4 Simple Ways to Crush B2B Marketing

4 Simple Ways to Crush B2B Marketing

– All right, so in this
clip we are going to talk about four ways to crush B2B marketing for this year and beyond. But before we do, if you enjoy clips around marketing business,
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because, well, you want to grow, and we also wanna grow too, right? So, we do a lot of B2B
marketing on the agency site with our software as well and even this podcast, kind of B2B too. So, what do we do around B2B marketing? If you are doing a, let’s say you have a B2B SaaS product or even, any product online at
all, so do a free trial, and instead of doing a 30 day free trial or instead of doing the 21 day free trial or a 14 day free trial,
do a seven day free trial. There’s a guy out there that
works, his name’s Tom Tunguz, and he was on my podcast
a couple years ago, and he’s really good,
he’s a venture capitalist but he’s also really good
with statistics, right? So he surveyed about 600 B2B companies and he pulled up a bunch of numbers, and it doesn’t matter
if you’re doing 30 days, 21 days, 14 days, even seven days, the conversion rate is the same,
so shorten your free trial. So first do a free trial, and then shorten the
length of your free trials. Second thing is when it comes to when you wanna crush B2B marketing, think about product-led growth, so I just talked about the free trial, but is there any way you can do freemium? So freemium, if you look at HubSpot, they are completely free now. So if you wanna unlock
all their other features in their CRM, if you wanna unlock sales, you wanna unlock marketing, it’s all, there’s a little lock button next to it, and you have to pay for those features but freemium is a very
powerful marketing strategy because what you’re doing
is you’re risking a lot and you know that, maybe if
you get 100 freemium users, maybe only five if you’re lucky will end up paying for your product, so it’s a big gamble
that you have to take but you look at Neil has paid
$250,000 for Ubersuggest, and his payroll for Ubersuggest right now is pretty expensive, I
think it’s five figures or even six figures a month right now, but it’s a completely free tool, and then what he’s doing
now is he’s building so much goodwill people,
it’s getting a lot of links, it’s getting a lot of usage from it from people all around the world. And, if you think about HubSpot, if you look at what Neil
did, freemium is a way to go. Number three, if you
wanna crush B2B marketing, you have to go omni channel. Right now, too many people are
relying on paid advertising, they’re saying, “Oh, let’s
just rely on Facebook, “let’s just rely on Google Ads.” But you cannot just rely
on that as a channel, you have to combine it
with other channels, you have to combine it
with maybe freemium, you have a freemium product,
maybe you combine it with the content marketing
that you’re doing, with the email marketing
that you’re doing. So everything is, you’re
making it one omni channel type of approach, instead of just saying, “Oh, we’re gonna rely on
paid ads, because again, the CAC to LTV ratio, the
cost of acquiring the customer versus the lifetime value of a customer, that’s evening out right now
because the ad platforms, namely Facebook and Google,
the duopoly right there, they’re getting more and
more expensive for you. Number four is think about what you can do with your customer data. So we like using customer
data platform like Hull.io, and Hull.io lets us identify
all the different IP addresses that are visiting our website,
and if they look good, and if they fit our ideal client profile, maybe their Alexa scores under 100,000, maybe their revenues are
estimated over $50 million a year, maybe they’re fit for us and we’ll dump them into an automatic, a company’s marketing
sequence in outreach. So there’s a lot of
things we can do there, but taking advantage of
the data that you have, I think that’s gonna become
more and more of a trend, as we go on to, well, as
we go on with this year and then the next year as well. So there’s four ways
to crush B2B marketing, there’s a lot more that we can talk about, I actually wanna add more things in this, but we’re just gonna keep
it at four for today. Let us know in the comments
what you think we’re missing. Let us know if you agree or disagree, and also let us know what you plan to use from these four strategies that we’re talking about right now. And don’t forget to
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  1. we use the free trial strategy and the freemium as well. We give 30 days trial but require submission with a valid email after 15 days, as users can download the product giving false emails. When you download the product you start with PRO plan. hope i helped 🙂

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