The holidays are fast approaching, and I
just had this idea for a video… So I decided to sit down, record it for you…
before it flies out of my mind. I know that a lot of my followers are visiting
New York City… or, are not visiting, but just really want to know more about it…
so I do want to start making some more New York centric content for you…
Starting with, first and foremost, right here: Five of my favorite things to do in
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Dominique Ansel bakery and getting one of those blossoming hot chocolates. I
made a video with chef Dominique Ansel back in 2016, and he was teaching me how to make his famous cinnamon rolls. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the inventor
of the “cronut”, and he’s a very well-known baker in New York City. He has a few
locations here but also all around the world, and his blossoming hot chocolate
is essentially a hot chocolate where he puts this folded up marshmallow flower
into it… and as soon as it hits the heat of the hot chocolate it unfolds, and it blossoms into this beautiful flower. You get your
marshmallow… you get your hot chocolate… It’s perfect to cozy up around the
holidays… plus it’s a New York City staple, so if you’re coming to the city,
don’t miss it. And he’s always kind of inventing new pastries, so just be sure
to check what’s on the menu because you might try something new that’s about to
blow up… Number two: Head to the Union Square
Holiday Market. So the Union Square Green Market, which is the Farmers Market, is at
Union Square every single week of the year. It’s not there every day, but there
are set days when it’s open. The Holiday Market is something completely different.
So, it’s actually in a different area of Union Square. It’s one of my absolute
favorite things to do in the city over the holiday time, because it’s so festive.
It’s decorated like Christmas… it’s basically a Christmas explosion… and
literally millions of people from all over the world come here every single
year to weave and wind their way through the stalls. You can buy art from local
craftsmen, you could buy food… there is a ton of gifting opportunities, so if
you’re looking for a gift for someone when you come to New York, definitely go
to the Union Square Holiday Market because you will find a ton of options.
The experience is open from November 21st through December 24th, so it does
end on Christmas Eve… and it’s open Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 8
PM… on Saturday, it goes from 10 AM to 8 PM… and on Sunday, it’s from 11 AM to
7 PM. If you want to know what vendors are gonna be available, and also if you
want to know where each vendor is going to be located–because sometimes it can
turn into a bit of a maze…you can go to the Union Square Holiday Market’s website, and they have a bird’s-eye view that will show you how the whole thing is
laid out every year. Definitely go. It’s Christmas heaven. Moving on to number three: Rolf’s German restaurant. Now, this is a spot that personally I’ve
never been to, but I cannot believe I’ve never been to it because it’s always
listed year after year as a top spot to go in New York City over the holiday
season. It’s basically a restaurant that just goes all-out over the holidays. So
their decor inside is different every single season, and they change things up
all the time… but over Christmas they are KNOWN for kind of going wild with the
decorations. And you can’t miss it. So, I’ve walked by this place many times
over the holidays, and the window is just right there in front of you… you know
it’s a Christmas PARTY inside. There is streamers hanging from the ceiling…
lights, baubles, ornaments… the whole nine yards. And if you like to go to places
around the holiday time that just feel kind of like the North Pole, I don’t
think there’s another place in the city that I would recommend more than Rolf’s.
Once again, I’ve never been here, so I can’t speak to their food… but I would
just check out their menu if you want to eat there… But know that I think most of
the people going here over Christmas time are here for the experience… because it is a vibe. Up next is the Chelsea Market. Now this is a year-round market…
it’s in an industrial building that’s kind of a whole block long and a whole
block wide… there’s a ton of vendors in there… restaurants… you can sit down, you can take out, you can get meats, cheeses, wines, candy, chocolate, nuts… literally
everything that your heart desires… and I know for a fact that they decorate this
place to be very festive around Christmastime. So it’s definitely a spot
in New York that’s going to look very festive and have lights up. If you’re
looking for a New York style Christmas photo, the Chelsea Market is the place to
go, because it’s so New York City and so Christmassy… AND one thing that I just
learned is Package Free–one of my favorite stores–just opened a new
location in Chelsea Market! They have a spot in Brooklyn, and it’s my friend
Lauren Singer’s shop where you can buy all the things you need to live a
sustainable and low-impact lifestyle, with no packaging, and no plastic… and now that they’re in Chelsea Market, if you do find yourself there over
Christmas time and you’re buying some food and getting into the holiday spirit,
be sure to stop by Package Free and get some zero-waste items. And number five… The last item in this video is going to be Central Park. Central Park is one of
the most stunning places in New York City all year round. It is absolutely the
largest plot of greenery on the entire island of Manhattan, and there are tons
of places to walk, or bike, or even just sit on the lawn. In the wintertime, when
there’s snow on the ground, it is a little bit different… So you’re probably
not gonna go to Central Park to lie on the grass, or to go on a boat on the
river… but it’s still a great place to take a stroll through the park, or grab a
hot chocolate and just relax on a bench. And when there’s snow on the ground and
in the trees, it is STUNNING. And one of my absolute favorite parts of
Central Park… especially when there’s snow on the ground… is literary walk.
There’s this area of Central Park called The Promenade, which runs from 66th
Street to 72nd Street. It’s pretty much the only area of Central Park that’s a
straight line, because the rest of the pathways are a loop around in a circle…
and the entire walk is framed by big, beautiful, elm trees, which makes it one
of the most photogenic spots–and one of the most visited spots–in Central Park.
And this area is called literary walk, because towards the bottom of this
promenade, there are some statues of very well-known writers. I hope this was helpful for you if you are coming to New York anytime soon…but just know, even if you’re coming and it’s not Christmas time… all of the spots that I just
mentioned are still great spots to visit. And if you want to hear five more things
to do in New York City over this time of the year, be sure once again that you’re
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around the holidays. I love New York City so much. I’ve lived here since I
graduated college in 2014, and I also grew up in New York State, not too far
outside of the city… so I’ve basically lived here for my entire life. And I am
more than happy to share some more New York centric content with you right here
on my YouTube channel. So comment below and let me know what other types of New
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think that sometimes comments don’t populate… so like ten people think they’re the first comment… but I can actually see who was first, so I appreciate the
people that try to be first… Anyway, Merry Christmas! Happy everything! Happy holidays! I hope you have a beautiful start to 2020, and
I’m looking forward to seeing you next year on YouTube. Bye!


  1. this is the best video!! actually going to NYC for the 1st time at the end of the month !! thanks so much !! from london !!

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