leap negotiations with your current role at
work time management and what you need to be doing to be creating a side hustle
while you’re working full time for an example and also alternative ways that
you could be thinking about living you know for example it is no accident that I live
in Bali and run my business completely remotely because it brings me the
lifestyle that I want and so some people do want that lifestyle what whether to
stay home with their kids a lot more or be able to travel the world we need to
sort of learn not just the practical tools that can help our business be a
lot more location independent but really it’s about your the way you’re designing
the way you want to work and the business type you want to have in
accordance to the type of lifestyle that you actually want to be living right
because if not you’re just creating yourself just another job except you’re
the boss and you can’t really fire yourself that’s not cool all right so if
you’re joining me say hello I know there’s a few people here and of course
I always check in after the recording of this live stream and it will answer any
questions that you have about our Bali retreat but I want to share with you
what we actually do at the retreat so that if this is something that you’re
thinking I’m sick and tired of doing this by myself
I want to have some time a bit of a holiday for me but a learning experience
to help me get to my goals a bit faster of being an entrepreneur and be more
having more autonomy over the way that I make a living and how I live my life I
hope you join us in April we’ll talk a little bit about how you can do that by
talking to me first on the phone because we curate a really really awesome group
to join us and make sure the right people are joining us in Bali but also
at the end of this livestream I’m going to be announcing a really great
promotion where you if you attend in April there’s some bonuses that we want
to offer you if you are potentially coming with a spouse or a friend that
could be quite an amazing opportunity for you to do this this year and not
have another year go by where you’re sort of wondering what if I do this in
that and get out of my cubicle we’re gonna make
sure that you have a plan for this so I’m gonna share my screen and really
give you a bit of a rundown to start with really what were the types
of people that were coming to the Bali retreat maybe some of the people you can
resonate with what problems they came up came in with and what they left with so
that that can also give you not just for me saying it but really past
participants of the retreat to tell you about their experience and hopefully
that will resonate with you as well all right so I’m using the share screen
option for the first time so bear with me and if you can’t actually let me know
when you do see my screen that would be really lovely so I know that I’m not
just talking to a blank screen you got to see my nice desktop before so the
first slide you should see is Danny who was one of the participants in our
retreat last year if you can see that please let me know on the chat box and I
will continue as well so Danny is someone that has a ok Carolyn thank
you very much you see danny leaping up in the air as you can see from just a
picture of Danny he is a force to be reckoned with he is an amazing
participant that we had last year that actually I started working with a lot
more in the last six months danny has been a part of my programs for over a
year now and now he’s actually one of our community leaders at the academy of
cubicle crashers because he is so kick-ass and he’s bringing so much of
his energy and his learnings from the work we did together into our community
now Danny’s from Singapore when he first came here he wasn’t a new entrepreneur
so that’s really interesting so this retreat is not just for new entrepreneurs
but for people starting a new project a new version of work for the first time
so even though someone like Danny was a serial entrepreneur you know he was
someone that has built several businesses in over the years what he
came for was that he was building a personal brand business for the first
time where his face was a part of the business where the things he was
teaching was a very personal approach of mentoring and coaching with the clients
that he wants to work with it was no longer an agency style model it was
really really this personal mission that he had that came and was birthed from
his own life story of burnout and anxiety and he no longer wanted to do it
that way so he was really looking at better leaders in the workplace creating
better business owners that weren’t gonna sacrifice their health to be able
to get to success and of course implementing some of his business
building strategies with helping people start businesses as well so Danny really
came into the retreat really understanding that hey he doesn’t need
much help in the business building part of things but he doesn’t help with
confidence and the clarity of what it is really that he’s doing with his business
instead of just hiding behind marketable words or taglines
he’s really wanted to know what would I be teaching what would what are the
concepts what are the foundations my framework of my business so that I can
actually know this is the GPS of what my work is really about and be able to go
for opportunities that I really want to get as long as it aligns with those
values and foundations that my business is going to be a really promising right
for people to do so Danny since coming to the retreat after he got that
cultural experience with us after he got that personal development and training
at the retreat since then Danny has launched coaching programs which is
received clients for in Singapore where he’s been working with some of the
top Singapore agencies and governmental bodies to conduct training to employees
to bring more happiness in the workplace which is awesome because it was
something that he didn’t even think about at the retreat until it sort of
happened after once he got his core values and be aligned with the work he
wants to do now be able to say yes or no to certain opportunities are easier for
him to do and that really set the ball rolling for Danny so if you’re someone
like Danny who needs clarity on your idea you want a confidence to approach
your brand in an authentic and genuine way and really showcase your abilities
and know what it is that you’re teaching and creating an offer to sell then the
Bali retreat absolutely helps you to do that we do lots of discussions we do
lots of hot seats as well as there’s a pitch fest where you actually are
pitching the idea for your business so that all the people in the retreat
including myself and mentors can give you better feedback on your messaging
the story you’re meant to be telling and really how to articulate the value of
your work to your clients which I know a lot of people struggle with another
sample of a retreat participant in that we had last year is Heather from
Canada she was definitely someone that felt
very lonely in building a business by herself anyone else feels this way
you’re just talking to yourself the entire time doubting yourself the entire
time we can be our own worst critic when it comes to really being courageous to
create good work into the world even though most of us have something to
offer we just don’t have the courage to do it because sometimes we think about
well someone else doing it already why should I be there or am I good enough to
do this there’s an imposter syndrome that sort of happens around this
beginning part of your business building journey and was I really you know her
question was was I really wasting time and money pursuing this goal and when
Heather came into the retreat part of it for her the benefit was actually meeting
people like her knowing she’s not alone in her crazy dreams and actually meeting
some of the people we brought in as speakers that actually have
families there were people in mid careers there are people that you know
repurpose their skills into new businesses and now live around the world
just even meeting some of these mythical creatures we call digital nomads or
location independent workers gave her that insight that evidence that it
is possible you know for people that are in her age group people that have the
lifestyle choices that she wants and one of the most important things that
Heather I think really got from the retreat because she’s a teacher by trade
is the ability to actually explore her ideas in different ways
right not being really stubborn in one way of delivering what she thinks her
business should be but really get feedback from real humans there’s
sometimes potentially her clients to really go here’s what I would buy here’s
what makes sense to me when you say it that way
that was powerful for me to listen to so having that discussion having that
feedback loop that’s available throughout the seven days in the retreat
is so amazing for clarifying your idea but also articulation of your message
and the way that you are talking about the value of your work you know that is
not marketing and jargony but actually really goes into the root of the
problems that you solve and really hunting down the right people that
should be working with you and I think that is truly what Heather really
experienced coming to the retreat the last examples Amy Amy also came from
Canada awesome city called Squamish don’t know
if anyone knows it amy was working with a marketing company previously and now
works for a family business that she was in and as much as she loves her family
she wanted to really branch out and do her own thing
Travel is one of her biggest passions and the ability to do that was important
to her and not be tied down to a desk job she was frustrated her job she
needed advice about how to even transition from her family business
without hurting the feelings of her family she wanted to know about you know
what she could start now you know that while she’s working full time because
most of us are just like Amy we don’t want to just give up a job right away
because we have bills to pay and we’ve got kids to feed and you know things
like that so really being clear about how to start something on the side
started simply and gained traction for a side hustle before she actually
officially quits was really important to Amy as a safe safety net right for her
to quit Amy before she came was really unclear about what to offer she was kind
of over complicating the process of what her business should be and again
utilizing the collective intelligence of the people at the retreat myself and
mentors that we have at your next big thing
we basically helped her to drill-down what is the really key message around
her business and what is the offer the simplest offer she can start with today
without having a big list of people really tapping into the ecosystem of her
community the people already that she’s built equity of friendships and
professional equity with and utilizing actually the people that trust her the
most in her life to be able to share her business and be able to create different
options for these experiences that she wants to create which was a business
that really helped people to step out of their comfort zone use adventures and
use physical activities to try new sports to meet new other women and use
that that activity as a conversation to talk about confidence and talk about
bravery in the world very brené Brown style right so that was sort of what you
know Amy received is again utilizing the group she was really able to tap into
what is this simple way the simple way to start a business what’s the most
impactful way to start getting the message out about my business and
bringing some of her even her old experience from a marketing background
you know to be an adventurous girl how does she utilize the ingredients of her
tools right whether so experience skill set or just natural abilities to
formulate this amazing offer that is going to actually make it fun for her to
run has the resources around it so this is what we
call the low hanging fruit opportunities at the retreat really looking at those
pieces instead of actually thinking – you know nebulously right about what
your strategy should be and actually bring you back into some of the most
useful and practical ways you can launch a business right now are not waiting for
when you build a big audience and things like that okay so that’s sort of Amy’s
experience so this is sort of some great examples of the right types of people to
come to the retreat you’re someone that’s launching a project for the first
time or a business for the first time even if you’ve been an entrepreneur
before is something a type of business model or a offering that you’ve never
done before so that scares you and you want to talk it out you want to have
collaborations to define your idea it’s for people that don’t have an idea right
I’m gonna tell you a little bit about what we do to help you find an idea in
a minute but we help you discover the best ideal business that actually you
can start today what I call the right for right now business so you can stop
waiting stop thinking when you are good enough
to do something but actually be revealing what you are indeed good
enough to do today and roll with that you know and moving with imperfect
action and we absolutely need the emotional support and the practical
community to help us do these things so what we start with is there’s a pre
retreat course that we offer everyone at the retreat it is to find my niche
masterclass that you can do before you come and you actually get a lot of
feedback and advice from me personally before you attend the retreat so what
that’s going to do is gonna help you get your ideas in a bit more of a shorter
list is gonna give you some context to play with when you come to the retreat
so you’re not coming here unprepared you’re really coming here with already
reflecting looking at what you have to be doing doing some of those ideas
brainstorming and stretching that muscles of idea generation ahead of time
so that you can come to the retreat and actually have something really
meaningful to talk about and also be utilizing some of your ideas and asking
better questions when we start the retreat right when you can have
everyone live with you when the first day we actually really discuss your
ideas we just even if you think you have an idea we’re gonna get even clearer
about the foundations of your business what you have to create to to sell to
people but more importantly what is that experience that you want to craft to
bring your customers from A to B and on a personal level really know that that
business is coming from a place where there’s purpose included in that
business idea there is a deep interest in the outcomes and in the contribution
that you want to make in your business which then makes it much easier for you
to go towards that business because you actually care about it it’s not just
only a money-making thing but of course we want to make that that that business
profitable we talk a lot about market demand we talk a lot about what’s
already out there we talk about your approach to solve different problems in
your business to make sure that we are really designing a business that is
coming from you your life experience your story your specific skillset and
having a helping uniess down a focus of what business you should be starting so
this is the pre retreat course that you will get before you actually come to the
retreat we’re gonna prepare you so much to brainstorm at the retreat with us
before you come we’re also going to be giving you a welcome pack and a
participants profile sort of kit this is a great way to know more about
the people that you’re gonna be spending time with for seven days and we are one
of the things that we value most in this experience is that I personally curate
every single person that enters into this retreat this is a lot of time for
me to interview everyone for at least an hour and actually give people advice and
coaching before they come but what that does for us as a team it screw the
cubicle is that we make sure that the people that are coming to this retreat
spending time together your retreat family are truly the people that are
similar to you they’re starting the business for the right reasons they are
not only going after any business idea that makes money but something that
feels fulfilling and purposeful you know that’s super important because if you’re
there with someone that just wants to make money they don’t care about what
business they’re starting they don’t want to contribute to that they just
want to know what’s gonna monetize you’re gonna get a very different
ambience with this retreat right and for me it’s about my pleasure of my work too
I do best working with people that want to create meaningful businesses that
looking at their life’s work as part of their business rather than just I want
to lay on a hammock all day and just see my PayPal account roll in because I
believe there’s certain people built just like me as well that need to care
about the work and that’s one what’s going to actually make sure that they’re
successful and as Carolyn says in the chat box there they are auditions it’s a
time for me to get to know you as well in this call and also make sure that I’m
inviting the right people to be in this retreat family because guess what it’s
not just me I’m not the only one with all the answers at the retreat I’m the
facilitator of this experience and the mentor but the real value of what you’re
gonna get is all these amazing council of people that come from different
backgrounds come from different expertise to help you move forward with
your business and even help you with the emotional support that you require in
order to do so let me just read the chat box here Carolyn said all three examples
face big changes personally and professionally I think they became more
confident resilient absolutely and I think a lot of it was just the deciding
to decide to come you know where they’re taking their dreams seriously now not
just thinking about I think I want to start this and I’ll start this when you
know the stars are lying or my work gets a little bit less hectic you know it’s
really taking that step to go no no this is important to me and it’s important to
me now you know and I’m doing the necessary steps and just doing that
simply helps your brain and your heart to believe that this is now important
right it’s the only time it doesn’t want to make a move you know is when you sort
of its his pipe dream you know it’s like I’ll do it when dream versus I’m going
to make a decision to get that help that I need to do so and that really changes
everything in terms of your commitment and your clarity about what you need to
be doing to develop this business for sure yeah great work and then of course
as you read the participant profiles you gonna want to meet these people so what
we do also is we do a kickoff session is a meet-and-greet call with me with our
retreat team with your fellow retreat participants they’ll be spending as I
said the next seven days with you this call is so so important to understand
the stories people are coming with they’re gonna be revealing vulnerably
that’s all about what we’re doing being vulnerable about the areas of weaknesses
the areas of improvement where we need to be called out on our bullshit you
know all those parts I think are so important to talk about
before everyone comes so that we can have a think about who to support how we
support them and then you have a chance to really say hey here’s where you can
rely on me for I’m really a good listener I’m a really good writer or I’m
a really good storyteller here’s where you can tap into my genius to help you
if you have troubles with that and here’s what I need I need someone who
really helped me pull my head on my ass you know and actually be confident the
way that I speak about my work if anyone here is really good with confidence
building or helping me develop a you know some some copy to talk about my
work um please look for me at the retreat you know so it’s really again
this first date we’re gonna be experiencing together in this call so
that when you arrive in Bali these are not strangers to you these are people
that you already know a little bit about you’ve communicated with in our meet and
greet call and it’s and and one every time we’ve done this it’s really allow
people to just be so comfortable the day they arrive because I know you know when
you’re I’ve in Bali even though it’s amazing it’s not like the first day of
school right it’s like oh my god I mean meeting all my classmates and we want to
make that comfortable for you by introducing them to you before you
actually come to Bali all right so let’s start with what actually really happens
from the first day to the last day and I’m just going to give you a little bit
of a breakdown of what this looks like now we take care of you at the retreat
from the minute you land in the airport we have drivers and chauffeurs that come
and get you there’ll be a sign with your name on it you will be escorted right
from the airport to our retreat space it is about an hour and a half ride
depending on traffic from the Bali Denpasar airport to ubud bali where
we’ll be the center of the island and so you can relax and actually just get in
on in the car and sightsee on route to boot and we make sure to give you an
airport pickup as well as an airport drop-off at the end of your experience
you’re gonna be arriving in your new home this is some pictures if you go to
our link above this video as well for the Bali retreat page you’ll see more
photos of course and videos as well about the Bali retreat space but it is an
amazing private space that we have that is the middle of the rice fields is
super private there’s some amazing every single room this is why I chose his
retreat space every single room is unique all the artwork all the door
carvings to the bed spreads are completely different in each
room because I know you guys are unique and I really love the artists actually
the person that created the space is himself a creative and to him is boring
to have sort of the same rooms all the time so every room has a story every
room is very unique to each individual but when we use the space for all our
workshops every single day when we do activities and when we do our workshops
and brainstorming sessions we are changing different areas of this retreat
space to ensure that you’re not bored that you have different environments
that you’re working from and that’s really important to me as well as a
facilitator of a retreat like this but it is an absolutely gorgeous gorgeous
location that’s only about ten minutes from town so you’re far away enough to
not be in the hustle bustle of Ubud but close enough that we can in the evenings
you know have dinners and go out and explore town whenever you have the free
time right when you get in we want to make sure you are getting off your jet
lag some people are coming from America we have people coming from Europe we
have usually participants or about three continents of people which is amazing we
have a great global community at the retreat and we want to make sure that
you’re treated to a massage to relax from your jetlag when you come so there
is a on in house on ground on location I guess that’s what I mean on location Spa
that is available for you but we want to make sure that your first massage is on
us and let me tell you the Balinese Massage are amazing is such a great
thing to do when you first arrive get settled get relaxed before we have our
kickoff dinner with each other but you’ll have a few hours especially if
you land in the early morning oh sorry late morning’s or early afternoons to
have a few hours to relax jump in the pool get your massage get dressed and
then meet us for our inaugural sort of first night dinner so we have our first
evening welcome dinner this is where you can officially really meet everybody we
have all our guest speakers that come in for the retreat come at that day as well
we are going to be sharing our own individual intentions and and outcomes
that we want to happen for the retreat as we arrive the food is amazing
lots of us have different people that come from vegans to vegetarians to
meat-eaters to everything in between we have private chefs that allow different
sort of calibrations of these you know dining options to be available so all
you have tell us what you’re allergic to what you
prefer and we’ll make sure to customize certain parts of the menu for you and
this is such a great night to really kick off this first day in Bali and
really get to know each other on an even more intimate level get a forecast about
all the guest speakers and experts and mentors we’ll be introducing to you for
the next seven days and get to know their stories where they came from how
they develop their business ideas how they reinvented their lives as a way of
inspiring that’s a great little kickoff feeling and an experience to start the
entire retreat and there’s so much cool things we do at the evening welcome
dinner that I won’t ruin for you so that if you do come you’re surprised in the
morning gonna wake up we do a yoga class so we make sure that we’re stretching
yourself we’re getting you used to some mindful practices to start your day and
hey because you’re not going to work that day you’re actually gonna incubate
with us for seven days you’re really for the first time
probably for a very long time starting the day with everything about you you
know being healthy and how you start your day having breakfast talking about
your ideas talking about your experience and having a lot of fun with not having
to deal with children or cooking this or going to work or sitting in commute it’s
really is a nice way to start the morning and we do that of course every
morning at the retreat oops first day what we really do as I mentioned is we
are going to talk about your business idea whether you came with one or you
don’t have one but have a short list we’re going to really have a full day of
discussions really getting real clear on the ingredients that is necessary to
build your business and what it is that you’re truly building not being vague
about what you do not being sort of like a one-trick pony
about what you do but our mission is to encompass really your genius you know in
everything from experience to professional experiences and personal
experiences to skill sets to passions that you have and really make that idea
into not just something that feels nice to say but actually on a deep level you
are knowing exactly what you offer what you contribute to what real problems are
you really solving instead of actually being caught up in the titles of your
business or what your occupation title is that doesn’t it
matter actually in clarity what matters is you actually know what it is that you
are transforming for other people in your business to truly truly understand
the value of the business that you are creating now this first day is such an
amazing day because it helps you to really you know it helps you to first of
all make use of the entire retreat in a much more specific way because you’re
gonna choose an idea to explore you’re going to be able to utilize what I’m
gonna teach you in validating your ideas using market research but also really
using a reflection piece of what I’m gonna teach you and techniques to do
more with the work that you want to contribute to think less smaller and go
bigger with how you want to think about your business from today and what you
want to build in the future right what my own coach Pamela slim calls your body
of work not just your business today but really what is that overarching theme of
ingredients in your body of work that’s really necessary for you to get clear on
so that you know you can create multiple businesses you can create multiple
offers but they branch from this amazing contribution of purpose that is the
theme of your work so first day is all about that we work together in pairs
with mentors to really validate and get good with the focus that you need to be
making for your the right business for you we also talk about the foundation
so foundations are the values that your your business comes to with what
your customers rely on you for what you are not willing to do what you are
willing to do setting really healthy boundaries instead of you know have you
ever made the mistake of just trying to do everything in your business you know
to try to serve people well then you’re probably a people pleaser like me and I
think it’s really tempting to do that in the beginning because you’re confident
about the thing that you do that piece that you do is enough is it valuable and
you might be feeling a bit like an impostor you know syndromes are creeping
up because I think you know that happens a lot with sort of first-time business
owners so we want to help you to not feel like an impostor we want to bring
back the reasons why you can be doing the work that you do and really reinvent
how you do it so that you’re going to feel confident instead of trying to be
someone you’re not you can see from the picture here we’ve had a few people sort
of do the sticky note presentations and what that is – breaking down your
business in different blocks of purpose and value so then you can articulate
what is that you really do to start and get feedback from the group if you went
too vague somewhere or if you said something but sort of like just sort of
masked it with something kind of cool to say but there’s more there that we need
to hear about that’s the time that you can actually get some real human
feedback for people that are not emotionally attached to your business to
really truly give you the marketing message and what it is that you should
be saying to draw in the right customers for your business right that you want to
start so important to get feedback that way we’re also going to really be having
having different writers that come in people that really specialize in
storytelling a messaging work of course that’s myself is well I’m not as much
into copywriting but more around the message focus we’re gonna have different
experts come in to talk about getting clear on your message using your story
story is such a big piece of the puzzle for a lot of business owners to be
unique because no one has had the story that you’ve had and so how do you
incorporate your story your own experience into the uniqueness of your
brand that is going to make you different because very likely most of
you coming to the retreat will not be actually creating a business hasn’t
never been done before someone else out there does what you do but don’t be
afraid of that that’s there’s a global market of people waiting to be served
where you’re going to get unique where you’re gonna actually be different it’s
really being yourself and actually be sharing the right messages and stories
that only you possess to be able to attract and invite the right people that
also resonate with that approach or that story so message clarity is so important
with starting a business right and your branding positioning as well so we
really help with that at the retreat we always invite more minds than just my
own to be part of the retreat one of the things that I pride myself to do is
actually curating the right speakers and teachers to come in and talk about their
journey not just teach a concept but sort of also be talking about how they
got their first customers how they reinvented their lifestyles to live abroad
with their families how they switched careers and built a business with being
an introvert you know or someone that’s not you know a huge marketer how do they
do this without feeling like a complete fraud and an imposter
so all these real stories of people’s journeys you know it’s a good forecast
of what can come for you these speakers and teachers are awesome in teaching you
something that they’re an expert in but also really honestly sharing their
journey so that you can really take pieces of their journey and utilize it
as advice to really kickstart and expedite your speed to escape your
cubicle and also start a business quickly part of the experience of this
retreat is not just a learning experience I understand you guys are
hard workers you’re working full time and you know I’m from Canada originally
I was receiving what two weeks worth of holiday a year that’s you know it’s a
appalling how much free time we get usually as full-time workers but so I
know that every time you take time off from your work it is a very very
important time for you and so we want to make sure it’s not just were in
workshops all day and you know it’s just only learning we want to make sure that
you are out there experiencing the real Bali we have really curated experiences
that helped with some of the themes of what we’re discussing in the retreat
itself we want to expose you to some of the practices that the Balinese have
about mindfulness about you know a noun us about presence about trusting
yourself and all that we have incorporated into the retreat so you get
a bit of a balance of a holiday you know you’re in Bali after all you want to
explore Bali but also in turn you know linking it to some of the teachings and
learnings were also already collaborating on in the actual workshops
learning parts of the retreat so know that there’s going to be fun in there
know there’s gonna be a cultural experience and know that if is your
first time in Bali you’re really gonna see some really cool activities behind
the scenes that you may not see as a tourist as well okay well and we do that
with you lastly we actually do something really really cool that I only started
doing last year which I’m doing again this year is that I know that once you
have your business start it once you have these ideas rolling you’re excited
to go there very likely when you go home you want to build a website you want to
start showcasing your ideas and a lot of people sort of go oh I need all the
stuff done for my photos and I want to look good
good I don’t want to do it where I was at home and Bali is such a gorgeous
gorgeous place to get awesome photography done for any photographers
that are listening the you know what’s that magic light or they talk
about you know it’s absolutely a very Bali thing you know in the mornings when
we film in the evenings there’s some amazing lighting that comes and we go
why waste that let’s make sure that before you leave the retreat you are
going to have some amazing pictures to showcase on your website on your
LinkedIn profiles on whatever materials that you create for your business these
are some examples of pictures we took of our last retreat participants and it ended up being so amazing because we hired an awesome Bali
photographer that really captured the essence of the brand so the great thing
about doing this photography session sort of throughout the retreat is that
as you get clarity on what your business is about what your voice is like what
your tone is like what it is the beliefs that you have around your work we can
translate that into the types of photos that are meant for you so this an
awesome bonus that we do for you a photography session and that’s all
included as well as part of the retreat at the closing day there’s lots of hugs
and tears of course but we end the day with sort of a digestion right a little
bit of a pause of what we experienced because it is a heavy week because
you’re incubating in such a focused amount of time to be really really
working with no distractions on your business and on your life transition
plan and for sure you will need a bit of a break from it to just sort of let that
sink in and before you start working on the to-do or your 90-day plan which is
what we work on on the last day we want to take a pause and celebrate what
you’ve experienced really honor actually the experience that you’ve had there and
all the things that have shifted for you and transformed for you in seven days so
we we get together we have an awesome sunny day lunch and relaxation at a
really beautiful infinity pool overlooking the jungle called Jungle
fish and this is sort of when we debrief from the retreat and then everybody
either goes to the airport or they stay a little bit longer in Bali to explore
either way this is an awesome little goodbye party that we have we’re just
super awesome and a lot of these retreat participants are
continuing to still speak on our private whatsapp group and getting the
accountability and support even leaving you know the the retreat when you leave
the retreat when you do go home a big question that a lot of people have it’s
always about oh my god what if I fall off the wagon you know what if I go back
to my old habits we make sure that you have coaching from me to keep you on
track so everybody gets a private coaching with me post retreat you have
six months to use that free credit for coaching and I move fast so you’re going
to come out of that session with lots of lots of things that are going to be the
simplified version of what your to dues will be or what your strategic options
should be and there’ll be a recording for that call there will be a plan
written out for you to keep your going and really it’s a time for us to
brainstorm what needs to happen after the retreat even if you haven’t on your
90-day plan document before you leave the retreat you’re probably gonna need
to create some things and change us in your life to do the things that you say
you’re gonna do so having that post retreat check in have that one-on-one
strategic coaching call I think are it’s a really important buffer point of
making sure that you’re supported in things that you really really want to do
after you leave the retreat okay so this is a quick little breakdown of what
happens at the retreat and so I want to come back here and get back on camera
here if you have any questions about the retreat or have been interest to think
about it maybe you have something that I didn’t cover today feel free to comment
below this video and I’ll be sure to answer them as I said we are intimately
curating this group so if you are interested you know at no pressure of
like whether or not you you decide to do it or not the first thing to do really
is to get on a call with me and this is a free call you’re gonna get some
coaching for me you’re gonna get some advice anyone that’s ever come in a call
with me you know you don’t get out of here without actually having a little
bit of the next steps for yourself so whether you join us in Bali or not
you’re gonna get that time for me because I want to make sure to know more
about you and also even if you don’t come I want you to know at least what to
do on your own and if the Bali retreat is for you we can help expedite that
speed on creating those strategies for you and introducing you to a community
of people that has your back that you’re not doing this on your own I
think it’s so important to have that community is the backbone of what screw
the cubicle is about is community that was missing from my own experience when
I started my own journey so part and parcel of this experience not only is a
learning piece for your journey it really is about a connecting piece to
build a tribe of people that knows first of all understands that your
dreams aren’t crazy because they have the same dreams you’re dealing with
like-minded people who want to approach business in a meaningful way and really
at the end of the day you know a lot of us do feel very lowly doing this by
ourselves we can’t talk their spouses about it sometimes we don’t want to
reveal things to our friends before we get clear about what we want to do but
we know you know as humans we are designed to connect we cannot do big
things in the world without support from other people so this is a way of
connecting to a really close-knit group that is gonna go in to support you in
your business building activities support you in all the emotional things
that can happen for you as you transition to create bigger things in
your life all that are things that you’re going to bring back post retreat
and be continuing to to create these connections post retreat which i think
is so important to keep your eyes on the prize rather than only rely on yourself
as a support system or a cheerleader for your own life right we need other people
to pick us back up when we sort of doubt ourselves and things like that so lastly
before we go for the day I did promise that I want to reveal a great promotion
for anyone interested to come for April 22nd to the 29th this year now this
retreat is small and a small for a reason the work that I do especially in
this beginning part of idea creation really building foundations for a
business is such a personal approach I don’t believe in a cookie cutter
approach for people it’s just the way that I do my work I’m not going to give
you a blueprint and go follow this because it worked for me my job and my
challenge really as a coach is to help you define your blueprint to help you to
find your map your way of working your way of transition because your life is
going to be different from mine and so that really takes time and focus and
commitment for us to do so so I cannot have way too many people in the retreat
because I want to be able to give you the intimacy which is really more my jam
anyway I am NOT like a big Oprah one with like tons of people in an arena
that is not my thing I’m all about intimacy and that’s
actually the best way that I work and I enjoy my work that way but you’re gonna
benefit from that from getting more me time so ten people are the maximum
number we have for the retreat so we have about 40% of spots left for the
April 22nd to 29th spot and I know that a lot of people have sort of been asking
about bringing spouses they are asking about bringing their best friend and I
thought what is it what is a good way for me to support that so if you missed
the early bird from back in January fret not because we’re doing another
promotion that can help you get here even on a really great price I mean the
price of the retreat is quite good because it’s all-inclusive right you
don’t really have to think about anything past your flights to get here
we provide everything else but we want to support people that might be thinking
about bringing a friend bringing a spouse bringing a buddy right to do it
with you because why not that that’ll be great because when you go home you have
someone to actually continue to keep accountable with so we have a bring a
friend promotion which I will also type down on the comments side of this video
after I finished this livestream is where you can get into the application
form to make sure that you activate this promotion if you’re thinking of bringing
somebody so the promotion is that the the usual price for the retreats 2,800
all-inclusive for the seven days and if you bring a friend both of you will get
$400 off that price so it’ll go down to 2400 each and that’s a foreign dollar
discount if both of you come and also on top of that a bonus I’m gonna do for
both of you is that we are also going to offer a collaborative workshop so this
is different from that opposed to retreat 101 coaching you’ll both get
that anyway as part of the retreat but what you going to get in addition to
that is more Lydia time where we’re going to have a two our collaborative
workshop with both you and your buddy or your spouse coming in with you and we’re
gonna be workshopping some very very key goals for both of you either before the
retreat or after retreat you can activate that two-part workshop or two
hour workshop together before you come or after you come and you have a whole
year to use up that special workshop now what’s great about the togetherness of
doing this two-hour workshop and a pair is that you’re gonna be able to learn
actually my advice to your friend or yourself and you’re gonna learn to
collaboratively with each other because very likely we learn better actually
when we look at other people’s businesses as a case study but how much
more fun is it to do it with a friend anyway so that’s why we’re offering that
two-hour workshop with me and I can’t wait to dive in and things like your
goals that you should be achieving one of the bite-sized steps that you need to
be doing to achieve them one of some marketing plans that we can put together
for you so that things feel less overwhelming whatever it is that you
guys want a workshop on we can decide on that but that’s part of the bring a
friend promo so again the promotion is bring a friend promo if you bring a
friend to come from April 22nd to 29th both of you get four hundred dollars off
each in the retreat price and an additional value of $500 which is a two
hour workshop that I run which will be with both of you in whatever time that
you choose to work with me on and that’s going to give you tremendous value as an
overall package of coming to the retreat and getting one-on-one help on strategic
coaching to make sure that you are actually going to implement your goals
okay I’ll be checking in on the comment box after this livestream ends I hope
you do join me in Bali we only run these once a year and there’s such a powerful
kickoff for what you need to do for the rest of the year to make 2018 the year
that you actually take your dream seriously and less of that I’ll wait
until something amazing happens in my life to do so right we have to
consciously create our futures we have to get the help that we need to create
our futures but just simply deciding to decide that this is no longer a pipe
dream this is a thing that I’m making a commitment to it’s absolutely gonna
change everything in your mindset and your approach about making sure this
happens for you before the end of the year for sure okay I hope to see you in
tropical in the tropical paradise I’m already sweating bullets as you can see
from being on this livestream is getting hot we’re out of the rainy season by the
time you come in April it is going to be sunshiny it already is I can’t wait to
show you my home in Bali I can’t wait to show you all the things that people that
have moved here for you know you’ll meet the expats you’ll meet the location independent entrepreneurs you’ll meet moms you’ll
meet all the people that you think are like oh I have to be single or without
families to do this I really bring in people that are coming from different
stages of life people in their 40s 50 60s you know Millennials whatever your
stage of life is you’re going to be able to meet someone that you can absolutely
resonate with and having access to this community people that are in sort of
your forecasted future to people that are in the level or stage you’re in
right now in your decisions in your stage of life all that is super
important to build a support system that you need to keep moving forward I hope
you join me and hey if you can’t join me this year and you want to share this
with somebody please press the share button share this video share it with
somebody that would benefit a lot from a holiday and a learning experience in
Bali and hopefully you come with them as well and meet me in the tropics thank
you so very much for coming thank you Carolyn and everyone else for being in
the chat box and I’ll check in later for your questions and looking forward to
helping you make this year your best year yet see you later bye

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