15 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know in 2019

15 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know in 2019


  1. Really good advice 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I just started my channel a month ago and I’m already at 1.2k I’m still learning but I’m definitely getting better 👍🏾 watching your videos are really helpful thanks so much for sharing your tips ‼️‼️🔥

  2. Sean your content is really helping me learn to advertise and grow my DJ service faster than any other DJ service in my area. I can't express how much you have changed how I look at every detail you give and pay attention to the details I am putting into my own content I put out for my consumers. I know in the next month I have to start a YouTube channel, blog or something else to go further. Thank you 100 times over sir.

  3. Creating videos is our new learning curve. 🙂 We have an audio production company , and started learning about video a few year ago. Glenn, a musician / producer / nature recordist, creates videos for his music compositions and wilderness soundscapes. "Think Media" is one of our "go to" channels for learning. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Gave a big thumbs up. 🙂 Maureen

  4. I just stopped what I was doing to watch a new video from one of my favorite creators! Haha great video, Sean! -Akeiva

  5. Loads of archived old stuff, starting on some new after getting over a catastrophic event in our lives… so grateful to be able to do so.

  6. Answer of the day: Yes, already started on putting out my first 100 videos. Gave myself 100 days to do it. Learning inch by inch, video by video. Thanks Sean for the amazing content you're putting out, really valuable..

  7. I've been doing video for years in a very busy space, its difficult to get attention, Thanks for your great advise

  8. Great video Sean. We have been following you guys for a while now and love the book Youtube Secrets. We just started our channel and been using all the tips and trick you teach on the channel and the book. We have a goal of hitting our first 1k subscribers this year and would love any advice on our channel.

  9. Thank You for yet another great video.
    This one really hit home for me!!!
    I haven't started making videos yet.
    Am afraid of looking silly,
    of putting out poor quality that will just make me look super unprofessional,
    of starting the wrong place of, of of
    I know it sounds like excuses but it is really holding me back.
    Thanks again for all you bring to us.
    In unity
    Salsita MW

  10. Another informative and altogether great video, thank you. I started my channel just over a month ago and have created 12 videos. The focus of my content is teaching software development. I am currently producing a free C# for Beginners course. I'm really enjoying the process and I hope others can gain value from viewing the content provided on my channel. I've been lucky enough to have a successful career of over 20 years as a software engineer and I would love to be able to share my knowledge with aspiring developers or even those who are interested in getting an idea of what software development is all about.

  11. Did you know you are like the biggest help for any and everything whenever it involves Youtube?..Im so happy you Exists because you are just Perfect.

  12. I always feel awful when you ask questions like this on your videos, twitter, instagram etc… no i haven't started! I am a vitally uninteresting person with nothing to talk about on youtube!! I JUST THINK IT'S REALLY INTERESTING TO LISTEN TO YOU ;;

  13. New to the YouTube portion of this. I already have learned a lot. I am scripting my first video for YouTube now. Expect to have it up soon. I am going to get one of your books. I want to learn as much as possible.

  14. I haven't started yet, besides my live videos on my Facebook business page, but I am following you to get the guts, the knowledge, and know-how to start doing better videos that will grab my audience's attention!!

  15. Thanks for all of your tips, insights, and more! I finally started my own channel and you have been such a big influence. Here’s to what’s next and helping each other grow☺️

  16. The part about how a company started to be omitted is good BUT if you are creating video content for someone else, try talking them out of how they started being included lol. I have run into that. A lot of business owners that worked hard want their story heard. My suggestion is talk them into one or two sentences if POSSIBLE and make it INTERESTING and RELATABLE.

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  18. Nice presentation! Thank you for all the great info as always! you guys are amazing. For All the new youtubers out there keep grinding!

  19. I had a long conversation with a Realtor today about video marketing and I love that this reinforces our conversation. Insane that 82% of web traffic will be video by 2020.

  20. Hi Sean. I love your content and watch every video and your master classes. You give such great advice when it comes to all things YouTube. I've been a subscriber for almost a year and I finally got my channel off the ground. Would you by any chance be willing to take 3-5 minutes of your day to do a quick and dirty review of my channel and provide a few tips and tools for building my influence with online video and what I could do to 10x my content? Thanks!

  21. I have to wonder why I stopped watching your videos in favor of Derral Eves, Brian G, and Nick Nimmin. Y'all are right up there with 'em, and have definitely been added back into my "YT Tips" rotation… Perhaps I just wasn't connecting with the '16/'17 content? This is good stuff.

  22. The statistics here blew my mind, but reinforced my resolve in moving our businesses more into the video market arena.

  23. isn't it great you can learn about how to create a successful youtube channel while watching another successful youtube channel?

  24. Very interesting. I have been working in the traditional models of video for 29 years now and finding a renewed interest through watching you and youngsters like yourself take on the evolution through technology and tailoring content for individual tastes. I find your marketing skills to be top notch and really enjoy your presentations.

  25. Another great video! Based off the quality, I can definitely tell you put a ton of effort into these videos! Great job!

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  28. Amazing information! It's amazing how fast one can grow in video marketing once they develop a working strategy.

  29. 😍I am learning a ton from your videos, thanks so much as I am trying to grow my channel.

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  31. Cool video! Can you please share the source for mentioned stats? Sorry if you mentioned it and I missed it. Thanks!

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  34. He got the peter McKinnon right lol ,I love watching his videos, I've been learning alot from him and his positivity is influential

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  36. Useful stats and a nice video @Think Media.

    Hey, we too did a bit of #research and have penned down a beginner's #guide to #videomarketing. Do you think it will be helpful for video marketers or do you have some points to add to it.

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