4 Tips to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

4 Tips to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

ooh who’s excited for today’s video?!
Hello friends it is Allison from Wonderlass.com and welcome back to my
colourful little corner of the Internet today I’m going to be sharing four quick
tips to help you maximize your marketing efforts so that you can make a bigger
impact and get more paying customers oh yeah it’s gonna be exciting! but first
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them! (unless of course you DO want to miss them … in which case that makes me
feel SAD.) Now let’s dive right on into the four quick tips to help you maximize
your marketing efforts tip number one used your customers stories and
testimonials as the core of your marketing if I were trying to get
someone to sign up for my course the five day profit plan which do you think
would be more effective me: telling someone how awesome it is oh my god you
have got to sign up for my course it is just so good it’s seriously amazing it’s
gonna change your life you have just gotta sign up for my awesome course or
me sharing the results oriented or raving testimonials of an actual student
April says since the training I had my first 10,000 dollar month this past
month I’ve also revisited the business class I made to the first quarter and
successfully accomplished my first goal I’m sorry I’ll to see the progress I
made in only three short months it’s also made me not chase down all the
shiny objects that compete for my attention for sure see the difference
your marketing becomes more effective when you learn to let the
stories and results from your actual customers do the marketing for you you
should include screenshots of social proof written testimonials video case
studies on all of the things like your sales pages emails and pretty much
wherever you are talking about the thing that you’re trying to get people to take
action on the more that you can leave all of your marketing efforts with real
stories and testimonials from actual customers that easier and more effective
your marketing is going to be it let’s face it it’s a lot easier to share the
testimonial of someone talking about how awesome your thing is rather than just
just sitting there and talking about how awesome your bigness and this doesn’t
just apply to your paid offerings you should be using your customer stories
and testimonials for your three offerings as well for example if you go
to the registration page for my free training on how to master your email
marketing you’re gonna see screenshots of social proof and real testimonials
from actual people who have gone through the training that got sweet results with
it they’re sprinkled all over the registration page do you think that
those make the people who visit the page away more likely to sign up I’m gonna go
with yes tip number two to awaken by quickie drink Burak tip number two to
maximize your marketing efforts is to know exactly who you’re marketing to and
what specific problem your offer solves now if you’ve watched a lot of my videos
are taking any of my trainings I’m probably gonna sound like
broken record here but it’s worth repeating the more specific that you can
get about who your offer is for and what it will do for them the better get
really specific just when you think you’ve done specific enough to get more
specific the more focused your marketing is the more effective it will be take it
with me out loud the more focused my marketing is the more effective it will
be because you know what makes for some real sucky marketing means they yeah I
mean I’ve got this product it’s pretty much for everyone you know big
businesses small businesses online businesses record this EXCI businesses
and it kind of goes into like a lot of stuff so you’re just dying to buy that
thing I’m talking about aren’t you Brian to appeal to everyone equals appealing
to no one and if you’re not super clear about communicating the specific problem
that you’re offering salt well then people probably aren’t going to see a
very good reason for buying it and remember in order for people to want
to buy something from you you’re offering needs to solve a specific need
or a specific problem because people don’t like buying products and services
specifically for the purpose of buying products and services so get really
clear on who your offer is for and what specific problem or need your offer
solves and communicate that she’s clearly moving on tip number three for
maximizing your marketing efforts is to automate it this will help you be
consistent and persistent you don’t want to just market your theme once and then
forget about it remember most people need to see
the three or four or more times before they actually buy it you need to be
marketing your shoes consistently and automating it makes that process way
more easy and also helps to preserve your sanity you need to find ways to
streamline and automate the marketing that you do on your various marketing
platforms for example automating your email marketing by creating things like
sequences and sales funnels inside of your email marketing provider scheduling
your social media posts ahead of time was something like smarter q which is
what I use a loves they are awesome and no this is not a sponsored video I
really just love using them or automating Facebook Ads
to run for you on autopilot or using a software like board booster to automate
your Pinterest marketing so the bottom line is that if you want to have
consistent and persistent marketing then you need to streamline and automate it
on as many platforms as you can and are we ready for tip number four boom and
tip number four to help you maximize your marketing efforts is to know what
metrics to track question how do you know what’s really working and what’s
not working if you don’t look at your metrics you won’t
at least not really and when you don’t know what’s working and what’s not
working then how the Sam Hill are you gonna know what needs fixing and what to
actually scale again you won’t and if you’re horrified by the mention of
tricks or numbers trust me I get it I am NOT a numbers person at all but I do
know that ultimately business is a numbers game and if I don’t know things
like my metrics then I’m never going to be able to optimize things like my
marketing efforts and I’m gonna be essentially driving my business line and
that my friend is very dangerous so you need to know and measure the most
important metrics for each of your chosen marketing platforms bottom line
just got to do it embrace the metrics speaking of numbers
if you would like to learn about the three magic numbers that I focus on in
my own business that are responsible for quite literally 95% of my results and be
sure to sign up for my brand spanking new and free masterclass which I will
link to in the description below it’s a masterclass where I talk about
the three key changes and I’ve made in my business that allow me to go from
four hundred and sixty eight dollars to eight thousand five hundred and twenty
four dollars a month and Beyond ie the changes that took my business from
stagnant – super growth so if your online
business growth and revenue is feeling a bit stagnant or perhaps non-existent
then I invite you to register for that free masterclass I will pop the link for
registering in the description below and come hang out with me more I don’t know
what I don’t even know it just happened and there you have it for quick tips to
help you maximize your marketing efforts so that you can make a bigger impact and
get more pain customers got any questions about these tips then leave me
a comment below or just say hi or just share with me what you had for lunch or
just share a photo of your pet you know whatever I mean I’d like to share photos
of my cat mr. Perry all the time so all right well this is another awkward
ending for video I just cannot do I just get it just mmm okay I’m just gonna like
yeah in the video I like just down the side okay the camera can’t see


  1. Hey friends I hope you find this video helpful! 😊 🦄 Got any questions about marketing your online business? Let me know in the comments! 👍🏻 Do YOU like marketing? Why or why not? (Also I apologize for the loud AC that's running in the background of this video, I'm getting a new one HOPEFULLY this week! 😬🙈 )

  2. Wheee, I love marketing! It's something I discovered through my business, I hardly knew anything about it before. Once I really dove into it I suddenly understood why companies have social media managers who work fulltime, haha!

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