🔥 Top 5 Traffic Sources To Make Money Online [REAL MONEY]

🔥 Top 5 Traffic Sources To Make Money Online [REAL MONEY]

hello this is Diana Castillo from
moneymaker area com and in this video I’m gonna share with you the top 5 traffic
sources to make money online but if this is a very first sight here in my channel
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as I mentioned before I’m gonna be sharing with you the top 5 traffic
sources to make money online first of all let me tell you something that is
extremely important no traffic equals no sale you can have the best business
opportunity the best product okay everything perfect the best landing page
you know everything perfect all chart but if you’re not getting traffic no one
is gonna know about your product or service no one is gonna make the
purchase and you’re not gonna make any money so you need to take that into
consideration sometimes people get frustrated but it’s just because they
are not getting enough traffic and that’s another thing that I would like
to cover quantity versus quality okay a lot of people are driving tons of
traffic but this is not really target traffic okay they just care about the
quantity they you know they are just thinking like yeah I’m gonna send a
hundred thousand people and me little Charles and people to my page but
they’re not getting any sales maybe then conversion rates pretty low
because it’s not about quantity it’s about quality at least for me as you can
see right now my YouTube channel is pretty small I’m not getting a lot of
traffic from it but I’m getting sales consistently I’m making money and
sometimes I’m even making way more money that people who have quote unquote more
traffic because I do care about the quality I do
care about target traffic and you need to care about that as well okay you
don’t need to send hundreds of thousands of people to your website to make money
online okay a lot of people don’t even start their own lien business because
that’s what they thought they’re like oh but there are these influencers that
they do have huge audiences I cannot compete with them no you can make money
online okay you just need to connect with people we don’t you know within
small amount people but target people you know who need what you have to offer
and you’re gonna get the sale you can drive a hundred people but target people
to your offer and you can get ten sales that’s gonna be a hundred percent sorry
a ten percent conversion rate or you can start you know driving tons of traffic
for a poor traffic source and you might not be getting any sales okay so I want
you to take that into consideration first of all no traffic no sales and the
other thing about quantity versus quality okay now the first traffic
source that I’m gonna suggest you it’s your own traffic source which is email
list okay the money is in the list I’m pretty sure you already hear about that
you need to have two lists one it’s gonna be your subscriber list and the
other one is gonna be your customer or buyer Atlas okay subscribers they sign
up into your email list because you know they want the information that you are
sharing maybe you have a lead magnet and by the way the lead magnet can be
something as simple as a PDF or it can be a little bit more complicated like at
a small video course it doesn’t matter but this is the first transaction that
people actually made this is not a monetary transaction they’re gonna pay
you for your content with your email okay whenever you have the
this is your audience you own them it doesn’t matter what happened to your
website it doesn’t matter if you have like a Facebook fan page for example and
Facebook decide to shut it down or Google decide to penalize your website
or whatever happens you own them you can keep sending information to these people
my suggestion is as soon as they land on your email list right be in touch with
them give them valuable information on a daily basis okay don’t be afraid to sell
a lot of people are like oh my god I’m not gonna email them because they are
not gonna they’re gonna unsubscribe people are gonna be pissed if people
decide to unsubscribe for your lesson it’s because they are not really
interested in what you have to offer so you need to take that into consideration
okay if you’re really serious about having a long-term business do you need
to build an email list okay this is something that I want to take you guys
into consideration especially if you’re doing affiliate marketing because people
at the beginning they’re like okay you have this product and I gonna drive
traffic directly to the offer no this is not like a long-term business sometimes
people might be interesting on your product but they are not gonna make the
purchase right away because it was not the perfect time they don’t have the
money you know they were just browsing around their cellphone and they don’t
want to introduce your credit card the life happens but if you have them on
your email list okay you can be in touch with them on a daily basis and you can
offer them not just one but several products okay this is how you actually
make money online the second way with the second traffic search that I’m gonna
suggest you it’s the SEO which is search engine optimization or it can be search
traffic people who are actually looking for your
information okay your information can be on a blog or it can be and on at YouTube
channel you can be doing both or you can be doing either/or these are high
quality leads because they’re actively looking for your information okay
they might know already about the product they might know that they have a
problem but they don’t know how to solve it and maybe you have a good blog
article or maybe you have a YouTube video in which you you know you connect
with them you share your story how do you solve that problem what’s the number
one recommendation right so again these are high quality traffic because they’re
actively looking to solve the problem they have a pain point and they want to
avoid that pain okay it’s actually free but it’s gonna take time okay
I wanted you to take that into consideration yes once you have a really
good established youtube channel and establish blog okay with tons of
articles with tons of videos it’s gonna be way easier because you’re gonna have
several articles and videos that are driving traffic to what you have to
offer again this is high quality traffic but
take into consideration that it is free but it’s gonna take time retargeting I
don’t know why but a lot of people do not take this title traffic like serious
okay it’s not you know it’s not free but it’s well target it’s easy to put a
Facebook pixel and a Google pixel you can actually watch it check out for
YouTube about how to do this and you’re gonna be building an audience okay an
audience that maybe they already watch your videos maybe they already land on
your landing page maybe they already land on your product page they land on
your blog so they already know about the information that you have to
offer but they did not make the purchase they already know you they already know
the product okay but they were again maybe they were not prepared to make the
product so this is Warren traffic there’s just one step ahead okay they’re
just missing one step to make the purchase so it is really valuable and
you know talking about paid traffic this is really low cost traffic because they
are worn traffic okay maybe they have some questions maybe they have some
doubts but if you are there you know showing the product and this is
something that Amazon do really well right because hey if you visit Amazon
right now and you do a search chances are that Amazon is gonna be chasing you
everywhere right so because they know that you’re interested in the product
that you were looking for I’m gonna keep talking about pay ads if you decide to
go with pay ads but this time I’m not gonna be talking about retargeting you
need to understand that there is a learning curve a lot of people think
that yeah I’m gonna be putting money right and I’m gonna be making a lot of
money back okay there is a learning curve okay because every platform works
different at the beginning you are not sure what you’re doing but once you
master this there is a lot of potential okay because you can put your ads on the
main platforms it can be Google Facebook Instagram and as you already know there
is a lot of people on this platform on a daily basis you need to take into
consideration the fact that Facebook and Instagram
it is interruption marketing so that means that people are not actively
looking for a solution they are there you know to find out what other people
are doing to post their stuff so other people know what you’re doing okay so
you need to do the right segmentation whenever you are trying to do face
than Instagram ads you need to do a really brainstorm like okay what’s the
race it’s desperate mainly for men women which are the age all right do they need
to have some kind of special degree right what’s their pain point so you
Facebook has all this information and you need to understand that yes
sometimes we are like yeah this product is gonna be for everybody no your
product is not for everybody that’s why you’re gonna be burning money okay so
you need to narrow and understand who you really target audience yes on the
other hand if you go to Google and you decide to go with Google Ads people are
gonna be searching for information okay but again you need to understand that
sometimes hey you cannot target everybody you you can you need to
understand you need to do a keyword research okay because you’re gonna be
paying to be at the top spot okay most of the time your ad is gonna be at the
top spot and after that it’s gonna be the SEO or search engine optimization
optimized results right but every single time someone clicks you’re gonna be
paying and remember what I told you at the beginning is not about quantity it’s
about quality okay my suggestion it doesn’t matter if you go with Facebook
Instagram or Google Ads you need two captures people’s email okay remember
what I told you at the beginning the money is in the list people might not be
you know ready to make the purchase they might be interested but not ready to
make the purchase for whatever reason so capture people’s emails okay last but
not least and I’m gonna give you a bonus one it’s show ads
okay solo ad is basically you are in touch with someone who have like a big
email in your industry and that person it’s gonna let you know that he or she
is charging X amount of money which is a fixed amount of money per click so
you’re gonna buy clicks it can be a hundred clicks it could be in ten
thousand clicks right and that person is gonna send an email to a percentage of
their email list until you get you know the desire amount of clicks do you need
to have a great landing page okay you need to have a clean landing page and
you’re gonna be again build your your email list don’t send people directly
your offer it’s okay this is and the easiest way to do pay at if you don’t
know like how to do a right segmentation but you need to find someone reliable if
you want to know the guy you know that I use whenever I use our solo ads because
the quality traffic is great I’m gonna live the link below his name it’s Kevin
and now the bonus that I told you if you notice I have mentioned several times
the fact that you need to have an email list right and I know how hard it can be
to grow an email list by yourself okay it can take a lot of time it can take
money but the money is in the list so I want you to click the very first link in
the description and I want you to discover how you can build an email list
not only by yourself but by leverage others people effort so that means that
other people are gonna be helping you build your list the bigger your less
DeMars the more money you’re gonna make so it’s gonna be the very first link in
the description discover how you can build an email is in an easy way in an
affordable way and not only with your effort but with someone else effort okay
so if you have some comments if you have some questions leave
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