📩 One Click Opt In – Email Subscribers & List Building

📩 One Click Opt In – Email Subscribers & List Building

So you’ve got an offer and you’ve got an
opt-in form but it’s not converting very well… AKA no one’s really opting in. Most marketers know that if you have too many fields, your conversion rate will be
lower than if you have just an email field. But what if you could take away the email field and have just the submit button?
That’s the one-click opt-in that I’m going to show you right after this… so
check it out guys, we’re here on my opt-in page that I just created with the
one-click opt-in and I’m gonna show you quickly how it works. So basically, all
you do is you click on the button and the default email client opens with the
person’s emails. This is awesome in so many ways, because it’s not only one
click for them, but it’s typically the email address that they use most often. Because it’s set to the default, so what it does is it opens up and it will send to a
“capture email” from your email list. The subject, as well as the body … so what I
like to do is, I like to give them the instructions ex “hey just click send to get access to whatever offer”. And then for me, I typically have a double opt-in,
so I’ll also tell them “make sure that you check your email to click the link
that I’m gonna send you”. And so literally as soon as they send that email to your
capture email, it subscribes them to your list. Now I’ve checked around a little
bit on some of the other email autoresponder softwares and what I found is that most of them don’t have this “capture email”
option. The one that I use is Builderall. I’ll leave a link in the description
below. As well, I found that AWeber also has this option. The other ones that I checked were MailChimp, HubSpot, GetResponse, ClickFunnels and Kartra and none of them seemed to (what I could find anyway) have an “capture email address” for your list. So you know, I would recommend either AWeber or Builderall (which uses MailingBoss – it’s combined in their
platform) because this is a sweet thing. Especially if you’re using
mobile, because think about it, for a mobile user it’s really difficult to enter
anything into the field. Whereas, if they just have to click a button. So what I’m
going to do is I’m just gonna quickly jump in my Builderall platform really
quick and show you how to quickly set something like this up. And if you want
to try it for yourself, I’ll actually put a 30-day trial link for you in the
description (it’s it will ask you for a payment but you can cancel it if you
don’t want to pay after 30 days). So here we are inside my Builderall dashboard and so
first things first, is we need an email list, right? So what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna click on MailingBoss Autoresponder and that’s gonna open up
my mailing lists. You can set it up if you subscribe to Builderall
platform, you get MailingBoss, unlimited lists and subscribers and everything
like that ..campaigns… So basically, all you do is you just create a list. They’ll
ask you for your email and stuff like that. And as you see right
here, there’s a smart opt-in email. So all you do is you just click “copy that email”…
and just to kind of show you what it looks like… it’s just like a little bit
of [email protected] and that’s like a unique thing
for that exact list. So what we do is we take that and then we
go into one of our websites or wherever we’re building our opt-in… so for
me, I’m building it under one of the drag-and-drop builders… so basically all
I do is I take my button… if you don’t have a button or you don’t know how to
put one on the page, you click on this little plus icon button, and then just
choose your button. It will just drop on to the page. Once you
have your button you right-click on the button, you go to action and what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna choose email and then all you do is you just
paste in that capture email from your mailing list. In your subject,
typically I write something like “give me access” or whatever the
button said. And then in the body, I’ll typically put the instructions that
I want the person to do (“click send to get instant access now”). And that’s it!
It’s actually super simple. hit OK and hit save. That’s it, you literally just
did your one-click opt-in right now. So to summarize, one-click opt-in… (well I
guess technically it’s two clicks cuz they have to click send)… one click
opt-in they click a button you get their default email, they click send, they’re
subscribed to your list. Now, we all know as experienced digital marketers, if you
have a name and an email field with a button, that’s gonna convert lower than
an email field with a button… as well, obviously, if you have a double opt-in
versus a single opt-in (double opt-in is basically when you you subscribe them
and then you send them a welcome email which they have to confirm their
subscription single opt-in they’re just subscribed), the one-click opt-in works
with both the double and the single opt-in. So you choose what’s going to be
best for your company or your offer and if you want another technique
for a single click opt-in, you can also try my Facebook Messenger Bot series
which I’ll put a link right up here for you. Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE to this
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  1. Tell more about BuilderAll pls. Does BuilderAll have an affiliate deal as if I come on with them I'll sign up under you. Excellent help here from you for newbies. I asked a question on another one of your videos if BuilderAll has an opt in email feature and believe this video answers yes but still of course still learning, this is day one for me

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