5 Ridiculous Dating Sites

5 Ridiculous Dating Sites

There are plenty of fish in the sea,
and, it turns out, a lot of those fish are – on the Internet.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Way back in the day, finding love on the Internet was weird.
You know? – Sure, websites.
– Dating websites. It’s like,
“Ew, you found somebody on the internet?” – Mhm.
– and then it became normal, and now it is becoming weird again because
dating websites are becoming so – commedically specific.
– Huh! Like, the nitch of the nitch!
The neesh of the neesh! The neesh of the nitch! You mean like FarmersOnly,
which I have spent a lot of time on. – Really?
– Oh yeah. – Yes. Just to scratch the surface,
– Yep. I’ve found a love boat load of websites
where people meet other people,– You like that?
And I have devised a game for you so that you can decide:
Is this crazy sounding dating website a – truly real website,
– A truly real website? – or a fakely fake one that I made up?
– Okay. It’s time to play:
(singing) I Wanna Know What Love Is and I want these possibly fake dating
sites to show me. – Catchy.
– (singing) Yeah. – (not singing) Hm.
– I’m excited about this game. – Does it involve more singing from you?
– No. Thank goodness. – Good– ness.
– Alright. Listen. – There’s some big stakes here today.
– Where? – We’ve got–
– (inaudible) We’ve got a big announcement to make
at the end of this episode. – (laughs) That’s the dumbest joke of the day.
– Well, I said love boat load, so. – I just beat you.
– Eh. – Okay. Glad. Me glad.
– I almost said New York Strip. If you get five of these right,
you win the glorious position of being able to give the mythical beasts the
amazing announcement that we’re – gonna give at the end of this thing.
– Oh. If not, I get to give the announcement
and receive all the glory associated with – giving said big announcement.
– That’s quite a prize. Quite a prize. Alright. Real dating website or not?
Play along at home people. SinglesWithFoodAllergies.com.
>From their website it says: – Mhm.
– Celiac and sexy? Dairy-free and dynamic? – Oh.
– You’ve discovered a very useful website for singles with food allergies.
Join now! Now, this is the kind of thing that,
if it did not exist, it should. Right? – Because how many times–
– Right? – Yeah. Right!
– (crew laughing) Because how many times are you with
somebody and they’re like, – (funny voice) “Oh I can’t eat clams.”
– And you’re annoyed. (normal voice) And you’re like,
“Well why am I with you?” – (crew and Link laughs)
– Yeah. Yeah I really wanna eat clams more
than be with you. Right. Yeah, but if you could just take
that out of the equation, you know there’s gonna be some
annoying food allergy right there at the – beginning.
– Celiac and sexy? Dairy-free and dynamic? – Is it real or not?
– That’s bad copy, but I do believe that it is a real
website. – You’re right on both accounts.
– (ding sound) – (laughs) Hey!
– Bad copy and a real website. The official tag line is:
Nowhere else will you find so many divorced, never married,
or widowed individuals who’s lives are – affected by food allergies.
– Widowed? Yeah, they gotta work on their
copy. – Wow.
– (crew laughs) – See us for that.
– That’s good! You’re setting us up for the big
announcement. Next one. – BikerKiss.com.
– (Rhett and crew laughs) – Why are you laughing?
– Biker kiss? – Don’t laugh.
– Biker kiss? Whether you’re riding cross-country
or off-road on a chopper, a cruiser, or a vintage bike,
Biker Kiss is where you’ll find love. Now, again, I feel like a biker dating
website exists, but I don’t feel like it’s called
BikerKiss. Bikers wanna do more than just kiss,
man. – (crew laughs)
– They wanna wear leather vests. What? Well, yeah.
I’m glad you finished that sentence. – (Link and crew laugh)
– Is it real or not? (laughs) It’s not real, man.
That’s fake. – Nope, it’s real, dude.
– What?! – (buzzer sound)
– (crew laughs) Their official tag-line is:
Two wheels. Two hearts. One road. (Rhett) Oh gosh.
Now that is good copy. – Yeah, that’s pretty good.
– Yeah. If you could’ve told me that I would’ve
got it. – Two wheels. Two hearts. One road.
– You would’ve never come up with that. – (laughs)
– I mean, I think that’s actually a biker – come-on line.
– Two hearts. One wheel. What is it? – Two wheels. Two hearts. One–
– That’s a unicycle website. – (both laugh)
– Alright, – Does that exist?
– You did not get that one. Could you see yourself visiting
IDontBelieveInUs.com? – Oh gosh. What?
– Welcome to the premiere dating website for nihilists and the people who
love them. We believe in nothing,
but we do it together. – Hm.
– IDontBelieveInUs.com – Oh. That’s very clever.
– Nihilists. Very clever.
Nihilists are not clever. – Sure they are.
– They don’t believe in being clever. – That’s now how it works,
– They don’t believe in anything. – but they’re all typically pretty clever.
– Uhm. – (crew and Rhett laughs)
– Wow. I don’t believe in us. I feel like the process of creating a
dating website would be something so ante to their core values that it could
never happen. – So I’m going to say this is
– Nihilists don’t want to date? – not a real website.
– I don’t agree with your reasoning, but you stumbled upon the correct
answer. – (ding sound)
– Yay! – (clapping)
– It is fake, – and let’s just move right along.
– Okay, let’s do that. – I wouldn’t care about what (inaudible).
– Right. I don’t have to say anything. I made it up.
Vampersonals.com. – Can you guess what this one’s about?
– Can you repronounce that? – Vampersonals.com.
– Oh. I thought you said van-personals. – (Link and crew laughs)
– I was like, – Whether you want to meet others like you
– “Okay that probably exists.” for simple recreation or find
that special someone to shine within the dark for you.
Come check us out. We don’t bite too hard.
(evil laugh) – (crew laughs)
– It’s– – Vampires.
– It seems crazy, right? – Vampire dating site.
– The thing that I have learned– I’ve actually known about this.
There is a movement of people who consider themselves vampires
and they drink blood, but they’re not actually vampires.
Like the people with the teeth that have undergone some sort of,
you know, transformation. – They’re just weird folks.
– Oh. They’re not really vampires? Not really vampires.
Those are in Eastern Europe. So are you trying to say that this is
a real site for fake vampires? – Yeah.
– Or a fake site for real vampires? – This is a real site for fake vampires.
– Correct. – (ding sound)
– Hey! Whoop whoop! Look at that right there.
That’s a nice looking website. Vampersonals is one of the largest dating
sites where you can meet vampire, – (Link) goth, or both. In your dreams.
– (Rhett) And the goth’s in. – (Link) Enjoy the dark side of
– (Rhett) Keep it vampire. the unlife. Alright.
How many does he have so far? You got three right. Alright.
You’re setting up for success here. Repotted.com.
Repotted.com. Are you a divorcée with a green thumb?
Repotted.com is the world’s foremost dating site for divorced people with a passion
for gardening. – Love can sprout anew.
– I can think of so many better names for– – Oh sorry. For their website.
– We’re you just scared by your mug? – Yeah. A little bit.
– (crew laughs) Thought I saw a plant in there.
Repotted. Repotted? I mean– I mean, yeah.
You’re divorced. You’re into bonsai. That’s half true about me.
Did you hear about that? I have a bonsai now.
Not divorced. – I saw your Instagram.
– It really is a peaceful thing. It’s a very peaceful experience.
I could definitely see how you can fall in – love with somebody.
– Just give me the answer. I think plants and love really go
together. – I’m gonna say this is true.
– It’s false. I made it up. – (buzzer sound)
– I mean, if you think about it, people who garden just want to be by
themselves and be divorced. – They don’t wanna get back in.
– They just wanna be with a plant. Right. So you didn’t get it on that one.
What about TheUglyBugBall.com? Dating for the aesthetically average.
It’s like a nice way to say, – “I think I’m ugly, and I want–”
– Ugly bug ball? – (crew laughs)
– Ugly bug ball. – Is this someone they play with?
– (Link and crew laugh) It’s not like an app game website.
It’s a dating website. It’s not an actual ball though.
It’s like the ball. Cinderella’s going to the ball.
Where’s the bug part come in? – Maybe.
– I’m confused. – Dating for the aesthetically average.
– I definitely feel like a website like – this should exist.
– That makes you a jerk. No. No. I’m just saying that, like,–
No. I’m saying that this is the kind of thing that seems logical to exist.
Not like I’m judging it. – Okay. Okay.
– I’m just saying, – it seems logical
– Does that make it real? that people are like,
“I’m not interested in making myself look good and I’m not making you look good
as my partner. – Hm.
– Let’s get together. Let’s go to the ugly bug ball.”
True. – It is true.
– (ding sound) – Hey!
– There was a Disney movie in 1963 called Summer Magic.
They had a song about ugly bugs going – to a ball together and dance,
– A b-b-ball? and that’s where it comes from.
So yeah. – It’s real. Good work.
– Okay SuperCarDating.com is the site where
millionaire high-performance car owners find their fine-living companion,
i.e. a career-driven individual without a high performance car.
‘Cause you don’t need two. There’s somebody who has a super car
looking for somebody without a super car? Yeah who’s still career-driven.
SuperCarDating.com. – This is so specific.
– (crew laughing) – It has to be fake.
– Is that your answer? – Fake.
– Nope, it’s real, dude. – (buzzer sound)
– “Our aim is to make millionaire dating to social networking more efficient for
those that enjoy the super car lifestyle.” – Bad name.
– You both can’t have super cars? – I mean, I added that.
– Well you threw me off! Nope. I didn’t. That’s what they say.
If you have a super car and want to date someone who doesn’t have one.
That is what they said. Oh, okay.
So you can ride with other passengers. Alright, it all comes down to this, Rhett.
Whether you get to make the – big announcement or I get to make it.
– Okay. If you get this one right you get to make
the announcement. YouComeToMe.com.
We are the only dating website for agoraphobics and the people who love them.
If you’re looking to branch out without leaving your house,
this is the website for you. ‘Cause they ain’t gonna leave.
YouComeToMe.com. – (crew laughs)
– But someone has to leave. You leave. I stay here.
I’m agoraphobic. – But you love agoraphobic.
– Nope. Nope. – Agoraphobics and people who love them.
– You’re saying agoraphobic who – wants a relationship.
– Yep. – You come to me.
– Right. – (crew laughs)
– ‘Cause two agoraphobics. – That’ll never work.
– No. Well they could both stay inside
together. – Once the person–
– How are they gonna get together? They initially–
They go to YouComeToMe.com ’cause it’s a real website–
Not– I’m just kidding. And they come to you and then you
turn into an agoraphobic and – you both stay agoraphobic.
– So he makes his date agoraphobic? I’m making no sense,
but I’m gonna tell you right now. You made that up.
That’s fake. – I did make it up.
– (ding sound) – Hey!
– Alright. – Woo! Woo! Woo!
– But maybe that site needs to exist too, but congratulations, Rhett!
You get to barely, – by the skin of your teeth,
– Oh. and the hair on your back,
just won the right to give the mythical beasts the major announcement.
Let ’em have it! – Okay. I’m ready!
– Take the glory! I don’t know why I did that with my collar
but I just wanted to look more official. I am very happy and excited to announce
the launch of the all-new RhettAndLink.com! – What?!
– (Rhett) Designed using and powered by Squarespace!
(laughs) Go check out the website.
You know what? Okay. We’ve had a website for a while.
Actually had it before our YouTube channel,
but now we’ve got a website that, when somebody says,
“Who are Rhett and Link? Who are these guys?
Rhett and Fink? – Left and right?”
– “What is Rhett and Link?” You can actually tell them to go to
RhettAndLink.com and it will serve as a cleanified portal to send them to all the
things on the internet that you can enjoy – from us.
– (Link) You can scroll right. You can scroll down.
You can click. – (Rhett) You can go left as well.
– (Link) Oh yeah. Left! And you can be taken magically to
all the places where our content lives and breathes and hooks people up for
dating, – because now we have a dating site too!
– (laughs) Well, yeah. – Just kidding!
– Maybe later we’ll add that. So, yeah.
Check out RhettAndLink.com on your phone, on your laptop, on your tablet.
Thanks to Squarespace for helping hook us up with that awesome looking
thing– And friends. And thanks to you for liking and
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is.
– Hello. I am the troll who lives in the
enchanted forest up in the north of Sweden,
and it’s time to spin the – Wheel of Mythicality.
– You can get the Rhett and Link bobble heads at RhettAndLink.com/store,
and remember, – the box itself becomes
– (in unison) the set! – Look at that!
– Woo! – This is it fully assembled.
– Shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs! All types of stuff at our store.
Click through to Good Mythical More. I’ve got a couple of more stuff
to talk about. Freeze frame! ♪ (sentimental music) ♪ [Captioned By Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team]


  1. Pff, no! If you have a green thumb you don't want to be alone, you want to date Treebeard! Get it right link

  2. I knew the agoraphobic one was fake because of the "For the agoraphobic and the people who love them", Link used the exact same line for the nihilist lol "For the nihilist and the people who love them". XD

  3. 2:08 Watching this after the recent "Gluten-Free VS Gluten Taste Test" episode makes the answer quite a spoiler.

  4. dating for the aesthetically average uses the word UGLY? Why?! Average looking people aren't ugly! We're accessible and non threatening and hot in the right lighting!

  5. Link; A love can support a new
    Rhett; I can think of so many better names for (laughing) (scared by mug) sorry, for their website
    Link; Where you just scared by your mug?
    Rhett; (Laughing) Yeah, a little bit, I thought I saw little plant in there
    7:09 to 7:21

  6. I met my husband on an oddly specific dating site in 2014 – Survivalist Singles – checked for it last week to refer someone to it and it was gone!! So thankful it existed at just the right time for us!! 🙂

  7. Did you see Rhett's face when Link told him repotted.com was fake? There was genuine sadness there, like a part of the way he saw the world just crumbled below him. It seriously looked like trust was broken there, and maybe a part of his soul died. Sadness.

  8. Even if I was early enough to see this when it came out, I would still have another week until school 😛

  9. "Yeah let's make a dating site for people with shared allergies so the couple can get hitched and pass on the same allergies to their offspring!"

    It's the mixing of different genes that makes humans more resilient to allergens or disease. Not the mixing of genes of people with similar allergies.

    Edit: They didn't quote that. I did, cause that's what I thought when I learned that site was real.

  10. Wow Link, "people who garden just want to be by themselves?" Gardenist much?.. Plantist? I need to come up with a better name but.. Just because people enjoy the peacefulness of keeping plants doesn't mean they're recluses.

  11. I don't see it in the comments, so…
    The Ugly Bug Ball was on a Disney sing-along video I had as a kid. "Gotta crawl, gotta crawl to the Ugly Bug Ball, to the Ball, to the Ball. And a happy time we'll have there, one and all, at the Ugly Bug Ball" 🐛🐞

  12. Youcometome.com should exist. I’m agoraphobic, and, even though I don’t really have a desire to date anyone, I’ve thought about my life and what “could be” and whatnot. It would at least be cool to know such a website exists.

  13. The food allergies site is a great idea! I can just see how someone with life-threatening allergies would be afraid to go out to restaurants, let alone move in with someone, who didn't understand the seriousness of their needs.

  14. nihilists make up a massive portion of the genius club 🤓 even thanos is nihilist, and hes smart af in the movies lol

  15. Am I the only one who has no luck on dating sites? Everyone talks like it's the only way to go. I don't know, they've never worked for me.

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