5 Proven Ways To Get More Leads And Grow Your Email List Faster – #19

5 Proven Ways To Get More Leads And Grow Your Email List Faster  – #19

In this episode,
you will discover 5 Proven Ways To Get More Leads
and Grow Your Email List Faster. Welcome, Freedom Hero
to The 47 Marketing Show! My name is Istvan Bujdoso
and let’s get started. The first item on our list
is a prime example of the “less is more” cliché. It’s a proven fact when we see
and get some NEW information, our brain automatically starts
making assumptions based on previous knowledge
and experiences in our life. And, this is what happens
when visitors look at your landing page as well. They get NEW, partial information
about you and your services and their brain starts assuming
things right away. And, it’s so easy to think
that the best solution to this problem would be giving them more
and clear information so they would assume less. Unfortunately, our brain works
in a twisted way. Getting more NEW information
in a short period of time leads us to either confusion
or falsely assuming that we know everything. And when that happens
to your visitors, they most likely leave
without giving you any chance to follow up with them
and they may never come back. The PROVEN solution
to this problem is giving little information
on your landing page and making your visitors
soooo curious that they give you their email address
to find out more. This way you’ll have
UNLIMITED opportunities to follow up with them
and enough time to tell them how you can help them
to get results and build clarity in their mind
instead of false assumptions. Are you following this so far? The 2nd proven way
to get more leads and build your email list faster
is using a MAGIC word on your landing page
in an outstanding way. That magic word is FREE. We all love getting things for free
especially when it’s valuable for us. When your landing page visitors
can see that they going to get something valuable for free, they will more likely to opt-in
and turn into leads. You can increase that even more
by giving away something that they can’t Google
and find publicly easily. Does this make sense? Just a quick note
before we move on, the word FREE is a magic word
but if you use it too many times on your landing page,
it will have the opposite effect, it will drive people away. So, use “free” word wisely. Let’s move on to the 3rd proven way
to get more leads. Have you ever seen those little
pop-up messages on websites that somebody not long ago
bought something on that website? Or that a certain amount of people are looking at the same page
like you currently? Those little pop-up messages
are powerful and are called Live Social Proof. As human beings,
normally we are wired to look at what other people do
and seeing that others already did what we are about to do
encourages us to take action. This is why having Live Social Proof
on your landing page can give an amazing boost
to the amount of leads you get. On an ethical landing page, the Live Social Proof messages
show REAL numbers of REAL people. As you’re here, I’m guessing
you’re an ethical entrepreneur as well and you will use
this strategy ethically, right? The 4th way of getting more leads
and email subscribers faster is another form of social proof,
testimonials or reviews. Adding some of them
to your landing page can have an excellent boost,
excellent effect on turning more visitors into leads. Testimonials, just like
the Live Social Proof messages, encourages people
to opt-in to your email list especially when the reviews
are from similar people to the visitors on your landing page. OK. Are you ready
for the final item on our list that will get you more leads? It is simple and powerful
and builds onto the fact that when we see a LOT
of other people doing something, we get curious about that thing
and want to find out more. This strategy works well
when you have a lot of people who have already opted-in
on your landing page or you have a lot of people
who already used your service. Then, showing that number
on your landing page will get you more leads. One example, including it
into a sentence like this, “Join 5,759 people who are already
getting results with this free training.” Are you getting this? Just another quick note. If your numbers are low,
it will have the opposite effect on people and discourage them
so make sure you use this strategy when your numbers are higher
like hundreds, thousands or more. OK. before I wrap this episode,
let me quickly tell you a few things. In the description,
you can find links to 3 amazing tools that will help you
to get more leads and grow your email list faster. AND if you’d like to ignite your
automated lead generation in 15 days without any tech experience,
then visit 47funnelsecrets.com. You can find the link to that course
in the description as well. Thank you for staying
until the end of this episode! I really appreciate it! My name is Istvan Bujdoso. See you in the next episode.

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