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email marketing can and should be the lifeblood of your business if you don’t have a list or if you’re not sending emails to your list you’re gonna suffer in this video I’m going to talk about four tips that’ll help you to increase that engagement with your emails and help you see those open rates increase exponentially up to fifty and sixty percent so if you guys hang tight after this video we’ll jump right in and explain how we do it [Music] [Music] welcome back guys this is better Kel passive automation on this channel we talk about all things affiliate marketing passive income email marketing how to use automated systems to help increase your efficiency and have more time to do to love so what we’re going to do real quick I’m going to talk about four tips but before we do that if you do me a favor of subscribing to this channel and NFL notification you’ll be able to see every time I post a video and then you can watch it and comment and interact and I love to respond to every comment I would appreciate you guys following along also if you’d hit that like button if you find this valuable it’ll let YouTube and myself know that that’s this is the type of content you want to see but let’s jump right in the first thing I do with your email list again for those who might not be familiar if you don’t have a list then you don’t have a business and so as soon as you can you want to start collecting emails you can do that through using different software’s like click funnels click funnels will you can offer people a free free product or free ebook or a free video in exchange for their email I want to provide something of value for them in exchange for their email as you have their email you can continue to market to them tell them more about you do educate them give them some more information so you want to always be nurturing and increasing your list so one thing that’s really important as well to increase your email open rates when you do send an email is a kind of curation of that list so one thing I’ll do I’ll show you right here this is mail or light I use four or five different email automation systems mailer that is one of them they have this one feature if I click subscribers and then clean up an act it’ll show you those who have been on your list for more than six months and didn’t open any email as you said okay now the reason I want to clean up Mayan actives and I’m actually going to delete them from my list is the bigger your Chris your list grows as you send out emails if you’re sending out a thousand emails and a hundred people open them that’s only 10% and so the chances of your email hiding like spam increase as your open rate goes down so you always going to make sure you’re cleaning up those who don’t actually open your emails and so I’m just gonna hit unsubscribe right now are you sure you want to have to unsubscribe nine and active so I’m hit unsubscribe I’m so now they’re off my list it’ll take a minute and page needs to refresh but that’s really important I have over 13,000 people on my email list I’ve had a times probably over 25 but I keep deleting and cleaning up that list just to make sure that my open rates will will be good now the next thing I do what I’ll do on my web server website it’s called call to share and I have articles that are more specific to a religious genre what I’ll do is I will see which articles I’m posting that are doing well organically and so like I’ll post it on Facebook right and then I can see the engagement here in the right-hand side and if I see an article that has higher engagement what I’ll make sure to do is that I will have that article be the headline of my email newsletter campaign so as an example here are some of my campaigns so it says breaking news president Nelson says more temples coming shortly and church membership will go viral in Brazil okay so the reason I picked that title is because I saw organically on face and through lots of comments and shares that that was doing very well and so the first thing I did was I made sure that that was the title of my newsletter just knowing that that had already it’s kind of like good essentially attest that I already run so that’s one thing really important you know there’s there’s other I scroll through here sorry it’s kind of slow like this one actually there’s this talked about someone who passed away and you know that had five times the engagement as some of these other ones and so just monitor your your social engagement as you see that things are resonating with people online like through Facebook or through a Twitter post or Instagram I also another thing I do as well as I monitor other websites Facebook page pages and see kind of what stuff is being shared well on their page and I know that that’s going to interest my readers as well cuz I have the same if you have the same you know target market one thing that’s really important to you is making sure that everything is optimized for mobile meaning you want to test out how things are mewed that you’ve got a limited space right with your subject let me even leave pop in here real quick see Creegan so what I’m talking about you got your subject right here but then you have this this is today I can show you what I mean this is going to be your subject and this little piece right here will be this preview text and so I make sure that the subject and the preview text are kind of engaging especially on mobile there’s a lot of my opens are mobile so let’s go back here real quick I want to show something but what I do this last email set what I did well maybe this kind of number the things that were talking about that’s it I get fortunate ones keeping this clean okay second you want to see which articles are doing well organically so if you have a blog or if you have just just posts see which ones are doing organic do I like doing well organically and send those out as your kind of main piece of content three you want to make sure that you have those articles that are doing well those be the headline so that research is really important because you know what already is attracting people and so you use that as a headline going forward it’ll get their attention and the other thing you do is you can run split tests with different article have lines you can at Merrick mail or light I think in most email newsletters you can have a function to do a split test and see which is engaging better and you can pick the headband that performs better the fourth thing that I do is i rescind my newsletter up to four times and you can probably even do it more right so as an example I sent this email out six days ago you know more temples coming in shortly and then I sent it out it says six days ago here but it actually was recent the following day and you can see that there’s twenty three percent who opened it so it was originally sent to thirteen thousand five hundred people thirty percent open it the next day it was sent to the ten thousand people who hadn’t opened it and twenty three hundred more people open it so twenty three percent of those people opened it and I didn’t stop there what I actually did is two days later from the original send I sent a brand-new campaign but what I did is I just changed the subject header and then I sent it back out and then another eight percent open it in a recent began and and another 10 people 10 percent open it okay so if you look at the stats here I basically pulled these stats of the opens so the first send 4,000 people second one 2331 682 fourth one 824 so a total of seven thousand nine hundred people open the email and my list size is thirteen thousand four hundred three so 58% of the people open it okay now one thing people are concerned about is like one they’re kind of afraid to email the list sometimes thinking people will well people are going to unsubscribe and it’s like well who cares okay because what’s the point of having an email list of people if you don’t email them okay the other thing that are free to do is send an email multiple times because he’ll think I have within no time I’m just after Melissa I feel too spammy well I’m gonna show you the stats so this is the fourth email exists the fourth one 824 it is okay so this is the fourth email that I’ve sent so for someone who never opened the first one or second or third one on the fourth email I had a total of three unsubscribes and to spam complaints okay so that’s point zero four percent of people so of the 7756 emails only five people were like yeah it’s too many emails you’re sending me okay so as far you know the facts in this case show me that people are finally receiving more emails they just won’t read it if it’s bothering them okay so guys I hope that those four tips were helpful leave a comment below maybe tell me a tip that you guys use to help increase your open rates on your emails I’d be really interested in knowing but I think that these four are very helpful again it’s recap one I clean up my list make sure that my better stats going forward that’ll help ease up you know IP ease and all the technical stuff from the background like Google and all these you know provisos the they’ll see then people are hoping that opening them and there’s value see which of your content is doing well organically and then use that research in your headlines and making sure you’re focusing on the ones that have already done well and then the fourth thing we do is of course resend recent resend and resend you can keep resetting I’d say until you get tired of resending right you manipulate the headline change a couple things but people are gonna you know listen to your your stats if you do see people are you know 10% of one to inscribe well then you know you’re doing too much but based on my stats I could have done another reset and that I don’t think people would have minded this is been our Kelly pass of automation comm if you do me this is the favor of subscribing and liking this video that would mean a lot to me and we will catch you guys on the next video thanks

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