5 Tips for Starting an Online Business | Advice for For Business Productivity

5 Tips for Starting an Online Business | Advice for For Business Productivity


  1. Good info to keep in mind Roberto. Without these, the process would be absolutely chaotic – especially for new online business owners/entrepreneurs who still have a full time job.

  2. Thanks for all of your tips Roberto. I've been playing around with Graphic design for the past decade as a hobby, but this year I'm finally taking it a bit more seriously as a freelancer designer. Your an inspiration to me and countless others and we couldn't do it without you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  3. Hey Roberto! Haven't commented in awhile, but its great to see you still producing awesome content! My business that I started last year is alive and growing, I have also decided that I would like to become a freelance copywriter. I have already gotten a few jobs and cannot wait to see where it takes me.

  4. I refer to you as my "YouTube mentor" when my friends ask me how I learned (I am still a newbie, for the record only 4 months in) however, because of you I think I avoided many beginners mistakes.
    Love all your videos and your content, you deliver every time very useful and real information! Thank you xoxoxo

  5. How do you appeal a black-dollar-sign demonetization? I have now received three black dollar signs demonetizations. From what I understand, if it is a yellow dollar sign demonetization, when you move your cursor over it, there is the option to appeal. Not so with the black dollar sign ones. And I've looked all over my Creator's Studio to no avail. Now just today, I got another one of my videos black dollar sign demonetized. That's now three out of 13 videos. Now my channel is a political vlog channel but I honestly don't believe I should get demonetized for any of them. If anyone want to check them out for themselves, click on my picture and they're "ISIS' next BIG move", "How the KKK will kill ALL blacks!" (it talks about weaponized viruses and the video talks about getting governments to stop it before it can be done), and, the one that got black dollar sign hit today, "North Korea's next BIG surprise!".

  6. Roberto, you're doing it man! I'm catching up on the channel as I've been ridiculously busy recently, but I see you're still "takin names" so to speak lol! I'm excited to see the next evolution of your brand! Great info as usual! I'm rooting for you bro. KEEP IT UP! You're emails have been attention grabbers btw lol

  7. I'm planning on entering the health/wellness/physiology area since that's what I'm interested in, but dang is that market crazy saturated.

    Any tips on finding a sub niche that can be exploited?

    Looking at passive income streams through ads, and affiliate via blogging and YouTube

  8. I found your YouTube channel by watching another channel I ran across, The Video Influencers and I am glad I found your stuff! Your videos I've seen so far have all of the info I could use to help with starting a PROFITABLE online business. Hell, you inspire me to even start a photography type biz. Thanks!

  9. I don't know where to start , you have a lot of videos, I just want to make few cents online. I have been trying for the last 4 years without success. Only waste of money. Do you have a plan to follow. I have websites, I am affiliated to amazon and alibaba but I need a system, or a mentor. I am tired to jump from one program to another one. Any advice Roberto?

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