$46,000 in Clickfunnels Affiliate Commissions In 2 Months With FREE TRAFFIC

$46,000 in Clickfunnels Affiliate Commissions In 2 Months With FREE TRAFFIC

oh my god I’m so nervous oh shit relax
hey hey what’s up how are you Doug good are you doing I’m just kidding I’m not
nervous that was a joke hey everybody we are alive if you came on here earlier
and thought we were live sorry the thought went out early we are live now
if you’re watching the replay let us know that you came to watch the replay
hashtag replay if you are one of the people on time like Timothy or here for
the party say hi Reese is here see people put this
in their calendar to come yeah hey Doug thanks for being here guys so we’re gonna get started in a bit Doug
have you been doing many interviews oh my coming three yeah three interviews
so far oh well that’s good so not many people know your story yeah not really I
mean yeah it’s kind of cool to be jump on these things especially near East I
was super pumped up because I’ve been watching you you’ve been doing for class
at least a year or so now so yeah and so also not I mean people ask you questions
about the success that you’ve got in the past couple months in your group let’s
say or like on Facebook I’m sure they like DM you all the time and you can’t
reply to everyone so this is our opportunity guys it’s hard to keep up
with the message I’m sure you are where same problems I try my best
yeah well for sure well this is you know I everyone watching I’m on your side I
bring people on here so I can grill the other person on the camera so I’ll be
nice to you Doug but we’re gonna find out some answers here yes I’m good it
was cute Vanessa I was sending these like the emails and the bots up saying
like we’re investigating today and she did a little like
a little investigator emoji or whatever so everyone saying hey you got your fans
here Risa’s we’re two of her favorite people yeah you can see the chat right I
see we have 36 people already um in the first two minutes you guys so this is
gonna be got crystals here she made it on time hey everyone hey Stacia so I was
thinking what we’ll do is let Doug tell us his story because this is a very good
story so I wanted to share it here on the livestream and then we can go into
more tech things and like exact strategies on how we can also make for
affiliate Commission’s with zero paid traffic or even make your first
affiliate Commission with zero paid traffic
so Doug yeah you said you’ve been like watching things really good everybody
okay yeah so you’ve been watching you’re watching things for a while
yeah and then would you just one day decide to stop watching start doing yeah
absolutely so I mean this goes back like my whole journey really start with the
internet marketing back in college so I went to college for film working in
finance I was stubborn at 18 and decided to go like one most expensive schools on
my list and didn’t get much help from students from grants and all that such
of ls2 of moans and there’s a five year program I got through four and a half
years and then what happened was my last term I couldn’t get any more loans to go
back to fish my last term and I couldn’t find another cosigner excited too much
math stuff to moans and never graduated so I’ll end up coming back home to
Connecticut and I just knew that with the moment that I had so I took out
fifty six thousand dollars in student loans but what happened was after I left
school you know you get that phone call six months later and they said well
you’ll $114,000 and like I had no clue like what I’m like that doesn’t make
sense doesn’t add up like I thought should be 6000 but I found I had $50,000
and accrued interest from Dave one-up signing this notes because I didn’t know
that they were speeding on subsidized loans and no subsidized loans so I never
read that find cramp so for me I felt like man I’m never gonna get this thing
taken care of working a regular job like no matter what I mean 650 dollars 650 a
month and interest only is what they had been paying for over a year too so like
I spent on us yeah unbelievable so for me it was like I need to find something
else and I heard about this online marketing thing and people make it a ton
of money in network marketing so I kind of got pulled in that direction in the
beginning in the early stages of my internet marketing journey and do you
know I know if you have any experience in that book made whether we made money
or not I’m pretty sure well you know what we learned like it’s like we’ve
failed forward and every time I joined a new business I learned something new
whether it was like online marketing or offline marketing or just people skills
and customer services really cool to learn but you know I went through that
whole journey shiny object syndrome like 27 their business opportunities in nine
years and I had some success here and there and the last company was in 2015
and I had built up a huge team I was making like $7,000 a month personally
and then all of a the company fell apart CEO left his home we went with him my
team laughs and I just I quit I’m like I’m done with this stuff and when
working full-time in sales and then I always had multiple jobs cuz my student
loans so I was always working restaurants and the weekends and you
know I had four jobs at one point and then I saw an ad for clickfunnels one
day and that was back in 20 late early I must say 2015 I was on the early bird
list I signed up right away but I did eventually do a trial and turn it to a
you know are nice of Nakhimov offered I did for a few months and I said I’m not
really utilizing this and I stopped that I come ready for that because nominee so
I pretty much stopped and then revisit it back in October 2016 so I’m not
great nucleophiles I’ve been using it consistently since 2016 October 2016 was
my first start and haven’t missed a payment since and I dabbled hard like I
created you know a website for myself and now I do could you funnel taxes him
you won’t have any payments yeah yeah that’s it
well I just recently upgraded finally took me long enough but yeah it’s
totally worth it too but um yes so like I started building the website for
myself and then I had people asking okay you do website stuff I’m like yeah it
kind of not really and led into a restaurant client and I help them build
out website and then I built their email marketing list and do some email
marketing for them so I was doing that part-time I started taking on part-time
clients as I was working full-time and you know I like the agency style but
it’s a lot of work a lot of work you know you guys if anyone in here I’m
curious we got 65 people on your lives I kind of want to know like if everyone
watching what do you do or if you affiliate marketers are you funnel
builders are you agency owners are you course creators are you guys in
e-commerce are you guys just starting let us know in the comments what because
they’re so you even teach this Doug five ways to monetize saw your designs creep
nice you’ve done few services physical products info products course webinar
creation and actually marketing but I mean now I know some let’s go together
yeah so we have trying to do affiliate marketing just starting affiliate
marketer and social media consultant just good coach and starting affiliate
marketing funnel builder and affiliate marketing someone else just starting
what do you think for so so you were injured we’re doing agency stuff for
clients yeah and then what you sign your clients and up under your affiliate link
exactly so yeah so that was like I’m gonna get a hundred affiliates by
setting up businesses because guess what you build their website
email lists with the phones they’re never gonna leave that’s my it was why I
think we need to clients and some of them were even like so she didn’t want
their own click on zakat yeah it’s the slow way get signed up in and you kind
of cracked the code for the faster way and organic exactly yeah we got Jeffrey
cab well he said and then he saw a clickfunnels ad I love it yeah it was
one those ads were there’s two people in octagon rink and one group lady was on a
laptop no guy was a developer and they had to go out faceoff she’d roll out a
landing page in like ten minutes yeah barely starting his header as an
old-school click on that nice nice well we got too many people in here saying
affiliate marketing agencies watching courses and you you can do it all the
help to focus so like explain take us through the story of going from like one
affiliate under you were just like a few under you to scaling upwards yeah
absolutely so you know back in September timeframe I was working at a restaurant
still full time just got promoted to a manager and almost anyone here you’re
watching the server if you’re in the restaurant light it could be like a
restaurant hashtag restaurant life and comments I’m curious because or service
industry in general business tough business is tough and there’s a lot of
hours and I was already doing this part-time and I’m like know what like
I’m do this part-time for clients I could totally leave this job right now
and with the clients I have sustained and cover my bills so I did that and I
gave two months notice I told them I give them plain notice and I did
November 30th was my last day at my job and when I left I took my agency
full-time and I was just chasing clients it was hard work like I didn’t realize I
had all this clients head that they were gonna all I got these bills coming I got
these contracts oh and kind of just I fell on my feet and I was chasing
content don’t want the correct content I was chasing paychecks and just in the
hold client chase thing and it was not and I already have my ticket for fucking
live and I’m like I’m not have enough for me to get to fall out in life so I
actually took my my girlfriend she spotted me $22,000 to get down there and
like cover my hotel and all of that so it was just like real humble and it was
tough and I knew I had to make a change and I’ve been seeing her when I was
successful Facebook groups and I’m like telling myself the whole story
why do I need a Facebook group like there’s some other people are you doing
that and you know like what can I teach what could I do and think it’s hard for
us to tell ourselves that were good at something but like I realized like I
have a lot of skills like I’ve been building out not only in funnels but
like home page style websites for local alliance and build them an email list
doing email marketing lead generation so like I could probably teach a little bit
that so I started my Facebook group in December and I didn’t actually open the
group until I’m sorry January 9th I had 118 people waiting to get in the
group Wow so I wouldn’t I didn’t wanna live for the first time I was like so
scared to be on camera yeah I don’t know for you guys it was
tough for me like it was hard for me to open up and get on camera but I finally
did it I said you know what i’ma let them all in
and I have to go live now make did it so kind of just all started working this
way out and once I started the facebook group it really took off pretty quickly
and that really helped guys so I I have some groups some free groups like you
can a free group to get up paid groups up some paid groups to and sometimes
I’ll be like more into them or like the free group and growing it and moving
people over to the paint group and sometimes not or like I just won’t be on
social media for a while and I’ll come back on soca that’s kind of what
happened I like caught back on social media and everyone was talking about
like dogs doing this time doing that Doug has a funnel I modeled my funnel
for Doug’s funnel on my foot I kind of seen I’m nasty before and even
that funnel hacking we were talking about it a little bit so I joined in
Doug this group and I saw wow like no wonder there’s a bunch of people joining
there it active there’s like engagement people
are asking questions and sharing things and you’re encouraging conversations and
and engaging with people is do you like is it can just be like pay me start a
Facebook group and then you’re gonna get a bunch of commissions no can you break
it down the business I’ll tell you what happened like I remember I first started
clickfunnels it’s easy for us to have been doing it a
long time but honestly like they’re still they’re not here
yeah learning curve absolutely and um even the people that are more educated
clickfunnels they miss those small steps than beginning that people don’t know
what a domain or URL is like there’s people out there that are coming into
this game they literally don’t even know what these things are
so I’m like you know when I finally learn all this stuff I’m gonna create a
free resource that’s going to help people with clickfunnels and you know
once I got comfortable with that and I was starting to group I’m like I need to
create something that would give people a reason to want to join my group so I
created my free course called sales funnel mastery and it starts in the real
basics of what is a sales funnel and it walks them through intermediate advanced
tutorials of click funnels and I know this is probably something most people
charge for I like it most and give away for free cuz there’s so much to teach
you know there’s so much so I built out the free course and as a lead magnet to
join the core of the group I said paid join my group and get a free
course to click funnels so I figured you know find out in the audience who needs
click funnels find out their problem or their pain in this case it was just
learning curve and increased something that they would really want a people to
pay for and just get it done for free and that was the whole thing and I
opened it up and I’m welcome post I say hey guys welcome to the group and here’s
a free course if you start here and then that’s how I they enter my world so I
know with my group when I started groups like when you first start a group it
takes a lot of work to get it going but after you get it going it kind of starts
growing on its own people will just start seeing it and suggest it and start
joining it in the beginning how did you initially get traffic because this is
what it’s all about I mean you guys can pick offers offers whatever funnels get
funnels it’s like traffic how do you get traffic initially to the group yeah
absolutely so we all know Facebook profile
which was a really hard decision with me no no no okay I’ll explain it so you
know we all have our covered photo if you look at my last cover photo before
the wind is now it’s all my family so all my family like photos and cover
photo and I decided like I need to have an offer on my billboards free real
estate on Facebook so I created my billboard my cover photo and said join
my facebook group here’s the five things you’re going to learn and then here’s a
free course you’re in get click here to join so you know basically people to
come and click on my name and they would see that and then click on there and
they get my link to join my group and then I just got super active and TOD
different communities not just click for most communities I’m talking like
debt-free communities so I’m a big part of those groups to document my journey
of getting out of debt which people always curious about because they’re
like how’s this kid paying off is to most that quickly and then a site also
learns just you know work from home groups these are groups that people
don’t even know what clickfunnels is so it’s really nice to get people
that don’t know electrolysis involved in our world because everyone needs to make
a site also I’m really needs sidekick these days so you guys did the title of
this I change it a couple times minutes how Doug earned over 46 K in
clickfunnels affiliate commissions in less than 0 months in less than 2 months
with no paid traffic it’s not with no work no you built out this whole
beautiful course with great training in it and funnels for it manager group and
actively go into other groups and are active in them so it still does take
time and does take work and you do this all yourself Novi A’s ya know so I just
hired my first employee about two weeks ago is my younger brother he’s in
college for marketing so I thought what better way to get him involved and
marketing learn real marketing not just like you know your SWOT analysis never
so he works for me Monday Wednesday Fridays from 1 to 5 so it’s really cool
to have him next to me nice super cool um ok so is this something that others
can do can they model what you did like what are they gonna need to do first
absolutely so at one point you have to stop learning and just start
implementing and start taking action and I know it’s overwhelming when you’re
looking at the big picture of what you want to accomplish if you just break it
down and work backwards and figure out what you need to do each month and then
each week and each day and you just make sure you have those teeny tests done it
just tastes over well away and when you get overwhelmed again just go look at
what you need to do like right now for this hour and just focus like get super
regimented like look at your routine and just work harder than ever because it’s
so worth it once you get here it’s like true freedom it’s amazing it really is
yeah so do you think that a free course is the best type of lead magnet cuz I’ve
had different lead might have tunnels lead back it’s uh so I’ve done like the
free course I’ve done not a free course just like free pdf free whatever
training you like the the free Academy style yeah so I thought about blueprints
and PDFs and I just see them everywhere so it’s like what can I do just to
one-up I guess you know I mean what could I do that’s gonna get a little bit
more value I think when people watch you on camera when they see what you’re
doing wait teach I think that’s gonna resonate with the people that are going
to be your target audience because they are see the way
not everyone oh like my style you know everybody probably does but I think that
you’re in tractors private they could watch when your videos like the first
day or two getting to know you enjoying your group they’re gonna be more likely
to stick around I know Spencer’s big on that to you
sends an emails with video because they’re more likely to understand who he
is what would you say to the people that they’re like well I don’t I can’t make a
clickfunnels course I don’t know about click funnels and all that kind of stuff
like what kinds of things can they make videos about in league magnets about
this is the thing like I have a few questions I always ask people and they
should ask themselves is like what do you do professionally what are your
hobbies what have you done in the past professionally even it’s not something
you do anymore maybe you used to do maybe what are some
struggles you’ve gone through in your life that you could teach others and you
know help them through that because you’ve been through it yourself and look
that’s the local Antonio fifty bridge story and getting those messages out
there because people that have gone through
you’ve gone through they’re gonna resonate with your messaging and no
matter how good you are they’re gonna like you and they’re going to trust you
and they’re gonna learn from you so you know the whole expert secrets is like
you should be a little bit ahead of your students the key player teaching so like
if you don’t wanna see yourself an expert
you still know a lot more than others so you know learn and then implement learn
and implement and you don’t build up this massive course do that you could go
out there if you’re a real estate agent go create a real estate template that
you could use the elites for your business prove that it works test it
till it works and then go share that template free with other real estate
agents and then you’re going to bring you go home you get one hundred people
that are real estate agents into clickfunnels
by doing that method one hundred percent and that could be for any niche any
mission I’ve been saying forever I want I do that I mean I do it for affiliate
marketing niche but there’s a lot of types of businesses you guys can find
templates that are already created just changing them up a bit get traffic in
the way Doug’s master getting traffic is Facebook and Facebook groups and I think
– because you like focused on it and it’s not like well let me also I mean do
you do any other traffic methods not right now so primarily just a Facebook
group like if you think about every day I probably get like I’m slow day twenty
people join my group and then base your days like I’ll have you know two sixty
people and when I have people that enjoy my group I ask them questions I say do
you use clickfunnels yes or no we won their most about click funnels because I
that’s what I teach I wanna teach learn then the third is what’s your email
address so I could send you my free course so I’m getting at least like five
to ten people not finding to me at least five a day though seeing that they don’t
have click funnels so what do I do I reach out to those people and I start
conversations and say well we are up to any experience online and like we not
sure that that relationship to the point of hey whenever you’re raised do click
funnels I’m your guy I’ll help you out and here’s without acting for my
affiliates and I really try to help my fist because it’s a win-win-win-win for
cliff funnels it’s a win for them because they’re gonna learn it and stick
around longer of course that’s good for me too so
yeah someone asked earlier if you automated this process and it’s not
everything you can be automated but at least that things can be systematized
yeah and and you can an outsource I mean just depending on what it is yeah the
guy you’ve used um James Hearst email slurper to add people’s my grouping they
add to my email responder automatically but still kind of manual because you
still have to go through and like I don’t approve everyone that joins my
group if they’re not feeling other questions they’re not getting in if they
don’t have a profile picture they just look like they’re in like over 100
groups honest and like I went through in Sami groups I was in I’m like men I look
like one of those shady cats but I went through and removed myself from humbled
participating with network marketing stuff and I’m only 38 groups now so like
I picked the ones I really like I tried actually engage in those groups so what
I also really like that you did I mean cuz I just think it’s so cool
is after you guys start making a whatever amount of money with affiliate
marketing and teaching people for free that’s when you can start charging to
teach people so what you know we were talking about a little earlier but like
you have your free course and then you got people into a beta program what went
along with that yes so I just knew there was a lot more I wanted to teach you
click funnels and you know it basically made six additional modules and one
module there are the five ways plus the traffic module so the five ways are
design the whole module of design learning an agency in starting agency
and scaling it remember three is creating a course for is an e-commerce
five is affiliate marketing and six of the traffic module so I was going to
build out this whole course and then launch it and then someone I just hired
as my coach he was like no you have to and everyone says this you have to go
out and launch it now today and create being a program and then building up
with that so you get feedback and that’s what we’re doing so we just started last
week and by the end of mail have that entire course created and I’m going to
launch it officially with a affiliate program so I’m excited
for that I’m gonna share you guys in the comments
Doug’s free course this is not an affiliate link um you guys can check out
Doug streakers there’s a link to your Facebook group within the free course
right so they can just join from there so I’m gonna put that in here we’re not
done though I want to make sure everyone’s questions get answered Shelly
said I should start from the top but what did you use as a lead magnet in the
beginning did you have anything before the course
oh my templates I use templates because I these are templates I built up for my
clients for the last year so I had like three different types of restaurant
templates I had let’s see I had a dentist funnel I had a contractor funnel
and actually I don’t even talked about yet we challenge templates that’s how I
did the 46k in two months someone’s always challenged you explain
how that one works yeah so you know I can do one for my Tom’s first launched
we even know it was a challenge he thought was a book right and I think
yeah for the leaderboard on that and I sold 10 copies of the book south of
those pretty cool is it my first thousand dollars I’ve earned mine I was
like well in a long time so that was cool and I found out there was a
challenge involved so I created a template and then people that sign up to
the one public challenge with me I gave them that template that they could go
use take a bridge page right yeah with my bonuses on it yeah but your bonuses
is like your course were they able to give out your course as their bonus all
right you can share the course they could share the group so there’s a
private group died he actually recaps 30 days every night I would go live
recapping one for my challenge cuz it’s hard it was Steven Lee he’s
amazing but he it’s hard you got a thousand people in that life so they can
always get their interests to their questions so I said you not only make a
private group if you buy locally challenged with me I’m also gonna recap
these three-hour training sometimes no I work for from Julian whatever else could
take two three hours of trainings I said I’m gonna recap all their trainings and
in 30 minutes and then give you guys Q&A every night so that was a cool bonus I
thought yes so I was and then I told them if they my little goal was get them
profitable so I said if you spend hundred dollars right now you get one
for my challenge from me I’m gonna give you all my templates my course and my
group access to anyone you sign up so you can leverage my bonuses to go and
get people to sign up and I had a few people make the first thousand dollars
on mine doing that so that was really exciting meeting felt good to help
others make that money so so cool and you know if you guys go do go through
one funnel away you learn more about like stacking offer stack and like
adding value into your offers I’m ensuring your story because if Doug
wasn’t vulnerable about being like in debt and then getting these massive
results people wouldn’t really care or think like oh I could do that too I mean
that’s something I even need to work on people might look at my numbers and be
like well Rachel can do it however I can’t do it it’s like I only started
this year and a half go off though I mean but if you were just making tech
trainings all the time here’s how to move things around and click funnels and
create this and this and this like you wouldn’t have attracted it’s much of an
audience that actually likes you I sent green I think it’s like people it’s like
reality watch reality TV you like to watch people’s journeys like
if you’re thinking like I don’t have success I can’t create a Facebook group
then I would tell you you’re wrong because I think you haven’t read the
document and it you’re no way right now you’re at rock bottom zero or negative
like I was negative my bank account at one point before I went to fly like that
was a real thing and I never said you know Here I am all is the success and
it’s a car like I don’t have any bad like I documented told people truth and
where I was at and I think people are more curious to watch you grow and watch
that journey so I would say you like go document your journeys right now if you
guys don’t know what to talk about go saying watch me may hit a goal watching
you hit the dream card and under 65 days from now and watch what happens go
create group and Larry just do that document every day
on what you’re doing and you’ll see the crowd starting to comment more success
you have they’re going to go back and watch for you were you know 30 days go
60 days ago 90 days ago and they’re gonna watch that whole journey I think
that comes like a part of their getting lives that they love watching that and
learning from you from from your journey and you guys don’t always have to host
like look I made $50 today I made $30 Commission with who like I made this
money and it could be like hey guys look I made a new Facebook group Wow guys
look I got 10 people in my Facebook group or my email list is growing my
youtube views are growing who show other stats and analytics as part of the
growth no I’m sorry yeah it’s kind of cool to like teach people like how
you’re learning the hard way to on some things you know I mean like I’ve gone
through a few growing pains already and I’m letting them know like don’t do this
this is the wrong way to do it I’m friendly
now help them kind of cheat by learning how I messed up and like not make those
mistakes some people are asking do you find it a challenge convincing people to
pay for clickfunnels yeah I mean it’s just crazy to me
because I was one of those people but when you stop looking that as a cost and
you start looking at it as an investment your whole mindset changes like its
honestly $97 a month to create any pages and have the flexibility that it
provides it’s just unreal oh and you know maybe you’re saying people 57 clean
to start I think you’re setting people for failure in that way like I have
conversations with them find out what they know where they’re at if they don’t
have an email list yes start them off with $97 a month give them some kind of
software acting campaign and help them start building that email list and as it
grows you know your email list you grow your income they’re going to naturally
progress to that 297 plan and maybe even funnel their secrets and they’re gonna
upgrade through you and you get that nice Commission on tumbler seekers
package so Meghan says since I’m first starting and learning and I have no
group can I just use my ofE OFA link my cover photo I mean I think possibly
challenges a great thing to promote but right now it’s it’s probably getting
harder for people in click phones cuz everyone’s already done it there’s a lot
of competitive bonuses out there against you but I would go target business
owners or hospitals that aren’t in clintus communities like toons other
groups I mentioned and again everybody needs a side hustle and there’s no
better way to learn marketing right now you want all the way challenge like you
don’t you don’t go through the challenge and implement every single day you just
said that take notes and absorb the information of the kid immune I mean
it’s this that’s amazing like the whole thing about telling your stories and
your messaging and you know what all four stack it is like it really teaches
you how to create offers and that is the most powerful thing in marketing percent
I bought both a for $100 start implementing what I learned and then
made a bunch more of a sales Terrence’s can you explain best way to
do a bridge page for example promoting ofa challenge how is it like how is it
best to give them your bonus deliver the bonuses you think I guess maybe people
need to see your bridge page I mean I’ve seen it it’s a page and then the button
is links to your affiliate link yeah so you tell me your bonuses are and then
you tell them other and get your bonuses by signing up on the next page when you
click the button they’re gonna go to that next page and then we do to check
your dashboard I check mine probably yeah more than good and you run your
reports and then those people that are on that list I just send my bonuses to
be email so it’s a PDF that just has all my share templates and link to the group
to join the group nice but what I do is why have my VA is dude this is not even
of your brother do this but when people buy things through me I say email me
letting me know you bought it and then they go cross check and then we either
just sent it to them or we put everything in a membership area and then
unlock it smart but it but I don’t I can’t be doing it all the time and you
can’t be doing all the time either when you’re first starting you gotta do it
yourself then you throw you can have a VA to it and you know
your brother he’s a college student in America creating an English speakers
like into marketing so yeah and you can start doing these things in the
beginning but I’m sure he’ll be doing more advanced how soon and then you can
get some work cheaper to do the unlocking stuff delivering bonuses he’s
growing interest to cover it now not everybody come you gotta get interest
economy really he said yeah and then it’s flings now I see everyone like
jumping on Pinterest it’s really cool um Derek said he had about twenty percent
open rate on his emails which is actually pretty good
Manjula have a checkout funnel builder secrets offer yeah it’s like a three
thousand dollar offer twelve hundred dollar Commission they pitch it at the
end of ofa also so you could get people into ofa and then they pitch it and
Allah said Rachel’s bonuses are epic well the thing is if you I could list my
bonuses and say okay you get these three things but instead I stack and put more
check marks five check marks under each three things and a value $97 value I
need something $97 until it adds up to like three
thousand dollars belly yeah do you offer more bonuses that they do the system for
the twelve month versus the six months I have bonus yeah you got to update things
yeah and you guys might be thinking well gosh do I have to make all these courses
and stuff but it just starts happening like you can create it and then start
adding more trainings into your different bonuses more templates into
your bonuses like I like how you have your traffic program and then your
agency program and like you’re gonna just start filling it in as you fill it
in and you keep raising the price as it gets more filled yeah Charles asked
something good how to structure his profile in group to look attractive to
others do you have any tips on that yeah I would go look at ten people ten
fifteen people with attractive cover photos and ask yourself why do you like
that cover photo double copy them but model them take one thing you like from
each of them and take that and build your own attract
look if you’re not good at design skill then just hire somebody from Fiverr you
could get done by 20 to 30 dollars that would make it really nice-looking cover
photo I think that you should be in it because
it’s nice when people see you I think that’s really cool
and you should have a clear hook which is your headline and what they’re gonna
learn or what they’re going to get for joining your group and then have a clear
call-to-action like click here to join I have that link easily accessible in the
description of your cover photo and your featured photo use both of those spaces
yep you guys take your take go take a look at text profile go take a look at
my my it’s freaking perfect like I mean there’s a few things to update but if
you’re just like get serious about wow I know my target market is here on
Facebook like I’m ready to rebrand yourself and like reinvent yourself with
Facebook you can go delete all your high school friends you can go delete all
your college friends you can do that if you’re scared that they’re gonna make
fun of you you can do that someone said where do you get your VA s
usually up work actually had like part-time das and now I’m just only
working full-time so I have a few referrals if you guys want to be a you
can DM me I can make an intro healer saying Oh a phase great on magic
question people sign up for clickfunnels after joining ofa does it does it go
under you so if they’ve never clicked on another link I believe yeah so you guys
click dug though a failing pro up a with him but then you sign up for a free
trial under my link then I technically would be getting the credit but these
get met mixed up anyways and those people try to sign it for my stuff and
it went to someone else and they don’t really they’re not easily switching over
commissions now for ofa you have to like refund and sign up with a new email
that’s why you know it’s in order to give bonuses you cross check and verify
that their their Commission came in um Angelica would you recommend Pilar
courses to build out your free academies and click follows
oh honey field I’m not a big fan of PLR I just feel like maybe the beginning I
just think if you’re branding yourself you should be the face
do you have white label courses people can use can people use your course as
like their lead magazine no yeah so my hopefully is to make it affiliate
program so then they can share their affiliate link with recourse and then
when people national upgrade they’ll make that Commission yeah that’s what I
did but then I took away my free course for a while because I feel like it was I
go back and forth and that’s the thing you guys might go back and forth you
just think one direction another direction there’s one funnel this other
funnel that’s the fun of it is that it’s not always the same
Risa’s what’s PLR it’s private label rights it’s like courses and ebooks that
are already written that you could say you’re the author but if it’s videos
it’s like obvious you didn’t make those videos yeah um
Reese so you create a billboard on your personal page and send them to your
group yeah you’re your cover photo in Reese we can look at yours tomorrow
on our call um yeah people are saying private label rights this thing is too
it’s like okay what lead magneto you can give out written stuff like ebooks cheat
sheets all that or videos or downloads and templates or email swipes but
training is teaching people to I like both actually doing a mix of templates
and downloads and swipes yeah I’m trainings people like to pay
for things or get things that are organized like you could go through
I mean cliff falls what they did for the marketing secrets like they just took
all his best podcasts and combine them into one area when was one of their lead
magnets like what a cool idea to compile things I mean you can really learn
almost everything free online these days but people because it’s all organized
and structured in the way this is to learn masses are you running any paid
traffic at all right now who me yeah he’s praying no nope in
traffic planning too so I don’t know like I think after my affiliate programs
like up and running and I’m doing pretty well with that I’m hoping that maybe I
could run an ad for webinars I’m gonna be the webinar Kourtney Tim that could
be the route but I’ve known you guys so capito as like I
try them like last year I spent $3,000 and just it’s so horrible I think it’s
just I did well for my clients from doing local ads like 10-mile radius
I miss when I start trying to sell marketers marketing stuff I just flopped
I could not retargeting maybe just retargeting at since now you have so
much traffic you can like my page yeah Oh Matt that’s a great question which I
ask myself every day let’s say click miles decides to stop their affiliate
program tomorrow how would you adapt what’s your game plan for long long term
being thin I’d be hurting honestly I would just utilize my group and start
doing big master classes there’s a lot of knowledge that people are looking for
and I think by launching a master class for $97 and I think but you saw a
hundred people on a master class from a set of daughters who just made yourself
about 10 grand and there’s a lot of different topics you could teach you
know that you might know about online marketing me not just about cliff
funnels yeah I think we’d have to adapt and you know maybe maybe promote another
affiliate program dependence 40 percent tier 1 percent here – yeah hey I like
this question – if you had to do things Eric says you have to do things over
again from the beginning knowing what you know now where and what would you
start focusing on to make money ASAP please I would just start published and
make that Facebook group start publishing even if you don’t have
anything to teach again just go out there document your journey because I
feel like everyone says like Steven Larson’s biggest thing was start
publishing you know again my dad for this publisher to start publishing
absolutely that’s why I started doing interviews again I select him all the
time and I wouldn’t make money from it every time because I would pitch the end
of my stream and I was like so comfortable and I just like took a break
because I was like making money I could work on like other stuff but then Steven
Larson’s like yelling like boom I like play that over and over again
and I’m like crap I gotta get back into this like organic traffic stuff I mean
we have so many people in his life right now and today and we’re gonna get that
over thousand views on this so I was like well I’m still kind of like nervous
to go live myself let me get back into being the reporter the interviewer and
bringing other people on and interviewing them and let me not even do
it in my group I’m gonna do this on my main page I’ll share it into my group to
build up my group again and then if I want to keep it exclusive to my group I
can do that but um this an interview each other and like work your way up and
build your audience up every time I do one of these live streams increase and
everything all around um Matt asked if you do any other affiliate programs at
the moment um the only other one I do besides click phone stays active
campaign because I obviously love you but just starting out with cliff falls
for the first time I start off on the 97 plan and they still need a lot of
responder and I love active campaign actually I just bought fun brother
secrets I’m still using active campaign I haven’t migrated yet I just love that
the campaign so I’m a fan of the product and my only issue I use myself once you
offer your free value on how to use click funnels do then offer them
coaching or a paid course on the back end yeah yes I’m working on that I’m
gonna come and do one-on-one coaching one-on-one coaching so a lot of time
commitment and I just wanna trap summer so I’m hoping to automate my core sales
and do mini a week and live for the people that buy the course and just do
cute and then you can also grow your embark you can buy yearly access or live
taxes or monthly access and then a build em are are you stripe yeah um okay you
know we’re going out for the 45 minutes if you guys have like questions later
we’re watching the reap it replay later and you can comment on here and I’m sure
Doug can come back and yeah anything else we should let the people know I’m
gonna share the link to your free course again hearing you guys could see how he
built it out and divided sections and the one-click will the upsell like to
unlock even though it’s not available yet but you’ll see like strategy behind
it there’s a week no sweets they can sign up to the
waitlist yeah anything else that we want to let the people know yes so share a
six step process yeah cool sure my screen quickly or is
that I’m nervous okay share it but I’m like oh no what if it
like disappears and oh it didn’t disappear I love it because it just
makes so much sense like if you guys are really wanting to get to 100 affiliates
of clickfunnels go find an audience who needs clickfunnels create a template of
course a challenge challenges are high right now people love a challenge
you bet it’s a 5 or 7 big challenge you don’t go crazy give them small wins
every day let them have joy and enjoy what you’re teaching and just feel the
way for free to make it’s so good to be paid for it I can’t wait for free creep
that Facebook career we use that as your beat magnets get at the 2 in the
Facebook group all right then make them an offer they can’t refuse
maybe um create a webinar and put it in your pin post and then every welcome
posts drive traffic to that webinar and you’ll see amazing results and then just
go find and engage with your target audience no matter what it is and it’s
not just click calling users that you you know I think there’s so many people
out there small businesses salespeople companies
that need click funnels and I mean 19,000 users right now that’s I bet you
this company grows 2 million users I guarantee it yeah so go out there to
follow this that’s the six step process and you will see massive results so
that’s and I guess the last part is just don’t get overwhelmed guys I know so
easy I get overwhelmed just like when you serve my start think about my whole
thing that I’m doing right now I’m like oh crap but when I just get back to that
Dean cast but these things I need to do today it just it makes me feel a lot
better so I would just say that just focus on those work backwards tell
yourself what you do this month this week and today and just focus on that
and you will get those results long-term one more thing I’m like do you like
ended it so beautifully I’m like no how could last speech know um
but it feels so good to like actually make the money and get the Commission’s
well I think what feels even better is helping people so you said Doug learn
and then implement learn and then do I think like learn and then do and then
teach because what’s even more rewarding is helping other people and that will
push you to keep going that’s what separates you from the affiliates at
like high cuz you’re actually changing lives
– like notches your own life but other people’s life yeah
thanks everyone for watching and go get Doug’s free courses in the comments join
his group a lot of action happening in there and we will see you guys thank you
so pre she ate this


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