$1000 In Less Than 24 Hours! (PROOF) High Paying Affiliate Programs 2019!

$1000 In Less Than 24 Hours! (PROOF) High Paying Affiliate Programs 2019!

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel this is Viktor Bout of this and as always if this is your first time visiting the channel or even your second time and you Haven’t subscribed and you want to learn how to make money online We’re talking about big life-changing money. Then go ahead and hit that subscribe button right now because on this channel That’s what we do we talk about and we teach and we go over how to make money online with affiliate marketing in particular high ticket affiliate marketing and this is a perfect example this video guys of the power of a high ticket affiliate product that actually works that’s proven itself Because the effort and the work that you put into any affiliate product that you are going to be promoting It’s gonna be the same amount of effort and work That you’re gonna have to put in whether it’s a small ticket or a high ticket So I choose high ticket because the payback and the commissions are so much higher The potential is so much higher and that’s how you build and scale your business so today I got a one thousand dollar commission with one of the high ticket affiliate products that I promote and Here it is. I’m gonna this is my legendary marketer back office and As you can see today’s date 7:23 of 2019 this person Opted in on the business blueprint bundle, which is twenty five hundred dollars Which made me a one thousand dollar commission? Okay, and as you can see, I’ve got a couple of pages of commissions here Let’s go to the second page Here’s the second page and I’ve got some more Commission’s here on the second page but guys what I want to impress upon you is this the power of high ticket affiliate marketing is evident Because you’re leveraging your time and your effort In a way to where you’re being so much more efficient because I made $1,000 in 24 hours and the reason I say I made $1,000 Commission in 24 hours is because I Had it this quick conversation with this person on Facebook Right off of messenger. We became friends and we just started talking about, you know, high ticket affiliate marketing and He decided to he’s what he said. He’s been following me and watching my videos He was looking for something that he can start making Commission’s on within the affiliate marketing niche. So we talked about commissions we talked about setting yourself up to be Successful and be productive on a daily basis taking action all of those things Do you have to do whether you’re promoting a low ticket or a high ticket? so he opted in on the $30 a month membership with legendary marketer yesterday well within 24 hours He upgraded to the business blueprint bundle as you can see here. And that’s a $2,500 sale and that that gives me a $1,000 Commission. So as you can see within a 24 hour period or less than a 24 hour period because of how incredible the system is and how it works and Incredible that training is which is what he is really looking to do is get the impressive training that legendary marketer offers But not only that but laser marketer is now gonna help him build and create his business so he can start making large Commission’s like $1,000 a day just like I did today and I wanted to give you this example. I made one sale and made $1000. So let’s say you’re promoting a 50 dollar product on Clickbank and you got a 50% Commission. Okay, so if you got if you be at a 50% Commission on $50. Well, that’s half of 50. That’s 25 bucks. So in order to make $1,000, let’s take $1,000 and divide that by those $25 you would have to sell for tea Products for tea services you’d have to sell 40 people who are opting in on your funnel Okay now yes, you may sell more per day may sell one or two or even three of these per day Okay, but you’re making seventy five fifty seventy-five dollars per day Where in one day I made a thousand dollars on one item and in one sale? So this video is not about the incredible training that legendary marketer offers because it’s there but I think everybody knows that and This video isn’t about all the bonuses that you get with legendary marketer when you do sign up it’s about high ticket Affiliate commissions. I did a live the other day. Okay, I’m gonna go back to my YouTube channel. Here it is Okay, and I did high ticket versus low ticket live Q&A Okay, and I wanted to impress upon my audience and in anybody who wanted to watch that video What a huge difference. It’s made in my business and it can do the same for you I started off with low ticket products lock off of Clickbank Like a lot of people do and I got my feet wet. I got more experience with affiliate marketing but then I realized that I was working way too hard and the return on my Investment not just financial investment of my investment of time that there was some in inequity there and it just wasn’t balancing out so then I started watching videos and Following mentors and gurus upon that who are dealing with high ticket affiliate marketing and I promise you guys All of the big-time super affiliates that you see on YouTube and I don’t need to name them because they’re out there We all know we all we all follow us a lot of the same guys and ladies They all are working with high ticket affiliate products that is how they are making 10 15 20 50 70 thousand dollars per month Promoting these products. So it just makes sense. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when you’re working with the type of Programs and when you’ve got the right mentor in training legendary marketer can give that to you without a doubt So guys I just wanted to do this quick video show you my results Over a 24 hour period I’m really really happy about my business. It’s growing every month. I’ve Connected with a lot of really good people mentors people that have really guided me in the right direction and I want to do the same for anybody who’s starting out and Maybe eliminate the eight or nine months that I spent making mistakes losing money Time away from my family working till three four o’clock in the morning trying to figure things out if I can help you streamline it Then give me give me a thumbs up on this video Give me a comment saying that you want to know more about this product Okay, or give me give me a give me a thumbs down if you don’t if you didn’t like this video, that’s fine, too okay, but my point is if you’re serious about creating a passive online income a Sustainable income that’s gonna last you for years to come Then I’m gonna leave a link down below So that you can learn more about legendary marketer and the incredible bonuses that they offer when you do sign up Check it out. See what you think. It may be a great fit for you It’s been a great fit for many thousands of people Okay tens of thousands of people I have made little so much come so much money and have learned so much with this program It’s one of the best training grounds you’ll ever have for affiliate marketing guys. So as I always say in all of my videos It’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself


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