46 Hour Fast 54 hrs to go! | Fan Mail! | Weight Loss Journey 2020

46 Hour Fast 54 hrs to go! | Fan Mail! | Weight Loss Journey 2020

hi it’s mieka fasting weight loss and I
am currently 40-something hours 46 hour fast OMAD Caroline fasting
challenge I’m doing a 100 hour fast with the community there’s forty three
forty two other people fasting with her and let’s see we’re doing like 2600
fasting hour or something like that okay I have another unboxing and oh my gosh I
really am grateful even though it doesn’t seem like I’m grateful because I
have my open this box since I got it it’s been a very long
time um another unboxing let’s see first I’m gonna tell you what I did yesterday
I did no food I am having my one blood pressure pill my blood pressure was good
at the gym yesterday um and I’m having these vitamins I really want bone broth
but I’m not doing it and I am dirty fasting for 100 hours with very slight
light working out okay so I did probably a forty minute walk I did 20 minutes in
the sauna and 20 minutes on the track in 20 minutes twenty to thirty minutes on
the treadmill I walked while Nicki speaks ran she is
training for a 5k okay so that’s it for yesterday tonight at midnight is the
last time you could submit your final pictures for this inci challenge we did
in November and everyone should I already put in in the November
accountability pulse which was yesterday or the day before um the one that says
check in 28 29 30 everyone should already checked in there and I’m going
to be giving out prizes and the next day or two okay car woman so now we’re gonna
see what I thought I dunno it’s something to cook with and this is
also for my mother and I really apologize for not opening this yet and
I’m moving soon it would have been kind of fun to open it when I move okay
cuisine most right clad conical triply stainless Wow nice I wonder okay okay
this is what I got an eight piece set I’m wondering surround dishwasher safe
cool grip handles heat surround technology professional results
stainless triple-ply construction yes I really really needed this because I need
to be cooking more yes honey oh yes
I needed this this is some quality oh this is some quality cookware right here
man I really needed this I really appreciate it
I never saw a part with measuring in it look at that 20 cups 16 cups 12 cups 8
cups 4 cups that’s cool this is some heavy swell this is some
heavy this is so heavy nice ok I’ll not be cooking you guys triple-ply stainless thank you so much
for this I’m gonna be cooking Oh I’m not sure my weight again I’m gonna
do that one Thursday I’m gonna share my weight and I didn’t cheat and that’s it
how did you do and please like subscribe and I will see you tomorrow God willing


  1. My mom spoils me even though I am grown. I hope to do the same when my kids are grown. I also hope to make it big so I can spoil her with trips to the beach and to see Lebron James (she is his number one fan lol) play up close.

  2. I am feeling so good so far on my 100 hour fast. Just staying busy. Did strength training today. Felt a lil weak. Think it's from the classes I took over the weekend. Still sore. My HIIT was strong so I don't think it's the fast.

  3. Go Mieka!! Yay I love unboxing!! I could never keep a closed box for more than a minute! That's dedication!!

  4. Your mom is awesome!! Can I call her mom? Lol!! Give her my address !! Lol. Awesome cook away!! Good luck on the fast friend!!

  5. Hi Mieka! Great work on the fast. I’m approaching 72hrs fasted just 3 hrs to go. Might go another day. Great unboxing. Awesome cookware set. Namaste

  6. This is a big challenge! I appreciate your determination 😀 Superb thumbnail. Enjoy your day dear sis have a big fun )))

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