🔥5 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Are Going To Help You Increase Your Sales [Instantly]

🔥5 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Are Going To Help You Increase Your Sales [Instantly]

hey hello everyone this is the Diana Castillo for money maker area com and in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you five
affiliate marketing tips that are gonna help you to increase your sales almost
instantly but by friggin but before I get into the topic is this is a very
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this video I’m gonna be sharing with you five affiliate marketing tips that are
gonna help you increase yourselves almost instantly and by the way without
driving more traffic because that’s what everybody tells you like if you want to
increase your traffic sorry if you want to increase yourselves you need to drive
more traffic to your offer yes that’s a way but there is other ways and you’re
gonna see that in a moment how you can increase your sales with the same amount
of traffic that you have first one you will need to get your own domain name
okay it needs to be something easy to remember okay don’t put like – or Deanna
with a Y or something crazy okay and try to make it calm or.net yeah I know there
are other extensions but sometimes people just don’t feel comfortable you
know getting into those kind of the main so try to get them a.com or.net if you
are promoting if you know a product that it has a trademarks a boy trademarks
okay abort a boy trademarks for example and promoting builder also I don’t have
any domain related to build rule okay I prefer to have a generic one in this
case its money make your area calm and I can use backslash builder if I want or I
use my own domain Deanna Castillo CEO okay or you can use a keyword right
let’s say like easy funnel builder calm something like that so people know like
hey yes this is an easy follow builder and it’s gonna be redirecting to the
product that I’m gonna be promoting okay avoid at all costs
they’re real affiliate links why because if they designs to change the link
instructor or there is a problem in the future you’re gonna be in a big trouble
okay so you need to have your own link tracker it can be if you’re using
WordPress it can be the plug-in it’s called pretty link or it can be click
magic if you want to test out click magic I’m gonna leave a link below so
you’re gonna have a 14 days free trial the other thing about this is that
you’re promoting yourself okay you’re promoting your own brand people connect
with you whatever you’re gonna share it with someone even if you are you know
maybe with someone in person it’s gonna be something easy to remember remember
it as an example moneymaker area calm slash bill troll so it’s
really easy everybody knows how to spell that so there is no type of confusion so
it’s easy to remember it’s a dot-com to me I’m not using any kind of trademark
on mine domain so no one’s gonna have a complaint if by any chance I decide to
promote another product right or another page inside in this case I’m using build
rule I just need to change one link rather than me changing my link
everywhere okay so if you have a blog if you are sharing your your your link on
media sites you’re going to have those kind of issues we want to avoid that so
that’s why we’re not gonna be using the raw affiliate the other thing about the
roughly lightning is that if you are sharing this and the social networks
sometimes people are not doing the things right and those side of the mains
are block okay so we want to avoid this remember to get a lane tracker so that’s
number one number two your own landing page okay I know
because I have been doing affiliate marketing for over a year now and I know
that a lot of these products are offering us our own funnel okay they are
offering us our own funnel but it’s better if you create your own funnel so
why because you can pre-sell the offer okay you can do an small video or you
can do like a big article right selling the features about the product the
benefits how it helps you share your testimonials share other people’s
testimonials you’re also gonna put your affiliate disclaimer which is really
important so people are aware that you are making some money whenever you are
promoting this product says keep your affiliate landing page simple okay and
let them know what they’re gonna get okay
let them know what you’re gonna get when they decide to go ahead and make a
purchase again the most important part of this it’s the fact that you’re gonna
do the pre-sale offer and you’re gonna put your own affiliate link this is
together with this one you need to build an email list okay
if you create your own landing page remember keep it simple so it’s gonna be
a headline maybe a sub headline and you know up in form box which is gonna be
the name and email right by the way if you want to create it I’m gonna let the
link below so you can check out build your orange you can check out Carter
okay you are gonna create the email list because you need to remarket to these
people no one is gonna purchase right away maybe they need the product maybe
they need the service but for some reason they are not ready to make the
purchase okay so they are not ready to make the purchase so you’re gonna be
sending them you know valuable information you’re gonna be getting them
tips right and you’re gonna be doing retargeting to your own list
right you’re gonna be driving them to the offer maybe some send them between
seven to ten days about an offer if they don’t buy for whatever reason don’t
worry remember that you are always able to promote to these people the same the
other products is because these people are becoming your warm market so you’re
building a relationship with them also if you are driving more traffic you’re
gonna be getting more opt-ins and that’s mean you’re gonna be getting more sales
also really really important is that you need to add bonuses okay if you have
these people on your email list you can remind them about the bonuses that you
are providing if they decide to go ahead and make the purchase bonuses are a
great way to differentiate yourself from the rest okay remember as an affiliate
marketers we cannot change the product price right we cannot give any kind of
discount unless the product it’s on a sale or they give us like a special
coupon that’s pretty rare that happens especially we’re just getting started so
you are differentiating yourself by promoting bonuses the bonuses need to be
related to the offer and let me tell you something really important if you have a
good sponsor this sponsor is gonna allow you use Kies or her bonuses on your
offer this is really helpful especially if you’re getting started you can also
purchase the bonuses it can be a PDF it can be a
checklist it can be a mini course if you’re created yourself it’s gonna be
way more valuable but I understand that at the beginning it’s hard to do it okay
but remember that these bonuses needs to be something that is gonna complement
the offer and it’s gonna give them extra value so this is gonna be the difference
between you and the rest of the competitors and last but not least show
them how to sign up okay yeah I know everybody knows how to fill out a form
right but it’s better if you record a video or do screenshots about
step-by-step what there you need to be do doing okay
and let them know what’s gonna happen next after they make the they order if
they need to login if they need to check out their email if you are gonna email
them especially if you are providing them bonuses okay
so this is way easier if you show someone because you are doing also the
pre-sale okay you are showing them how easy is to sign up sometimes people just
don’t sign up for something because they think it’s super complicated especially
if you have a software okay maybe they don’t know or they think it’s super
complicated to configure it it’s hard you know people sometimes are scared to
take the chances because they don’t know how to put everything together okay but
if you show them that it’s really easy it’s really simple and that then you’re
gonna have everything up and running in about five ten minutes fifteen minutes
or it’s gonna take an hour something they know like okay I know how to do
this this is a step by step procedure I can do this okay so these are the five
tips that I suggest you to implement right now if you want to increase your
sales remember with the same amount of traffic okay so if you have some
comments if you have some questions living in the comment area and I’d be
more than happy to answer them do not forget to subscribe to the channel hit
the notification bell give me a thumbs up and I see you on the next video

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