1 Welcome!

1  Welcome!

Welcome to the course. My name is Dhara and I’ve helped Cozzens of students just like you grow their business and career in this complete digital marketing course. Now in this course we’re going to cover market research how to set up a Web site e-mail marketing copywriting SBO YouTube marketing Facebook Marketing Twitter curagh Google ads Google Analytics Instagram marketing Pinterest marketing linked in Facebook ads and app marketing. And I’ve designed this course to give you practical skills that you can use right away at the end of each section is Anon’s as an assignment so you can implement what you have learned. Now if you want to grow your own business online from scratch then I would recommend you complete these assignments in sequence because they really progress in a logical order starting with market research setting up for Web sites and then driving traffic and sales. If you want to grow a particular marketing channel. Let’s take for example YouTube for an existing business or do promote affiliate products. Then feel free to jump ahead to that section each section is designed to work as a stand alone course. Now if you want to work as a freelance marketer then you can essentially sell each of the completed assignments in the course as a service and you can even bundle up all of these services and sell them as a package. For example you could easily get declined to pay five hundred dollars to set up a Web site and install Google Analytics for them and throw in Facebook ads and you could easily be getting in 2000 dollars per client. Now if you want to get a job in digital marketing then you don’t need to complete the assignments that are in the course but you can walk into an interview and confidently say you know I can do X Y and Z for you and he might even be able to negotiate a better salary based on that conversation alone. So welcome to the course. Digital Marketing has allowed me to create wealth and freedom for myself. So I’m really excited to share everything I learned to do in this course. So let’s get started.

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