5 (Quick) Tips for Higher Email Open Rates

5 (Quick) Tips for Higher Email Open Rates


  1. Which of these 5 (I mean, 6!) tips are you going to implement? Let me know! Also, what other videos would you like me to create for you like this? Happy to help!

  2. Pat, you’re back! Thank you for video I’m always looking for tips to get more people to open my emails. I too am terrified of resending to non-opens. I may have to try it.

  3. Awesome tips, Pat! I'm definitely going to put these to good use. The "re-send to unopened" tip was great just to hear that you approve of it. I always feel kind of weird doing that one, but you're right, it works! Glad I got a chance to meet you at Vidcon. See you at TravelCon next month! -Jim

  4. I'm looking to implement 5 & 6. I have failed to build a welcome sequence into my email subscription, and I know that's a lost opportunity to build a strong connection with my audience. Additionally, as a smaller brand, I do have the time to reach out to people and begin a conversation about what's troubling them most in the kitchen so that I can develop relevant content to serve them. Cheers, Pat!

  5. Love the video Pat! We just started the 72 hour challenge and we are already at 30 emails and we haven't spoke to everyone yet. Thanks for the support!

  6. Dropping value bombs left and right! And do I spy a Switchpod 😉

    Pat, one of the things I have noticed is that sometimes people think that I am sending the e-mail blast directly to them, even though they signed up for the e-mail list. A few times I've gotten responses to my e-mail list saying "How does this answer the question I e-mailed you about?".

    Obviously this tells me I need to do a better job at letting my audience know that:
    1. I can't always respond to e-mail replies but I do read them all and
    2. that the e-mail they just received is from the e-mail list.

    I've tried to address part 1, but I am still getting responses back asking why I am not answering their question in they they've e-mailed me. I may have to hire a VA to answer those e-mails and redirect them to my podcast voicemail 'speakpipe' or voicemail line to have the question answered on the podcast instead of e-mail.

    Luckily, e-mails on my list are opened 60% of the time, so I can't complain. There are now 600+ recipients on that list. How did I do this? I followed your guidance from your training courses and podcast. Hopefully with the 6 points in your video, I can increase that open rate even higher.

  7. Very nice tips and wonderful delivery. I am in process of implementing all 6. Wish me luck (or just come join my list 🙂 !

  8. Thank you for a helpful video. I had not even considered the first tip, but all of these are good. I have been very uncomfortable with email marketing in general for fear of being seen as spam even though I work hard on content. But with tips like this, I am growing more confident. Thank you again.

  9. Love all of these… I never thought of resending (of course not over-doing it)— thank you! I also love the idea of the time you mentioned… so great thank you!

  10. Going to resend an email to unopened with a new subject line around 7am before I head out the door to work. #quickWin

  11. I'm going to implement #6 – encouraging people to reply. My business involves language learning, so interacting and communicating is key, not just to my success as a business, but I want them to get into the habit of stepping outside their comfort zone in order to communicate!

  12. Write better emails. It's always tempting to write click bait or emails that are formulaic but when I'm more human I get a more human response. Thx for the reminder.

  13. Great tips Pat! Never thought about re-sending emails. Does anyone know if mailchimp has the resend to unopened option?

  14. I will definitely implement tip number 6. Asking for a reply in the first email you sent to me is the thing that made me stick around. Thanks, for the Great Video 📹.

  15. Hey, I was just on your site earlier today looking for some info. Thanks for this video Pat.

  16. Thanks Pat. I really like the blurred background (narrow depth of field – big aperture) and short length of your tutorial – nice, I might try this too.
    Ray from New Zealand

  17. For some reason I had never thought about the auto resend to subscribers who didn't open the original email. Definitely going to start with that!

  18. Asking to reply probably also increases the open rate of those who did reply, as it makes it more likely for gmail to deliver the email to the primary inbox.

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