30 Best Newton Mail Alternatives | Email Apps

30 Best Newton Mail Alternatives | Email Apps

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video it is Francesco here this is the feature that all of you guys have been waiting for it is the ultimate guide to Newton alternative now. There’s not gonna be a replace for the newton anytime soon for me and for many others it was the best email application but for those looking for Alternatives this should hopefully give you a nice idea of all of the other solutions that are out there now in today’s video I’ve broken it into different Categories based on the platforms and I’m only going to be speaking about a few features that makes the application stand out now I will be doing separate reviews over time on these different applications if you’re looking for that So do stay tuned and do subscribe to this channel if you are brand new I’m also going to include a listicle and we’ll be doing the block Reviews before actually do the video reviews of the platforms and resources that are out there So let’s dive into the first category now the first category is Mainly email clients and these are the sort of big ones that many of your clients will know what so first off It is Gmail. No for those who don’t know Gmail is available on web iOS and Android It has a few standout features like undo send also smart sorting as well Which is a feature many people love the ability to organize your own box in tiny filters and also a newer feature called smart compose now only recently they’ve had a Refresh of the experience and it looks a lot better now people love Gmail mainly because it connects with other Google services and the best thing about it is it’s free and you can connect any Other accounts that you do have via the eye map or pop3 services So next up on the list is Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook has done a good job with their application They have a gorgeous calendar experience Thanks to the sunrise acquisition that Microsoft made they also on mobile have the ability to add all of your accounts so you can have Gmail you can have Office 365 you could have yeah mail inside of your outlook mobile experience and you’ve also got a gorgeous Explore tap in there to find all of your files and details at a glance now inside of Microsoft Outlook You’ve also got scheduled and snooze which has some really helpful Functions and also many people love it because it connects really well with your Microsoft services experience now Although this one is free. There is obviously a personal and business accounts for office 365 That you should definitely check out include the pricing for those below. So the next one is another Gmail service It’s inbox by Gmail a lot of people love this one, maybe because it’s like taking your Gmail experience and sort of dosing it down making it a bit more friendly now I remember when inbox by Gmail was launched and this sort of killer futurists news a lot of people love that but it’s also got Reminders as well allowing you to essentially note yourself when you’ve got something Upcoming that you need to remind yourself of now inside if inbox is a little more playful So you’ve got something called Smart reply so you can reply it’s sort of quite rapidly using google’s AI technology And also a lot of people love inbox mainly because of the design the design is based in cards and it just looks fantastic On web iOS and Android now next up is another solution called Yahoo Mail Many of you guys will know Yahoo! Mail, it provides access to all of your accounts on the mobile version It’s got a web iOS and Android application and has great theming options as well many people do enjoy that as part of the experience Now it does connect out for all of your other accounts But you can obviously create yahoo email addresses too. And the final of this selection is Apple Mail A lot of you guys will love it and know it. It’s a iOS Mac friendly solution Of course you do get to your iCloud email address Which you can plug into other services as well many people love the advanced tool set in solid of Apple Mail I mean, it’s a really good design application and I believe in the next version of Mac Are they going obviously good to be doing a dark mode, which is gonna be quite exciting now moving on to the best Third-party solutions. I’ve sort of highlighted It’s free here that I think definitely deserve your attention Stav is poly male. Now many of you guys have heard of poly male I have currently got it is one of my sort of two solutions that I will be checking out Now poly male is really designed for email collaboration. So it’s it’s better for teams However, it does have some really exciting functions So inside of poly mode you can use something called workflows to basically connect up a few emails For example, it’s very similar to the likes of MailChimp so you could start an email string going on with someone you can do the regular items like email tracking and Reminders, which is a popular feature for professionals to follow up on different items You also have scheduling as well as a calendar function to help you keep organized and ready for the day ahead integrations as well, but do remember this one is priced between $30 per user per month to $59 per user per month based on what you would use it for a lot of people recommend this one for team collaboration So just putting that out there as a solution for sort of communicating with your team members So next up is Astro and a lot of people have pushed me towards checking out Astro it is on my list It is available through Android iOS It’s also available on slack and Alexa, which makes it a really accessible tool now It’s got a Mac application, too Which makes it even more easy to access when you’re on your desktop now Astro has a whole host of features including assistant to allow you to Essentially analyze your email and get the information you need to know It’s also got a calendar function as well for planning and plotting out activities You’ve got snooze and folder set up which makes obviously tagging and filtering a lot easier You can add in all of your accounts if you wish as well, and it does have email tracking too Now a lot of people do like Astro it is currently free and it does provide you with a pretty smooth Experience now the final of these third Party email solutions is spark spark is developed by a company called read on spark actually is focused a lot more on team collaboration to only recently in their spunk to update they’ve introduced this now spark has some features allowing you to add all of counts in its got smart inbox so it sort of filters out your inbox and makes it a little more so it Digestible. It’s also got a calendar function so you can plot ahead using some of your accounts You’ve got attached to your email and also you can create emails together if you’re in a team Which is something a lot of people are sort of driving over to the application that sort of real-time Communication and commenting is something that a lot of people do enjoy the application is free You can have up to two active collaborators and five gigabytes of storage and that is all free But there is a premium experience which is priced at seven dollars. Ninety. Nine per user per month That is more designed for teams giving you ten gigabytes of storage as well as unlimited Collaborators too. So moving on to the Android section These are Android only email alternatives first option here is blue mail now I know a lot of people have been pointing me towards blue mail if you want my honest opinion I don’t really rank the design as something that I’d recommend to you guys It is an application is coming to desktop very soon It’s available currently on Android the application touts the ability to and all of your accounts. It has some really good sorting functions so for example you can actually see at the top a filter of what accounts you have and The different types of inboxes you have available now inside of the application you do have a calendar function as well as the ability to organize your contacts and emails into groups or Clusters so that it gives you the ability to almost chat with the people you are emailing with now the application Is free and is available to download on Android Next up on the Android solutions is aqua mail Now aqua mail has been getting a lot of sort of attention recently because it’s currently on discount But bets they heard the Newton news recently So the application is sort of touting towards being the most customizable Experience on Android for your email now we connects up with all of your email account and it does have a bit of us more Secure access. Oh, oh a Uth to both you access for Yahoo! Gmail and Hotmail So given that gives you a little bit of a more secure login So there is a pro service giving you access to two or more accounts. So that is a limit You can only have two accounts per email on the aqua mail But there is a pro service which is priced at 4 pounds 69 in the u.k Do remember this one does have ant so you will get interrupted? Slightly during your email experience So the next up is k9 mail now KML is developed by someone called Jesse Vincent It is a free open-source application available for Android a lot of people sort of point it towards being the most advanced of The Android email applications out there and is also available in Amazon and f-droid Devices, it does allow you to connect up any I mark accounts that you do have and it’s really a secure way to D mail On Android now the final solution in the Android lineup is 9 now This is developed by nine folders, which is a company that also produce a couple of other work applications on Android No the application It does have inclusive in it a calendar a notes folder a task folder as well as your email as well so it’s almost like a Productivity hub to some extent now the license price for this one is 14.99 so do take that one into account. Ok. So next up is iOS only email Alternatives now there are only two in this section. So we should breeze passes fairly rapid So the first on that line up is dispatched now. This is an application that always tries to Sort of make your email more GTD focused now. It’s an action based application which actually recommends merlin bans inbox zero Process now the application does have a text expander support in it Which makes it more accessible and also integrations with the likes of to do is things three Evernote and many more No, it is priced at $6.99 and focused application no next app is Triage, which is a first aid application and I would say this is more of a supporting tool to email remem a tool called morning Mail that used to be quite like this so the concept of it is to clear your inbox fast with these cards that appear on the screen and you can use Gestures to basically swipe them in the right direction now you can connect up all of your accounts and if you looking to breeze through all of your email in a more of a Gesture based way this might be the application for you know, it’s priced under $1 99 So it’s not too much of an investment, but definitely worth checking out before you come into it So now on to both iOS and Android solutions that you can try as an alternative to Newton So first up is my mail now This is very similar to yahoo mail to some extent it’s in iOS and Android application. The design is really attractive It’s free to use and you can connect it with all of the other accounts as well as create my mail comm Solutions or email addresses which makes it easier to process those emails mixed up is protonmail A lot of people would be mentioning this one. It’s a secure based email They’re actually based in Switzerland and they do state They have their data center actually secured very intensely also, they also state it’s under thousands of meters of rock solid rock apparently on their website now Prudhomme mail is Open source and it is encrypted. It’s very much the security solution that’s out there It’s available on iOS and also web 2 and Android as well so the next application is a bit of a weird one type mail type mail is Essentially an application very similar to blue mail It allows you to end all of your accounts and sort of process email in a really easy fashion So it’s almost like blue mail have doubled up their application and essentially put a new brand and name on it Which is quite strange, but it could be a good tactic in order to sort of dominate the email market So type mail is free, but it does have a plus version for corporate users that you can check out Although you do have to go for a contact form So next up is Edison mail Edison mail is an application that a lot of people using on iOS and Android It has got a really positive rating on both stores. He does have an Cisco I’m snooze as well as undo send and face ID security to the design of venison looks very similar to Outlook but it works really well and it does have a feature that sort of sets it out from the most which is assistant and a lot of people are enjoying that so next up is hop now hop, it really focuses more about Conversational real-time communication so it basically organizes your emails into contacts allowing you to communicate with them Individually, which is quite nice It’s very much media focus so you can send all types of stuff files gifts images and all sorts You’ve also got a calendar function as well as unsubscribe and the application touts an encryption Protected service as well and it is free to download on both iOS and Android so many of you guys may have known trove Now trove was previously named notion. I can’t see why they changed their name No trove is more of a business tool now but a previous used to be an AI focused email It is available to download on both iOS and Android and it’s really touted towards more business professionals Looking to know more about that contacts before it reaches their email. So it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a more Business focused email talking about business focused email and a security VM boxer which was previously known as boxer is a more of a security focused solution It does have a calendar solution as well as your regular inbox functions available on iOS and Android and this priced at $3 78 per device So if you want to install that on your sort of device, that’s a monthly fee going around for you Let’s dive into the desktop solutions now and then we’ll dive into the Mac specific solution the first of that group is post box now post box is available on Mac and PC and it does provide you with a fairly gorgeous experience now from some of the screenshots that I’ve seen the application does look very good colorful and very attractive to look at no the application does have some notable integrations like box Dropbox and also Onedrive – so it does have the ability to integrate HTML into email as well as create pre-canned response as well the integrations Include todoist all the way over to evernote and many more for postbox six you deem it You do need to have a license for the mac and windows version. The license is priced at $40 But this seems like a really robust solution for emailing only on desktop. So moving on to e M client This is a Windows solution according to their statistics over 30,000 businesses and over a million Individuals are using it it basically connects up with all of your accounts and giving you access to email for free using AM Client there is a pro version which does give you corporate access which is priced at $29.99 Ellucian called mail and calendar which is a Windows built solution that is free and you can access it by the Default experience on your Windows devices the final windows solution here is a mail bird now mail bird have some gorgeous themes So you can pretty much sent out a color for your email experience You can connect over the majority of your counts and also have a host of integrations as well there are functions like snooze and you can go a bit further in terms of being able to email people on the go there is a snooze function and a couple of more features that are very similar that will really be Accessible and make it more of an advanced email experience for yourself It is free and it’s free forever in the basic experience but there is a pro experience which is priced at 12 pound per year or 39 pound 95 for lifetime so you can access that license forever So the final ones of the solution is Mozilla Thunderbird. This is accessible for Windows and Linux as well This is more of an old-school solution though. It’s very Privacy focused as well as advanced functions focus a lot on the toolbar and sort of modify that and the application is free So you only have to donate to be able to access it. It’s open source, and it’s very much a friendly experience So moving on to the Apple solutions the Apple Mac solutions. There are out there So the first off is mail mate, this is an vacation available to download on Matt It focuses on IMAP clients only has some markdown abilities for those lovers of markdown It also has drill down search to the Neeson’s for it is around about $50 many people in my community line the likes of mike schmidt from asian efficiency have recommended this Application mixed up is uni box. This isn’t actually available through iOS and mac It is an application also available through the set app subscription which you could check out below so it focus more on the sender and the Conversations around that very similar to hop to some extent if you want real-time communication. This could be the application for you It does have a beautiful design for attachments and images so you can sort of view them really easily on mac It is priced at $13 ninety-nine and on iOS it is free for the set up subscription that we 9.99 a month but of course via access to tons more apps and finally on these sort of Mac friendly solutions is Airmail mo is a Mac and iOS solution it won 2007 Apple Design Award and it is a gorgeous Experience and the application is developed by a company that have other applications too, which is always a good sign it’s priced on iOS at four dollars ninety nine as well as on Mac at $9.99 in Toulouse the likes of air mail with things three as well as OmniFocus and people do love the experience because it’s clear and easy to use So moving on to a future solution that other people are pointing towards is super human I’m looking to get access to the soon to fully sort of time into it But super human is sort of a visually beautiful application at the moment It’s currently in beta or pre or private beta the application touts a fast response AI Triage to for going through your email read receipts as well as a lot of hype around the product A lot of people were enjoying this but I can always guarantee. It will be a paid experience and quite highly paid per month So guys you probably wondering what other solutions are out there You’ve also got the same box, which is been around for a while for tree hunting your email inbox you’ve got mail Butler which has a host of functions including tasks Notes Calendar for Organizing or email you’ve also got boomerang which is an extension on Gmail as well as an iOS application for scheduling emails for late So guys I am a kid now But I’m just gonna quickly run through some of the sort of stand outs of all of those So from the main solutions, I would point towards Gmail and outlook that they have some gorgeous applications and they work really really well Now from the best third-party applications, I’d recommend Astro and spark. They seem good standout applications at the moment although I would point more towards spark because for example They’re backed by comfortable read or read also develop a whole host of applications And they seem to have some strong backing there so out of the Android solutions I would point towards nine Which is developed by nine folders mainly because it looks like a stronger application out of the iOS solutions I’d try out triage the email first aid Because it seems like a good application for sort of organizing star and from the iOS and Android solutions and recommend both Protonmail for security as well as Edison for their advanced and easy to use a system now from the desktop Solutions if your Windows lover I check out those postbox because they seem to have a good history and also male bird So guys there you have it the full notion lowdown So there you guys have it the full Newton lowdown? So hopefully that gives you all you need to know to go away and choose an alternative as you can imagine It’s gonna take a bit of time for me to review all of these I’m a one-man band, but I will get around to it. So do stay tuned guys. So Ghana is a huge huge Thank you for stopping by today. If you have not yet subscribed here on the channel It’d be amazing to have you in this community We’ve put out regular videos like this, but on all of the productivity software solutions that are out there So as you can imagine guys, it’s gonna take me a while to get round to the email applications as you can imagine Think of this channels like a zoo. It’s a really bad metaphor here Obviously, we’ve got like three-quarters of the zoo open and now we’ve just opened this massive new pen for new products Which is email and what putting it up and we’ve got to fill it with animals the soap But you can understand where it coming from. We’ve just opened up a new part of the zoo and We’re looking to get All of this sort of catalogued and ready to go. So hopefully without in no time will happen email clients ready Oh, it’s so good and it guys a huge. Thank you for stopping by today Make sure to have a great week keep productive and I’ll see you guys at the very very soon Cheers


  1. 🏠 This will serve as more of an official listicle to the Newton alternatives out there!
    Many apologies for the out-of-sync errors whilst speaking, sorry!
    — Francesco.

  2. Amazing list of alternatives. I look forward to watching the Serie of vidéos. I’ve been using Airmail but it can’t send large files. As a result, I’m back to the native application Mail. Mail is like a Swiss knife to me.
    On another note: BlueMail works on IOS…

  3. CanaryMail… another one for Mac users!

  4. Any Newton "alternative" email app must have Evernote integration. That was the beauty of Newton and the main reason I used Newton. Sure, we can just forward emails to Evernote, however, that can add some funky issues if you're forwarding emails that are part of a "conversation". Nothing worse than replying to a client email and having the response go to Evernote. Wheeeeee!

    Wish Spark would get off their butt and finally get an Android version released. They've been saying "coming soon!" for over 18 months.

  5. So basically no app which works on iOS, android, Mac and Windows with a single subscription cost, clean design and painless setup with read receipts, snooze, remind later etc like Newton had. Newton will be missed.

  6. this video made me sad.. i left dispatch (was not updated).. went to newton (died)… maybe ill revisit dispatch,,,I'm NOT liking spark; i don't want my inbox split into sections grr

  7. Trove just announced they were shutting down 🙁 I've moved to email by Edison for now, but I'm not sure….

  8. Shocked that you missed MissiveApp! It's the only truly ubiquitous mail app (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, web, no linux but web, so…) by Philippe Lehoux @plehoux
    Very generous free level with Slack-like pricing for increased search history. Recently introduced SMS functionality as well. Team oriented app but I've been using successfully on my own for years.

  9. Hallo Francesco. The problem using a Gmail alternative is labels. In my opinion (if I am not wrong) the only one sw that support gmail label is VMware boxer. This is the huge problem for people like me. Your reviews are the best on web.

  10. Hello Francesco,

    Great alternatives out there. Thanks for sharing. I have one question. I like spark BUT I heard and read a lot of time about some issues with data privacy there. Any opinions?

  11. No app can replace Newton, just before subscribing to Polymail as alternative, I found Canary Mail.

  12. I've tried like 5 different ones and either hated UI or doesn't work with all of my emails (Gmail, outlook, Apple, yahoo)

  13. Nest email solution: no email 🙂 Email after all is a bit like fax till very recently : ubiquitous but pretty outdated and not very efficient.

  14. Newton provided ActiveSync in OS X. I can’t find anything else that does this, and it’s essential for me. I’m literally going to have to buy new hardware now Newton has gone 😳

  15. Great work, once again Francesco!! I guess with Polymail and Boomerang in there, you omitted Gmelius from the list, although not limited to email automation – more CRM and Shared inbox functionalities in there!

  16. What Mac/iOS client would you say has the best email tracking/receipt options? The $13 a month Polymail account will breakdown who opened what even on group emails. Any others?

  17. Thanks for the overview! Only one missing for Android is BlackBerry Hub+ which available to all android devices but comes pre-installed on BlackBerrys.

  18. Huge fan of Gmail, Spark, Polymail, Astro, Proton Mail, Trove, Apple Mail, and Unibox! I recommend Zoho Mail & Sudo.

  19. Thanks for the insightful video. I actually use Newton for a very specific reason. I have a decent amount of mail adresses (10+) and change devices almost on a daily basis. Newton is the only app, where I can just sign in ONCE and then have all my email available.
    Is there anything out there, where I can setup my accounts once, then log in with one account on every platform and have ALL my mails?
    I am totally lost without Newton.

  20. I just came by Tempo (www.yourtempo.co), and the design is really good and well thought out. It might miss some features for now (as it is in beta), but very promising. What do you think?

  21. Started to love Astro and then this: https://slackhq.com/slack-acquires-astro-to-help-email-and-channels-work-together
    Another one bites the dust!

  22. Mailspring is the closest I've found as far as functionality and workflow goes with the read pane off. Although it's still not a complete replacement and definitely not as smart, it's doing the trick until something better comes along. I spent a little time creating both light and dark themes that are inspired by Newton free for the taking at https://github.com/jpminor

  23. This was extremely well made and insightful. Highly recommended. Great job. It took great insight and talent to produce this! Five stars!

  24. Thanks for the video, but sadly it's very rushed (Despite the length) and does not explain why one app is better than other. You touch on very basic functionality in your list of features, not necessarily where each app is strong/weak.
    Regarding Android Apps :
    – K-9 does not work with exchange
    so it shouldn't even have been included.
    – AquaMail is very expensive for what you get
    , but probably most feature filled and customizable like you said, it's fast, but it's not completely bug-free. And full screen 15 second video ads? NO THANKS.
    – Where is Blackberry Hub+ Inbox? Shame, it's one of the best free apps.
    – Nine is amazing. $15 for one-time purchase, vs AquaMail yearly subscription.

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