22 Internet Marketing Tips You Should Already know

22 Internet Marketing Tips You Should Already know

mazel benazir javadoc prominent this video i’m going
to do my best to help you become a better marketer by showing a list of
twenty two things I wish somebody had told me when i first started out online right
let’s go okay number one no every word that
appears on your side would you write your own stuff or outsourcing legally responsible everything that
appears so make sure it’s exactly what you want
at all times number two there are only two things you
need to learn in order to be successful online and that’s how to get traffic and how to confront trafficking in the
virus there’s a lot to know in both areas but
that really is all there is if one of these two things are a puzzle for you debts and training number three always be sure every page
on your website has a definite major purpose well i mean by this whether it’s getting
someone’s name in the mail order send people somewhere else did maybe just
simply to deliver high quality content never forget though you need the two
things not just want to be successful number for make sure your visitor knows
your website is all about five seconds number five make sure your content stays
fresh in congruent with your social candles someone is familiar with your website
and finds your youtube channel or face book page they should immediately recognize your
brand number six make your site easy to
navigate word press makes this pretty easy you should consider using wordpress
for your website if you’re not already using it number seven link your site to itself if
you’d like to lots of pages that can be useful for your reader providing an easy
way for your visitors to get where they want to go number eight interact with
your readers and viewers there are lots of ways to stay in touch with your
readers like comments and face but pages and you two of course but engaging with
your readers keeps them interested and it keeps you interesting number nine
he’s a premium theme if you can find a free seem that does everything you need
done that’s great but i first we could never find number ten update your content on a
regular basis people will come back to visit if there is nothing new for them
to consume number eleven work on your credibility always know what you’re talking about
people will believe you when it comes time for recommending products number twelve interact with other website owners in
your niece to commenting threats and forums suggests a great article comment when you have something useful
an insightful tan number thirteen he’s a gravatar it’s simple to get one endure
gravatar will follow you from site to site leave a comment on someone’s
blogging enter your name in your gravatar will appear sure to choose an
avatar that represents who you are fourteen stay positive it’s difficult enough to write what you
really think and sometimes the written word sounds different than how you
really feel when you drive it their rarely improves in the
translations state possible fifteen consider promoting other blocks of
people in your niche on your own blog give away
a free linked to those plaza helped you and just get back others will do it for
you to sixteen keep the number of ads you
display of the amount of ads on website some time
soon dot overpowered peter at school number seventeen figure out your own long-term earning
plan it takes thousands of daily visitors
decent money just that just figured out a way to monetize more number eighteen decide willing to work hard there’s no easy button and you will get
out precisely what including never nineteen don’t be discouraged by competition it
is a certainty that if you’re shows a new issues profitable where many others in their already
making money and if there isn’t anyone around the money probably isn’t there a
reader think bigger not smaller we’ll have lots
and lots of ideas as to delve into the possibilities online some will be better
and bigger ideas and others will be smaller and less profitable political support line bigger is fatter price your products and services
competitively don’t sell yourself short to be a
bargain basement advertiser or product creator stay competitive twenty-two you
very likely already have what it takes to make a living online believe it or
not someone out there is looking for someone exactly like you to help them
because they need your knowledge of specific communication skills and household this is by no means a comprehensive
analysis of the time estimates things that every marker should have a
brass like this video into the description click on the link and that will take it isn’t free videos and show you how you can get started
video marketing without spending any money on there is no reason not to play


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  3. All great points Phil and the video is first class! Wondering what software you used to create the video? Gonna sign up for your list to see if it is in there – Have you published any books yet or thought about reaching clients through public speaking?

  4. #11. Do you mean "Your credibility is everything ONLINE?" or "onlne". If "Online", let's refer back to #1, "Content is still king!"

  5. I think it is one of the best marketing method .The presentation was very excellent.It  is a great tips and instruction for marketing.

  6. Thanks for including examples for each tip. This is very comprehensive and helpful especially for those who have just started to get into online marketing. 

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  8. Great video man!! …

    I like the way you did it. Very entertaining and easy to the eye. You are giving some powerful powerful internet marketing tips!

    These are very valuable tips for sure! …

    I wish you the best of the best!!

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers! 🙂

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