2020 Social Media Trends YOU Need to Know

2020 Social Media Trends YOU Need to Know


  1. I hope you put the Arabic translation in your old and new videos so that I can watch all the videos And
    I hope you accept my request🙏 Good luck😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. This is so overwhelming tbh lol, i'm focused on youtube right now, started on IG, but i've only uploaded three pics so far.

  3. Thank you Sean as always for great content! I’m using Instagram the most lately because of the season I’m in life right now (3 kids under 5/my youngest is 5months/homeschooling,etc), but I can’t wait to get back at making videos and building my audience on YouTube (my favorite), but can you teach more about the advantages of LinkedIn and also the paid adds you mentioned, please?

  4. For 2020, I'm really wanting to focus on Instagram/IGTV as well as YouTube, but I never thought about LinkedIn. I'm a little afraid of LinkedIn because I don't want my current employer to think I don't want to be at my current job. Because honestly, I need my current job so I can pay my bills. Just paranoia on my part, but LinkedIn makes sense as well.

  5. Instagram to get to a wider audience, TikTok in order to reach the gen Z because I do not have many watchers of my YouTube channel who are not older millennials or the gen previous to them.

  6. I figured I would stat with YouTube and Instagram at the same time. But 😯it's alot doing both. But as always thanks for the tips and advice.

  7. Sean, when are you getting on TikTok? You have an account I've seen it. I've seen you in people's tiktocs, so come on, get with it Boomer!

  8. Sean how can I get traction on my video on the first 24h please I started posting on my channel 2 days ago and I post a video each day but I don't have views

  9. About to launch my channel, but not sure if I should start business instagram and facebook pages too or just use my personal ones that already have followers?? Any ideas?

  10. Social media has so much opportunity available to help us provide valuable content to viewers and earn extra revenue. This practice has helped me gain over 10k YouTube subscribers and monthly brand deals. The internet is here and it is very mature. Happy Friday Eve.

  11. To promote my video's on Youtube, i use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and my pesrsonal Blog on WordPress.
    To get more viewers on Youtube i promote some of my latest video's trough Google Ads.
    Thanks for the good information you allways provide 😉

  12. Thanks for your avice without I would not have started my music channel. I knew nothing about anything when it came to the net. check it out people. These guys are no joke.

  13. Qotd:

    My main focus is YouTube and Facebook. And honestly was just thinking about paying for an ad on Facebook to promote what it is I actually do. My channel is music lesson focused. And on a local level I’m gonna be giving private lessons. Will be using my Facebook and YouTube as sort of extra content to stay connected with students throughout the time between lessons. But aside from that I’m wanting to build an online fan base to generate more opportunities when outside of my local area.

  14. Learning to do youtube at the moment. I like the idea of creating videos because I can capture so much more than with just pictures. IG has been dead for a while for me but I guess I should start posting there again as I am in an interesting environment.

  15. Can you please break down what paid video ads are, how they work and how are they potentially critical in growing our online business? Thank you

  16. I'm actually shifting my focus from video to writing more on my personal blog and on Medium. I love writing, and sometimes that can be transferred to video, but I don't always have time to create a video for every article I write. I would actually be more inclined to transfer my writing to audio, but I find that people like longer-form audio rather than the 3-5 minutes of audio that my articles would produce.

  17. Just recently started on Youtube and instagram. I wish I would have got in the game earlier, but its never too late. Loving both so far. I’ll check out Linked In video. Thanks for the vid!

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  19. Thanks for the great tips! I'm planning to launch my youtube channel by the end of December so hopefully my Christmas wish comes true!

  20. If this guy was as successful as he claims to be, he would have over a million subscribers, look at Logan Paul, and his brother, he they extremely well, and they didn't use IN

  21. Wow amazing growth I went from 0-2.9k in less then 2 months.

    First big giveaway is coming soon on my channel it’s a Xbox one s with controllers and games

    Sub to me I will also post a video soon.

  22. Sean, What are paid ads? do you have a breakdown? do you have a video on this already? Do you mean that when we as a business pays to have our advertisement on a platform (e.g. google ads)?

  23. YouTube and Instagram but mainly YouTube and then my Instagram kinda follows after that 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m excited for 2020! But we gotta work hard before 2020 too start seeing more progress once the year ends 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Great stuff as always, thanks Sean! I’m on Facebook and Instagram. Not gonna lie when I first got started it was overwhelming. For any of you getting started I’d recommend start with one.

  25. Well dang…I'm not on LinkedIn and I barely use IG . Apparently I need to re-eval my promo plan for 2020. 😂 My #1 platform is YT, hands-down.

  26. I am tempted to do payed ads for Instagram but not sure the cost of it all. I want to advertise my live streaming for gaming. I plan to use Youtube to post highlights of the streams and good plays and funny moments to kinda show what I am all about.

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