4 Cold Email Subject Lines That Got InspireBeats to $4m in Revenue

4 Cold Email Subject Lines That Got InspireBeats to $4m in Revenue

This is Four Email Subject
Lines That Get Opened. I’m Alex from InspireBeats,
chief marketing sumo, generated over 20 million dollars in leads and sold over two
million dollars in sales. I’m also a digital nomad. I did a video recently on follow ups and one of you commented with this. They’re like, “some people don’t even open the email to read what’s inside”. Right, you can have the perfect follow ups but if no one’s opening the email, what’s the point. So without a good
subject line, the content of the email doesn’t matter. Two things get people to open cold emails. The first is quality of leads. Right, if you email people
that you’re 90 to 100% sure need what you
offer, you can email them whatever you want and the chance of response is still gonna be pretty good. The other thing is relevance
of the subject line, which we’re gonna talk about today. So I’m gonna go over four strategies I use to write email subject lines ranked by how much you know about your subject. So these subjects get between 80 to 100% open rates when they go out. And let’s do this. So four email subject
lines that get opened. The first is called the referral or the fake referral subject line. The best email to send has the name of somebody they know, the target knows in the subject line itself. So something like “hey Mark, found you through Damien”, right. “Hey name, found you
through mutual connection”. You can get referrals by
asking your current clients for them. Here’s an intro that I got recently from a client of ours. Let’s say you want to use a referral for outreach but you have
no clients in common. That’s a more common tactic right. Because if you’re asking your clients for referrals, that could
be a whole video on itself. Let’s jump into if you don’t have any clients that will refer you. So here’s how you fake
a referral subject line for yourself. So Google around for an interview somebody on the team has done. For instance here’s a
company called Dom & Tom. So I search Dom & Tom podcast interview, if you look down here, In
the Know with Tom Schwab, the CEO of Dom & Tom
has done an interview. So what you can do is Google, find an interview they’ve done, and then say something like, “Hey Tom, Found you through
the Schwab podcast”. That is how you fake a referral if you don’t know somebody. Let’s say you don’t know them and you can’t find any interviews. Well the next thing you can try is the second thing which is congrats on the news item style. So for this one Google around for news about the company you can use
as the subject of your email. And then subject line looks like, “Hey Tom, congrats on the funding round”, or “Hey Tom, congrats on the new hire”. Remember the goal here is to get them to open the message. So make sure the first
line of your email also references the item to give context. If the subject line says
congrats on the funding round and then you immediately jump into the pitch for your QA service, it’s not gonna work and
they’re gonna delete the email. You want to make sure that the first line also references the funding round and there are a bunch of videos online. Just Google my name and you’ll find them all about how to write that first line. So what if they don’t have any
recent news on the internet? Well, you can do number three which is generic but
customized subject lines. So send a subject like this
if you’re doing mass mailing. Because it’s very easy
to send out in bulk. This is, “Hey Mark, about
Tyson and InspireBeats”. Hey Name, About Company
and your company name. The goal with this subject line is to get it customized without taking too much work on your end as a sender. Just please make sure you check the lead quality in the Excel
file you’re mail merging or outsource to someone
with high quality leads like InspireBeats because you don’t want to be the guy who sends emails like this. “Hey Max, About Inspirebeats,
LLC and Our Company”. I get these all the time where it’s like the company name is all caps or it’s still got the legal thing
stuck to the end of it or even the first name’s
got weird typos in it. Don’t be that guy. Check your Excel files before
you do a mail merge like this. If you’re going to put in the work, generic but customized is the best for sending at scale. So if you’re gonna use any of these four this is the one to use if you’re sending like a thousand emails or 500 emails. Let’s go over the last
option though just in case. Assuming you’re too
lazy to customize at all and you want to do the
thing that I never recommend which is blasting an email out to a bunch of different people. So you’re in luck, I do
have something for you. This is the fully generic, number four, it said three but it’s actually four. So the general rule
here is the more generic the lower the open rate,
of the subject line. So I just wanted to brief you with that. These still work, but expect them not to work as well. I’m about to show you two subject lines. Also the body content of your email better be super custom when using a line like this. Here it is, “Hi from Alex”. This is the first one. I use this one a lot to
book coffee meetings. It’s generic enough to get opened, generic enough to also
get them interested enough to click it, which is very important. So the second one, another one
that works surprisingly well is no subject. Not having a subject line
at all on your emails. It’s very misleading though so I would only use that one if you have no options left in the email. So to recap, four email
subject lines that get opened. One is the referral or the fake referral. The second one is
congrats on the news item. The third is the generic but customized. This one’s the best for mass mailing. And then number four is the fully generic no subject or the Hi from Alex approach. So any questions feel
free to reach out to me, [email protected], subscribe to this YouTube channel and if you need more leads there’s sales support for your B to B company. Check out InspireBeats.com. All right, talk to you later.


  1. You can always use question in particular subject for example "What is the future of E-commerce in UK". You can find this questions on http://answerthepublic.com/ or keywoord.io. Next you can put this questions in Keyword Planner and see what is the volume in search because you don't want to use question that your potential prospects are not looking for in Google.

  2. Hey <Alex> and <Thanks again !> 🙂

    I don't know if it's the right place to ask you this but as I know that you're using Streak for Gmail I was wondering :

    When you want to send a lot of emails and use the <Name> & <Company> tip, do first list all your prospects in an spreadsheets and then import or do you use add them as contacts so streak can read those infos ?

    Thanks !

  3. Great videos as usual Alex…question..so when doing a cold email sequence what would the subject lines be for each email? It would seem that what you choose for the first will force you into a specific set of followup emails. (ie if email #1 is "congrats on the news item" what would email #2 be?)

  4. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for the info. I'm using these cold email tactics to get interviews for a job in the advertising industry.

    I took some notes on the video and wanted to share with everyone if they wanted to skim through the key points quickly:


  5. Thanks Alex, your videos have always been helpful. God bless.

    FYI – No Subject has proven most successful for me.

  6. Good advice. I got myself a list from within aFB group. I know what they are interested in and I know the demographic. I am hoping for at least 3-5 are interested in my products.

  7. Really good information here man! I am currently just starting to promote my video so business and will be using email marketing to gather leads. I basically spend my time ranking niche related terms for local businesses. I have called several and emailed a couple so far. Keep up the good work. One more good vid and I will probably subscribe! 😊

  8. Thanks for infos, my question is : does gmail or gsuite accept cold emails because many providers don't accept non permission emails ?

  9. Hey
    Thanks for such an informative post . I have increased my clients 🙂 and thanks for your video .
    I have made a ppt on “ how to get clients by cold email ) here is the link “ https://www.slideshare.net/RohitKadian7/how-to-find-clients-by-cold-email “
    Hope you will check that 😃 and give me your reviews about it

  10. Great video…thanks! I cold call and mail. Should I email the list that I mail to? And if so have you done a video on how to do this? Thank you,

  11. The subject heading that worked with me (that I got was), "WordPress Design & Development?" I am a web designer, and it sounded interesting, but humble. It was probably surprising because the question mark made it feel like an offer, not over-hyped. Sure, it sounds boring, but it worked for me because we are in a world of hype. He then went on to matter-of-factly describe what he had to offer in impressive (but not over-impressive) terms, and ended with "Let me know if we might be a fit. Thanks, …." I DID respond to him.

  12. Great videos, Alex! How do you respond to a prospect that says “we don’t have requirements at the moment”?

  13. Hi Alex, thanks for the great value you put out, i just have two questions, 1 how did you find the churn of clients in the cold email space when you were supplying this service for them, how long on average did people stay? and second was just interested if you could give a rough idea of how that 4 mil is broken down?

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