4 Easy Ways To Grow Your Social Media Following Quickly

4 Easy Ways To Grow Your Social Media Following Quickly


  1. my is instagramm now .. it used to be facbook… I do daily insta contant and now twice in the week YT videos… I did back than every day education videos but felt burned out after a year …

  2. Thanks for the tips, i do have a strategy and a plan, i believe i have quality videos, it could be better tho and i do have consistent content. It's a slow process to get subscribers. But i'm not going to give up just yet. I have a goal of reaching 1,000 genuine subscribers before 2019 ends, its a stretch but i'm speaking it into existence and doing the necessary work.

  3. I wanted to thank you guys for your content! Its really helped me out and motivated me to start my own channel, finally lol. So thank you! Much appreciated!

  4. This video helped me put things into perspective! A lot of valuable info here, sometimes you just gotta press the record button and do your best!

    If anybody wants to watch my videos, I do storytimes, they’re pretty funny in my option

    Thanks Sean!!

  5. I’ve been watching your channel gives me the motivation I need to get my channel 🎥 back up again.
    Thank you so much for all your awesome advice !

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  7. How to make a tutorial in financial management very entertaining? I want to teach artists how to manage personal finance. Fellow Youtubers here I’d love to hear from you!

  8. QUESTION OF THE DAY ⚡ What is number one social media platform you are focusing on right now? How offend do you post? **** 🎯 Learn my 3-steps for RANKING VIDEOS on YouTube in this video 👉 https://youtu.be/_6U-4L4apoY

  9. stick to a 1 platform is very important. i was good in instagram early days then i switch between fb and youtube and I missed the good time had with instagram now I can not get that much likes in there as it was.

  10. I'm trying and it's hard in the beginning ty this video was very helpful with information I can try to increase my subscribers I'm so new #bakealegandletsdigit go check me out please

  11. My fav social media platform is YouTube and Instagram. I post 3 to 4 short comedy videos on Instagram weekly and 3 videos a month on YouTube where I make a comedy sketch between me and my cartoon character acting with me in real world 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Sean, I love your stuff, I subscribed a while ago! However I was hoping to hear some things about tiktok based on the thumbnail and I don’t recall seeing anything on it. (I felt clickbaited) Lol. Can you do a video in the future on it? I’m starting to use it to grow my channel and would appreciate your input.

  13. Hi Sean

    I seem to be a jack of all trades but a master of none
    I feel I could create a vlog on what I’ve learned on YouTube that benefited me that may benefit others
    Letting them know if this old geezer can do it so can they
    Not sure if that is worth looking at
    Any feelings on this type of thing

  14. i post every once a week.. im trying to level up my skills on editing, being confident on camera and build my YTC.. thanks sean and think media for always helping us reach our dreams!!

  15. Great job on giving us a foundation to create great content to help with our Channels. I like the Stack tip. 👍🏽.

  16. love the ending. punch fear in the face and press the god damn record button, this is what I think about every time I get scared or nervous to film myself

  17. I don't believe it. Sorry. You make very good videos and I've learned a lot from your videos but unless you know the right people, you don't make it in YouTube. Especially now that they have changed so much in what you are allowed to upload. Great video though and I'm happy that you could make it big.

  18. I have a question regarding the consistency. If my goal is to talk about nerd stuff (a broad variety of topics), what is the best way to approach it? Because I would have to post videos about multiple topics that might not be entirely related, except being stuff that might interest to nerds, such as myself. And with that, I'm talking about games, books, comic books, anime, movies, etc.

  19. I'm going to have so much knowledge by the time I finish reading and watching videos about growing my channel. I hope I can implement them well and will update how it goes for me. Thank you for your help!

  20. Great video Sean! I agree with the keeping within your niche and not uploading 2 different videos (biceps and Minecraft were both used as examples) that are not a part of your niche.

    I upload mostly on Youtube because it is fun for me and it is something I am passionate about! I post daily vlogs with pop culture references! There is valauable messages, and entertainment in them! I'm almost at the 4 month mark of uploading videos on a consistent basis! (started August 17, 2019)

  21. Sean's tips have been to helpful to grow my channel and to help ranking videos. The competition has been difficult but I want to continue creating content because I love doing it. The road to 1k subs has been long but I believe consistency is key to keep growing!

  22. Once or twice a week I post original content. What’s the strategy for utilizing three popular niches in one channel

  23. Wow! My first videos were terrible year 2009 or so… ,My new channel is transforming slowly into a better channel ! Thanks to following Think Medias Advice! Thanks Think Media!

  24. Love your information and presentation. Sean, how do I get my over fifty crowd to subscribe to YouTube???? I’m on Facebook and instagram with links. Would love to hear your thoughts. For your encouragement.

  25. Plz pick me and plz give me a camera I’m trying to start a YouTube channel.But can’t without a camera and m50 plz that’s all I want plz.

  26. The only website that really worked for me and gives away instagram followers is SMM EMPIRE, find it on google – Take my word for it, But for real I tried other websites as well but in reality none of them work like SMM EMPIRE lmao


  28. YouTube and Twitch are my primary platforms (YouTube for uploads, Twitch for streams), with Twitter being my secondary support platform.

    For a long time I tried to push content out to Facebook and Instagram as well and I'd get so burnt out. These three pillars are going great for me now!

  29. Sean you are you such a huge help to content creators! I don’t know where my channel would be today without learning from your channel. Thank you 🙏🏻

  30. I use my iPhone 7 and I even edit everything on it and it is just so much fun! 😁 I post 1x a week a recipe video and every second week a vlog style food related video. Hope to increase on all one day! But I want to build up the habit slowly. ☺️

  31. My main social media platform is YouTube, and I have been usually posting videos once per week. I am also getting into doing live video.

  32. thanks Sean, I've been watching your tutorials for some time now and it helps me stay on track and stay motivated, cheers!

  33. My main platform is YouTube.
    What I think I'm hearing from this and other videos is keep creating content, be consistent, create value and somewhere around 100 videos the quality will increase and your tribe will find you.

  34. Great video Shawn! I so wish I lived even remotely close to Las Vegas so that I could meet up with you guys and all of those entrepreneurs. Hopefully someday I'll make it out that way from out here in the east coast. Awesome reminders, especially the one about strategy. I know I have formulated some sort of strategy but I need to have dedicated time to actually holding that in and making sure it's on point. My brother and I each started a channel around the same time And we've definitely noticed some awesome growth with his channel because of the networking events he's gone too. That's something I haven't taken into consideration or focused on but it's something I'm working on incorporating into my strategy as well. Reaching out into the community of the niche that you're in is so key.

  35. Thank you. My YouTube channel is basically about personal development. I speak on topics that help us strive to be the best version of ourselves. I love singing too. But like you rightly said branding is very important

  36. Good afternoon, Sean! Thanks for the reminder that "Content is king"… Setting goals for high production values are wonderful, but "content is king"… Period!… ✨😎✨

  37. I had two niche subjects that I wanted to do on youtube. Watching your videos to learn what to do. So, I started a second channel. My main channel wich is this channel and my keto vlog channel so I can address different niche ideas on two separate channels. I am still growing( slowly) but still growing.

  38. These guys at Think Media have really helped us with our page! They are awesome!! We are constantly improving and we’re able to get started and a little ahead by following a lot of the tips and tricks!

  39. Think media my sister got to meet you in California. She told me about your Channel you have some excellent points to help channels to grow. We do and share farming show people how things are done on a farm and where your food comes from. And everyday life. I enjoyed this video have a great weekend

  40. Hi, Sean! I'm thinking of downloading your book, YouTube Secrets, but it seems you're giving out so much free advice on your channel (thank you!!). Can you tell me what's in your book that you don't cover in your channel? Thanks so much for all your excellent advice!

  41. One of your best vidio. Thank you. I felt into the trap and bought stuff. Have of it I do not know how to use it. My Nikon d5300 I spend a lot of $$ still do not know how to make videos. I'll take your advice and will just move forward using my new Note 10+ do vidios in the raw. COPPA is scary. Please let us know more about that. Thanks

  42. Thank you Think Media! Your information and tips really helps me a lot in starting my channel and in creating & editing my videos. Thank you so much! For now I'm just editing using my phone but Im doing my best to create a quality content and I'm happy with the progress. Thank you! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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