10 Places for Affiliate Links in Amazon Affiliate Sites

10 Places for Affiliate Links in Amazon Affiliate Sites

affiliate links we’re gonna look at ten
places you could put affiliate links for Amazon affiliate niche sites I’m gonna
try to show you specific places we’re like really good web sites are using
these as much as I can so I can’t show every single example but I’ll do as many
as I can so that you can see like in real life where people are putting links
my name is Doug Cunnington and the founder of niche site project I talked
about Amazon affiliate marketing productivity and project management
before we dive in I want to mention that I do full tear downs for many of the
sites so I’ll place links to those videos so you can see the tear downs for
the various sites we’re gonna take a look at I look at different products and
it kind of gives you an overview of you know different things that are good and
or bad for different sites so without further ado let’s take a look at the ten
places you could put affiliate links for your Amazon affiliate site number one
we’re gonna look at the wire cutter in the first place you can put affiliate
links is in your first paragraph so the wire cutter is a New York Times Company
as you can see at the top this is one of the sites that I’ve reviewed a couple
times so thing that we see right off the bat is I just arbitrarily chose this
review the best sheets and you see they have not one but two affiliate links
right here and that’s just in the first paragraph so that is a great place to
catch the people that are in a hurry now sure this is a long review many many
thousands of words but some people just want to see the top couple picks and
they don’t want to read the whole thing so the first paragraph it’s a great way
to serve those visitors number two is captions so we’re gonna take a look
again same review just further down the page we can see that the wire cutter has
some captions they have basically a featured product box here it’s their own
custom box you could come up with your own if you want to but basically they
have a text link we can sort of think of this as a caption and this is an
affiliate link now quick note this is an aside not part of the caption links but
this button is a link the image is a link so just in this featured called out
area they have you know captions they have different colors they have a blue
box red text buttons there’s many things calling things out here there’s many
areas to call things out here but I think captions are underutilized and
personally I don’t use buttons but I often will put an affiliate link in the
caption not unlike the wire cutter number 3 we’re gonna jump over to
another site called thank your skin and again this is another site I’ve reviewed
so be sure to check out the link where I go deep and as you can imagine you know
check out this beautiful shiny head I don’t use shampoo so I thought it’d be
funny to look at the best shampoo article here and look at tables so there
are a couple things as we scroll down that we could point out here so you can
put in your table affiliate links and this is a great area to put affiliate
links now these specific areas that jumps down to you know the different
posts and stuff but basically this table is a way to put an affiliate link so you
could place a button if you want to to check the price of course this is a
great way to entice someone to go click this link get cookie go over to Amazon
because there’s intrigue there right you want to know there’s curiosity you want
to know how much it cost additionally another cool thing here is they don’t
put an image right so thank your skin doesn’t put an image here and that means
that you may be curious on what it looks like so they don’t do this here but
number 4 the fourth tip is if you place the column in here or even in the awards
section if you just had a little call to action that says see image on Amazon
again it serves the curious visitor that wants to know what it looks like sure
Shampoo it’s probably in a bottle who really cares what it looks like but if
it’s something else like sheets or a pair of shoes or a digital camera or
something people care what it looks like and they want to see the image so if you
put a call to action that serves that it’s a great way to make someone click
that link and really be curing about what it looks like number five
images so we’re gonna look at football snack helmets again a very popular
review this is actually a public case study so if you want more information on
it be sure to check out the full tear down and potentially some more
information about this site we’ll take a look at the Cleveland Brown snack helmet
which is my wife’s favorite team you know it’s just a family team that they
follow so as we scroll down this link or that sorry this image over here isn’t a
affiliate link but they do have this feature box down here this is an
affiliate link even though the image is cut off that is a place you can put an
affiliate link now me personally I don’t usually make an image the affiliate link
but it is an option some people click them number six is to place a call to
action sort of at the end or beginning of a section that is what this is again
on the cleveland browns snack helmet review page this is a call to action get
your cleveland browns snack helmet on amazon and it’s in a larger font it’s i
would maybe make it a different color to make it stand out a little bit more but
it’s larger and you could tell that it’s a link so that’s a great way to place
the affiliate link number seven is to place your affiliate links in the
sidebar so this is another really best-in-class
type site outdoor gear lab here and you will see a specific review for the
mountain hardwear cloud seeker jacket there are affiliate links in the sidebar
here so they have a price listed for different affiliate programs that
they’re part of and you can see the their affiliate links so you can compare
the prices take a look they obviously have an api or some sort of programmatic
way to pull the pricing here to adhere to the Terms of Service for the
different programs but the sidebar is a great way to you know place it
especially you know this is a pretty long review thousands and thousands of
words but maybe you’re just interested in seeing the best price and you can get
to it quickly right here number eight is an end
post call-to-action or widget so again we’re on outdoor gear lab or on a
different jacket but this specific review I won’t scroll through the whole
thing basically there are not many affiliate links on these reviews for
specific products there’s a link in the sidebar like I was showing you before
but they don’t put too many affiliate links and what they do instead is they
have this box at the bottom and you could check out again different
retailers and this is an affiliate link here you could also like go using this
button to see it right quick call to action you could place your affiliate
links at the end of the post the advantage is you know if someone read
this multiple thousand word post on a specific jacket or whatever the product
is you know they’re really interested in it so if they make it all the way down
here they’re probably interested in buying the product somewhere great place
to put it I would maybe put a couple other affiliate links like in the places
were mentioning such as you know at the end of a section just to give people if
they’re sold on it they can get over to it easier these are really long reviews
so I think outdoor gear lab knows what they’re doing they have an early call to
action up at the top like I was showing and then they have one at the bottom to
number nine is back to football snack helmets and they are utilizing this
right here so this is pretty cool this is an Amazon native and you can see it’s
really well formatted they’re using you know the stock image from Amazon the
price is listed you can see if it’s prime or not and you also see the number
of reviews so all this information is pulled through an ad system that’s
created by Amazon so you know it’s adhering to all the policies with Amazon
Associates that’s one of the big fears that people have that they are listing
the price and they’re not supposed to or using an image that they’re not supposed
to or listing the number of reviews or something like that this takes care of
it and you can see ads by Amazon right here you can tell it’s a native ad and
these are responsive they work really well you always know that you
not violating any Terms of Service these little pieces of code these little ad
segments that you could put in here you could place those anywhere you want and
they’re responsive and look good on a mobile device or an iPad or a tablet or
whatever so you know they’re gonna look alright no matter what the person is
viewing the webpage on number ten is something I couldn’t find anywhere so
let’s go to like big screen again number ten is a rarely used technique but super
effective to get a high click-through rate you put a call to action somewhere
in your review that says see real reviews on Amazon and you can link
directly to the Amazon review page for that product and that’s one of the huge
values with Amazon is you could actually see like reviews from actual owners
verified owners too so that’s a very powerful call-to-action so I’d like to
put this in my user impression section and you know you can’t quote or copy the
information from Amazon reviews but you can link to it and that’s a again a
great call to action I couldn’t find it anywhere specifically on websites to
show you but that’s a great way to get people over really high click-through
rate on those kind of links and it’s a great way to add an affiliate link to
your post again my name is Doug Huntington if you’re interested in
learning more about Amazon affiliate marketing and productivity and project
management please subscribe to the channel question of the day where do you
put your Amazon affiliate links anything that I missed any tips and by the way be
sure to take a look at the comments below some of the best ideas come from
the community that’s you and yeah just check it out thanks for watching


  1. DOUG: Can I send you my google analytics for you to see if you think this traffic is heading in the right direction?  I have a screenshot. Your advice would be amazing, I know its cheeky as I'm not a paid member of your coaching program.

  2. Last one is a good one. I use that a lot. It adds a few minutes to editing the article but if you do some of the work for them it goes a long way. You can add filters to the review page and link to it using the SiteStripe- then use a very specific CTA. "See most recent verified reviews", reviews with photos, reviews where customers mentioned "keyword", etc… if you make each anchor unique it's easy to track in google analytics to see what's working.

  3. Thanks Doug good information. These tips should help my click through rate. In your opinion out of the 10 ideas what is most effective?

  4. Thanks a lot for the video, Doug—I also liked the one on link building, which is something I haven't done for several months (sheepish face). When I write or have my articles written, I try my best to make them a little off-beat and quirky to keep them interesting (my products are not naturally entertaining) and will often use this as a chance to provide some links to Amazon as well. I use large, Amazon-served images with links and often provide captions underneath to try and stimulate interest, and sometimes I hit gold with the product because AZ may have 8 different images for that particular product. This enables me to have many different pictures for the reader along with clickable links which help break-up the text (which I try to make as high-quality and long as possible, so the extra images help a lot). I also use a combination of native ads and list ads in order to break up the article a bit, but not too much–just a layout that looks pleasing to the eye. Sometimes I use tables which I build myself (too time consuming but lots of control) or I use Thrive (still trying to get the hang of it!). I do also use your other recommendations Doug, about internal links, external-non-affiliate-links, embedded youtube videos and video links, etc. I really try to offer as much info as possible and toss in some interesting links that are simply related to the content of the article so that it doesn't feel like a sales pitch.

  5. I'm hoping you see this so you can give me an idea if I've done the right thing undoing all my hard work. I have a music review site and under the review I have a couple of youtube embeds of the artists songs.. Just 2 or 3 for each album then a link saying "Read reviews of this album on Amazon".. I don't know why all of a sudden but today I was just overcome with fear that what I've done is totally wrong. 500+ albums worth of content I went through and removed every single link.. It doesn't feel like it's right to embed an artists song even though they have embed enabled and then stick and amazon link to the album under it.. Was I on the road to trouble?

  6. Some very useful tips that I didn't think about. Thank you.

    To answer your question: I place affiliate links in my YouTube video descriptions and on my website. I will happily give you more details if you're interested and maybe give me some pointers in what I'm doing right and wrong.

    And you also earned a subscriber. Thank you very much.

  7. 50 bucks on a snack helmet? This niche is dead in the water in my opinion. I also need help deciding where else to put links and also what items I should be marketing. Here is my Amazon affiliate site. I think it's pretty good. I'll even let you see what niche I chose. thanks for all your videos. I have picked up on a few SEO gems along the way. I am also starting a channel. I would love to interview you on my site when I get my first subscribers. Let me know what you think.

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