10 REAL Productivity HACKS for BUSY Entrepreneurs

10 REAL Productivity HACKS for BUSY Entrepreneurs

What is up everyone. Welcome back to my channel V a number one
place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. In today’s video, I really want to share with
you 10 real productivity hacks that I use in order to keep myself efficient as a super
busy entrepreneur. Now I’m going to be the first to tell you
here that I am not the type of entrepreneur who wakes up at 5:00 AM, walks my dog, meditates
journals, does my affirmations, works out all before 10:00 AM. I simply am not wired for that. However, I’ve managed to be able to run my
business efficiently, still fit personal development, and also managed to find time to stay consistent
when it comes to creating content on youtube and on Instagram and even on Facebook. So if you want to learn my tips and tricks
on how I stay productive, even as someone who is really busy and also a little bit naturally
lazy. Then keep on watching. Now to kick off this video, the first question
that I want to answer when it comes to productivity is Vanessa, I noticed that you are a very
busy person. You’re running a business and you’re a content
creator and you have clients and you have students, how you actually managed to find
time for personal development. How do you find time to take courses? How do you find time to read your books and
all of that? Now to answer that question, I have a lot
of tools and hacks up my sleeve, but the first tool that I want to mention to you guys is
an app called Blinkist and Blinkist, is actually a sponsor for today’s video and you all know
how picky I am when it comes to sponsorships and the apps that I recommend to you guys. However, this is the first time that I actually
found a partner that I like, that I use and that I would recommend. Now, like I mentioned earlier, I am not just
a business owner, but I’m also a coach, a content creator of course, educator and all
of that and it gets really busy in my life. However, on the flip side, I have a wishlist
of books that I always want to read and I can never find time to truly read the full
book. That’s why I really like to use the app Blinkist
because what it does is that it condenses the most popular nonfiction books into 15
minutes only, and I love this because by doing so, it cuts out all the fluff that you see
in books and it gets straight to the point so that I can get a good summary of what all
these books are about. Now obviously reading a book from Blinkist
is never going to replace the real experience of reading a book page to page. However, as someone who is super busy lately,
I realized that I don’t really have a lot of time to even listen to podcast episodes
that are 30 to 60 minutes long. And so what I do is I listen to books off
Blinkist because it’s only 15 minutes. No book generally goes over 15 minutes and
it’s so structured and to the point that within those 15 minutes you are guaranteed to learn
something. Now, as you can see, there are tons of categories
and books for you to choose from. And even for me, I like to use Blinkist to
reread some of the books that I’ve read in the past in order to get the quick 15 minute
refresher so I never forget the key concepts and of my favorite books are grant Cardone,
10 x rule, Tim Ferris’, four hour work week, Napoleon Hill’s think and grow rich. So many classics and also new books that you
can find within Blinkist. Now since this video is sponsored by Blinkist,
we wanted to give a gift to you guys. Meaning that the first 100 people who click
the link in my description box below, you’re not just going to get seven days of unlimited
free access to blankets that you can cancel any time, but you’re also going to get 25%
off if you choose to invest in the full membership. So again, if you really want to try this awesome
app out, then make sure you click the link in my description box below. Now speaking of condensing information and
making sure that you are fitting personal development in your busy schedule. The second hack or tool that I have to share
with you is speeding up your videos. Now a tool that I want to recommend to you
is a Google chrome plugin called video speed controller, and what this does is that it
allows me to speed up any type of video that I see on the Internet, whether it’s on youtube,
whether it’s on someone’s website, whether it’s in a course, whether it’s on Facebook,
I’m able to speed up this video at whatever pace that I want. Now you might be wondering, what does speaking
videos have anything to do with being productive? Well, for me, it allows me to take courses
twice as fast and allows me to consume content twice as fast so that I can consume even more
content that’s going to improve my learning. And by doing this, it’s allowed me to really
learn a lot faster and be able to fit this type of learning within my busy schedule. Now obviously if you are someone who prefers
the pace to be a little bit slower and you find that maybe some courses or even maybe
my videos are a little bit too fast for you, you can always adjust the speed at using video
controller as well so that it’s adapted to your pace of learning. Now, beyond video speed controller, even within
your youtube settings, you can do this and for a lot of courses you can do it as well,
but I do like having this plugin because it’s universally adapted and any video on any website
I’m able to speed up or slow down. Now, so far in this video I’ve shared with
you apps like Blinkus, I’ve shared with you apps like video speed controller in order
for you to consolidate your learning and be able to speed up the process when it comes
to personal development hacking. Now the next productivity tool that I have
is a little bit of a controversial one, but that is buying an Amazon Alexa. Now, I know that a lot of people do not want
to buy Amazon Alexa is because they’re worried that Amazon is listening to their conversations
and their privacy and all of that. But I actually bought an Amazon Alexa myself
and I’ve been loving it. Now there are a lot of ways that you can use
your Amazon Alexa. And right here I have the Amazon Alexa Echo
dot. And it’s one of the cheaper ones. And I am literally obsessed with this thing. So basically the reason why I bought an Amazon
Alexa in the first place, it was inspired by one of my friends, Tiffany, and a linker
channel right here. But basically a big challenge that I had was
I always will glued to my phone and, and whenever I woke up in the morning, the first thing
that I would do was check my phone as well. And what Tiffany helped me with is she told
me to buy a Google smart home or an Amazon Alexa and use it as an alarm clock instead
so that I can put my phone somewhere else and even turn it off overnight so that I’m
not tempted to check my texts or my emails or social media. The first thing when I wake up. Now some of you guys that might be wondering,
Vanessa, why did you buy an Amazon Alexa if you could have just bought an alarm clock? Well, I definitely could have done that. However, with the Amazon Alexa, I’m able to
do so much more. For example, one of my favorite features is
linking Alexa to my Google calendar and when I wake up in the morning I ask Alexa, how
does my day look like? And she’ll actually read out every single
meeting that I have so that I can feel prepared going into the working day. Not only this, I’ve also turned to my office
slash bedroom into a smart home, meaning that I can just simply tell Alexa to turn on my
lights and she’ll do it for me. And I know that it sounds very lazy of me,
but it honestly has saved me so much time, especially when I’m in bed and I don’t want
to get out of bed. I can simply tell Alexa to turn off all my
lights. Now some of you guys might be wondering how
exactly do you turn your bedroom or your office into a smart home? And it honestly isn’t as complicated as you
think. All it takes is buying smart plugs, just like
this one that have kind of like an on and off button here. And what it does is that this will actually
speak to your Alexa and anything that is plugged into this outlet is automatically going to
turn into something that is smart. So for me, I have my office lamp attached
to a plug like this. I have my floor lab attached to a plug like
this. And I also have my night lamp that is attached
to this. And for a while I also have my hair curler
attached to this. So all I have to say was Alexa, turn on my
hair curler and she would turn it on. And it was super fun. But anyways, what I’m trying to say is that
little things like this really have helped me become a little bit more productive and
has also helped me save a lot of time. So if you are someone who is in the market
for something that is just a little bit fun to have, that will really save you a little
bit of time. I highly recommend getting an Amazon Alexa. Now on the topic of the reason why I bought
my Amazon Alexa was really to be used as an alarm clock so that when I woke up I wasn’t
glued to my phone. Well, I want you to remember that earlier
on in this video I mentioned how I wasn’t someone who typically wakes up at 5:00 AM. And the reason for this is because I am naturally
a night owl. However, unfortunately, society doesn’t really
benefit us night owls. All of my meetings need to be earlier in the
day. I need to benefit from the daylight in order
to fill my youtube videos. So naturally there are some days where I really
do need to wake up at five or 6:00 AM. That being said, the next hack that I have
for you is going to sound super gimmicky, but I swear it works on the days that I do
need to get up early. What I do is I put a spray bottle near my
alarm clock. Yes, you heard me. Right. I am honestly someone that could sleep for
10 to 12 hours a day. I’ve always had issues with waking up early
in the morning and so for me, I finally found a way to tackle this and I’ve tried a lot
of things and this seems to be the only thing that truly works for me and that is having
a spray bottle near my alarm clock so that when the moment my alarm clock rings, I take
the spray bottle and I spray my face and the moment my face is sprayed with water or with
missed or with a toner, I immediately wake up. Now, I first started to use this hack when
I was working in corporate and I needed to wake up early. Obviously to go to work. So what I had was a traditional spray bottle
with water and what I would do is I would just miss my face with water, but over time
I’ve gotten a little bit more creative and now I have a lot of different sprays I use. Now obviously I don’t want to turn this video
into a beauty tutorial, but here are some of my recommendations like I like to use Pixie
now during the times where my skin is really dry, I’ll wake myself up with this mist, which
is basically in a hylauronic acid and it allows me to have a super, super soft skin during
the summer. I like to use this one. This is one of my newer ones. It’s from Pixie as well. It’s called the wake up vitamin mist. And what it does is it kind of tones my face
and also wakes me up like it, it, there’s a tingly feeling after I use this. And then also I use urban decays B6 as well
on the days where I just want to have even more mist on my face. So this one is a little bit more intense than
these two, but basically this has vitamin B6 in it and it just gives my face vitamins. So if I’m gonna spray myself with water in
the morning, why not just upgrade myself to make my skin beautiful as I wake up? Now obviously the trick here is you gotta
spray your face the moment in your alarm rings so you don’t hit snooze and you spray your
face so hard that you can’t even go back to sleep. Now I know some of you guys might be like,
what the heck? I thought I signed up for a productivity video. Why am I getting these gimmicks and these
hacks and all these things? Well, the reason why I’m sharing it with you
guys is because I’m someone who is really busy and I’ve always struggled with waking
up early with sleeping well, with finding time to consume content so that I can learn
and grow as a person. And these are things that have just really
worked for me. There is no, you know, mindset trick or life
changing routine. These are hacks that I actually use now on
the topic of sleeping and everything like that. I am someone who has also struggled a lot
with sleep. I don’t sleep until 2:00 AM or 3:00 AM and
I think the reason for this is because as a content creator, as an online entrepreneur,
I am always on social media. I’m always on my phone and I think that because
of all the blue screen and all the activity, naturally, it’s really hard for me to fall
asleep. That’s why the next hack that I want to share
with you is something that has actually helped me in the last few months and that is taking
magnesium pills before I go to bed. Now obviously I’m not a naturopath, I’m not
a doctor, I’m not a scientist, I don’t know much about supplements, but someone did recommend
this to me in order to help me wake up to feel well rested and also helped me sleep
a little better and it has actually worked. So before I go to bed, maybe about an hour
or two, I will take two pills of this. And what I found is when I wake up in the
morning, I don’t feel as groggy and I’m also able to achieve deep sleep a lot faster. So this has really helped me lately in terms
of getting better sleep. And I’ve noticed with this coupled with spraying
my face and everything like that, it’s really helped me to become more of a morning person
even though I’m technically hacking my way through it now obviously anything related
to medicine, health, supplements, all that stuff, make sure you are doing your own due
diligence and googling this. I’ve done that for myself based on my lifestyle
and my health and I found that it is safe for me, but it might not be the same for you. So make sure you are doing your due diligence. Now, so far in this video, we’ve been talking
a lot about sleep and there’s a reason for this. As you get busier as an entrepreneur or even
as a content creator, you’re not going to prioritize sleep anymore. And the problem is, is that over time, if
you’re not getting your full eight hours of every single day, you’re going to start to
see the quality of your work decrease and that absolutely sucks. That’s why the next hack that I have that
is still related to you getting better sleep, is wearing blue blockers. Now when you wear blue blockers, about three
to four hours before you go to sleep, you’re going to be able to block all the blue light
that comes from your TV, your smartphone, your monitors, even your general lights. And what that’s going to do is that it’s going
to increase your melatonin levels so that you can sleep a lot faster and get better
quality sleep. So as a digital entrepreneur, I’m always staring
at my screen and like I said earlier in this video, because I always stare at a screen,
it’s been really hard for me to fall asleep and therefore I sleep super late and over
time it becomes a habit and therefore I really don’t get good sleep. So ever since implementing the blue blockers,
the magnesium pills, and also obviously my little hack of spraying, my face in the morning. It’s really combed to become a more of a morning
person and that allows me to fit a little bit more in my day, especially when it comes
to filming youtube videos. Now off of the topic of sleeping and now talking
about actual work, the next hack that I have for you that’s truly helped me become a little
bit more efficient and a little bit more productive is having a dual screen monitor. Now as you can see from all of my youtube
videos, or at least most of my youtube videos, you see that I have another monitor in the
back and this is actually the second screen that I have that I plug into my Mac books. So when I’m working I not only have the screen
of my Mac book, but I also have this screen of my monitor and honestly it doesn’t cost
too, too much. You can find a used monitor anywhere, even
on, you know, Ebay, Kijiji or craigslist. And what you can do is buy a simple adapter
and plug your Mac book with this monitor together so that you can either have your screen blown
up largely or you can have two screens activating at once. By having a dual monitor, it obviously allows
me to multitask and also get some things done a lot faster and more efficiently. For example, when I’m on client calls, I’m
not just on zoom with my client on my math book, but I’m also looking at my dual monitor
referencing the things that we’re talking about, showing her files, all of these things,
or even when I’m scripting my videos on one monitor, I’m writing my script on the other
and maybe I’m doing some research. Even when I was editing my videos on one monitor,
I would have my IMovie up and then on the second monitor I would be maybe on Google
getting images and all these things. So I really highly recommend to get a second
monitor if you are a busy entrepreneur because it’s really going to save your time and make
your life so much easier to allow yourself to multitask and also get stuff done a lot
more efficiently and faster. Now the eighth hack that I have for you is
something that my mentor Aaron Taught me when she was coaching me to become a more efficient
entrepreneur. And that is to treat your business like a
real organization. And what I mean by this is what you want to
do is see your business as a real organization with multiple departments. So for example, in my business I have a department
called the CEO Department and underneath this department I’m going to list down all the
things that a CEO does. So for example, the CEO is the visionary,
meaning that I’m probably reading books, I’m probably doing some competitor analyses, I’m
probably out there networking. I’m probably doing a lot of the strategic
work in order to move the business forward and for me to strategize and get cool ideas
from external resources that I can implement back in my business. Now on top of the CEO Department, I need to
ask myself, what are the other departments within my business? Maybe there’s a sales department and within
the sales department it’s all about doing sales calls. Maybe it’s refining my sales process. Maybe it’s practicing my sales training, all
of that stuff. I’m another department and my business could
be a PR department. Maybe that’s when there’s a community engagement
underneath. Maybe there’s also reaching out to other influencers
or entrepreneurs to collaborate. All these things. Essentially what you want to do is list down
all the departments that are within your business. Now, after you’ve done that, you then assign
each day of the week to a certain department. For example, every Sunday is my CEO day and
that’s when I allow myself to listen to podcasts, to read books, to watch educational documentaries
in order to spark my creativity and allow that innovation to happen so that I can create
a good vision for my business. Then maybe on Mondays it’s my client days. These are the days where I have my coaching
department and I only take all my client calls on Monday. On Tuesday, maybe that’s my sales day and
I only take discovery calls or sales calls on Tuesdays alone. I also have a youtube day, so every Thursday
that’s when I do anything and everything that falls under the youtube umbrella such as filming
videos, scripting videos, organizing videos, all of that. Basically, the idea is that instead of spreading
yourself thin and trying to do everything all at once, what’s going to happen is you’re
only going to end up doing 10% within each department. However, if you allocate an entire day to
a specific department, you’re going to at least be able to finish 80 to 90% of all the
things that need to be done within that cohort. So at the end of the day you’re going to feel
a lot more accomplished rather trying to put your feet into every single thing and not
really getting anything done at all. That’s why if you are someone who struggles
with organization at the end of the week, you’re always feeling defeated that you’re
not really moving the needle in the business. I highly recommend that you reframe your schedule
or your calendar this way because personally for me, I feel a lot more accomplished in
my business knowing that at least a full department is done and I don’t really have to worry about
it for the rest of the week. Now, speaking of departments and all these
projects within your business that need to get done, the ninth tip or tool that I have
for you is using a project management system called a sauna. Now a sauna is basically a place where I organize
my entire Youtube workflow and if you want to learn more about that, make sure you check
out this video right here and it’s a place where I organize all of my projects and the
things that need to be done both in the short term and in the longterm with my team. Again, like I said earlier, if you really
want to take a behind the scenes look of my entire Asana project planning, make sure you
check out this video right here. Why go really in depth? I share my screen and I go through it all. Now with that out of the way, something that
I did mention was having a team, which leads me to the 10th productivity hack that I have
for you and that is outsourcing. Now, a common that I get is Vanessa. How do I know when I’m ready to hire someone
on my team? Now for me, what I like to tell people is
the moment you see yourself making really silly mistakes is probably a good indication
that you need some help. In my case at some point I was sending the
wrong files to clients. I was late. All my videos, just simple mistakes that should
not have happened and then that’s when I realized I really needed the helping hand. And since then I now have three people on
my team. I have my assistant who helped me a lot with
the administrative roles within my business. I have my video editor who obviously does
the editing for these videos and I recently hired an online business manager that basically
acts as a project manager to keep everything organized within my business and also communicates
with the rest of the team. So that for me as the business owner, I can
focus on doing the things that I do best, which is creating content, coaching my clients,
and being a great course instructor to my students. Now if you want more videos about outsourcing
or what it’s like having a team or anything related to this topic, make sure you thumbs
up this video or leave a comment below so that I know to make those videos in the future. With that being said, it’s so exciting that
this video is actually sponsored by Blinkist and that’s why in my next video I really want
you to hit the notification bell because I’m going to walk you through how you can actually
land brand deals and partnerships with big brands. So if you’re interested in learning about
this, because I have a feeling many of you are, make sure you hit that notification bell
so you don’t miss it. Anyways, guys, I really hope that you enjoy
today’s video where I literally gave you 10 no bs hacks on how I stay efficient and stay
productive in my business. Make sure you leave a comment and tell me
which one was your favorite. As always, guys, I hope you guys have a great
day, a great week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.


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