5 Tips To Become The BEST Marketer | John Crestani

5 Tips To Become The BEST Marketer | John Crestani

Okay. Well, first rule of being the best
marketer in the world is having money gun that works. No, that’s a joke. Okay.
Yeah, I’m going to be going over the 5 tips to be the best marketer possible. I
absolutely love marketing. I study this field. I eat, breathe, sleep marketing. And
I’m going to be going over what I’ve learned from the Greats. And what I try
to do myself in being the best marketer you can to make a lot of money and
generally be able to retire young and live a nice life, right? So, let’s get into
it. These are 5 bomb tips being the best marketer. There we go. Okay, it works.
Now, first rule of being the best marketer is financial literacy. “Now, why
are we talking about being good with finances, John? Come on, John. I want to
spend my money.” You know what? To be a good marketer you need to be in the game
and stay in the game. And that’s knowing both your money equation and that is
also being on top of your money. Know how it comes in know how it goes out. Best
marketers not broke. You know, it a lot of good marketers I know actually are broke.
It’s because they have no financial literacy. They make a lot of money and
they spend it even faster. And to stay in the game, you need to be good with
finances. But really, you need to know your wealth equation, okay? What is the
money equation in your business? Now, you can be the best marketers. I know some
really good marketers that have horrible wealth equations. Now, let’s say you’re a
copywriter and you charge a thousand dollars to write an email, right? Well,
let’s say you can write 2 or 3 good emails a day.
Okay? Now, 2 or 3 good emails a day, you’re going to be able… Maximum you’re
gonna be able to make I don’t know, you know, what is that? Like, 60 some
thousand dollars a month? Knowing that, you need to… To be the best marketer you
should make a lot of money. Just like being a good sales person.
So, give yourself a way that you can have unlimited potential and make exponential
incomes with marketing. You know, the best marketers I know they run companies.
And they sell products their companies make hundreds of millions of dollars per
year. And you know, one of my friends, he’s a copywriter. He does the same thing that
a guy writing emails for $100 an email does. But he actually had built
a company around himself the new house. He’s buying is like 35 million
dollars, right? But he’s just as good of a marketers another guy I know who charges
50 to $100 an hour to review copy. How does that make sense,
right? They’re both amazing marketers but one has a different wealth equation than
the other. Okay, let’s move onwards. The best marketers know that the money is in
optimization, okay? Optimization and data analysis. I’m looking over my numbers
like a fiend. I analyze every single you know, even on YouTube. I’m analyzing every
single view, every single watch time. Every single session time. I’m watching
all these different numbers. I’m looking at my sub counts. I’m looking at my
competitors sub counts. I’m paying people and my competitors
companies to figure out how many subs or what they’re doing. I’m doing everything.
And I’m optimizing everything I do around what works, right? It’s the same
thing with my ad campaigns because every time that I don’t know if I spend money
on an ad that is not working as well, that’s money down the drain.
And every time I’m not looking at my numbers or my tracking is off, that’s
money down the drain. And what happens is if you’re not
looking over all your numbers and if you’re not optimizing, your landing pages
to have better messaging. If you’re not looking over your email sequences to
have better open rates, you just lost and lost and lost money all over the place.
All over your funnel and you’re flushing it down the drain. So, know your numbers,
analyze your stuff. Optimize it.Pput better subject lines and put use the
better ads etc. You can do very easily. The third thing to be the
best marketer is really the time, no. It’s actually you got to mix it up, okay? Mix
it up. And you know, this might sound a little weird because I talk a lot about
focus. But the reality of marketing and you know I’ve been doing this for 10
years now is that marketing channel some come, some go. Some niches are hot some
niches are not. You know, when I started, I started advertising on remnant
inventory platforms like site scout. Then I moved to Google ads. Then you know it
was Facebook ads that were really easy to make money with. And right now, I’m
spending about $10,000 a day on YouTube ads. Because YouTube ads
is the cheapest easiest biggest ROI place that I can make money in my
particular business. So, now you can make a lot of money focused on just
one niche. You know, that’s a great place to get started but the best marketers
I’ve seen they’ve transitioned from… It’s been fluid. They haven’t failed.
They stuck with everything to see it out to its natural conclusion. But I’ve mixed
it up. I’ve promoted health products. I’ve promoted survival products. I’m promoting
business opportunity products. I’ve done all sorts of different marketing and the
best marketers. I’m not saying mix it up if
you’re losing money. You know, if you’re losing money and you can’t get anything
working, don’t even think about being… Just get the basics down. But if you want
to be the best marketer, keep in mind this is just for the best. This is for
people who already got stuff working. Then mix it up, okay? Mix it up from time
to time. Try something new. Try Twitter ads. You know, I just heard snapchat ads
came out. Try that out. Spotify. You know, I just try stuff out and the best
marketers I know they love the process. They do that too. Okay people, it’s time.
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money Club right there. Number 4, for being the best marketer, okay? And I’m not
talking about getting started. Because getting started is very different from
this in number 4. Create your own ads sometimes. Now, if anybody here is a
student of my super affiliate system, first off, shout out. What up? You guys
Rock. But you know that in my 6-week
training course, I teach people. I literally give people ad templates to
use that are working. Now, to get started in marketing, you know, I’d say before
you’re making at least a million dollars, you shouldn’t be creating any of your
own ads. Again to be the best marketer, you got to be going way above and beyond
that. Don’t create your own ads. But if you want to be the best, experiment
around with some of your own ads. Don’t do it all the time. Even I, I’ll
do I’ll do 5 ads, 4 ads based on somebody else’s ads. I’ll just
rewrite them. But I’ll do one ad myself. Right? I mix it up. Right? I throw in one
ad that I just created from my mind. Usually they don’t work. But sometimes
they do. But that’s how you’d be the best marketer is you mix it up a little bit.
And you do a little bit of your own creation. Now, number 6 is you keep
training. So, some people say I look like Conor McGregor on this channel.
I appreciate the compliment. I like the guy. He’s a really cool dude. But one of
the things that Connor said (he’s been very inspirational) is he says, “I never
stopped training.” He never stops training. He loves training. He talks about
training all the time. And that’s the thing. Never stop training. Because the
day stop training is the day you start your decline. So just keep training. Keep
learning more. You can join my course, the links in the description –the
super affiliate system. If you want to learn about paid advertising on Google,
Facebook, YouTube and email. And also how to create a business through affiliate
marketing. But there’s a lot of other courses out there. There’s a lot of
weather ways you can learn. You could subscribe to this channel. You could join
my money club. You know, there are other good YouTubers out there. Kevin David,
what up? Ninja fam. Hashtag ninja family if you follow Kevin David here in the
comments. Kevin David fans let me know, hashtag ninja fan. But there are a lot of
good marketers out there. And to be the best, you’re going to do these 5 rules.
Financial literacy. Know your numbers. Know your wealth equation. Optimization,
look at your numbers. Know how you can optimize and improve them. Mix it up.
Change things up from time to time. Create your own ads and keep training.
And look forward to seeing you in other videos on this channel. Let’s get it. Come
on. It’s out there. Marketing is fun. Get out there. Just do it and put it into
action. I have lots of videos on this channel about how to start marketing and
tactics to do. And once you just start getting the ball rolling. And you start
seeing that money come in. It gets really fun. And I hope you see it too. And I hope
you enjoy marketing as much as I do. On a personal note, this is actually kind of
random. And I originally wasn’t going to go here but one of my life goals… And I
haven’t really told this to you on YouTube. But it’s actually to be the
number one teacher or number one marketing teacher in the world. And you
know, it’s kind of comes from my origin stories. I went to college and I just
thought, “I love learning.” Right? You see all these books around me, okay? You see
I’ve so many books. You know I’m learning about relationships. This is Cormac
McCarthy. The road. You see these. You know books Neil Stevenson. Really
Sci-fi. I’m constantly learned… Here’s my main book. You know 4-hour work week. But I’m
constantly learning. I love reading. I’ve loved reading from an early age. I love
chess. I won the Spelling Bee at my school. I’ve just… You know I’m so
interested by knowledge. My friends thought I was weird. I used to buy… You
know, had my parents give me as a birthday present audiotapes
on World War 2 history and Civil War history. I got not audio tapes up video
like VHS. Like I got like a collection of like 20 things. And I loved learning. But
I went to college. And you know, that was my time to learn business. And it was not
only just inapplicable. But it was boring, it wasn’t relevant. And the
teachers weren’t interested in what they were doing. And the teachers weren’t even
successful what they were doing. The teachers never even worked for a
marketing agency. They may have worked for it for like one year or that. And I
was just scratching my head and I said, “This school thing sucks.” But I loved
learning. And it’s been my passion. It’s been my dream to be the number 1
marketing teacher in the world. I believe education has turned off a whole
generation or generations of people. When it should be turning people onto
learnings. That’s my commitment to you actually.
I’ve never released talked about this before. But my goal is to be the number
one marketing teacher in the world. I enjoy education and keep following this
channel. You’ll see, I keep trying to make this exciting and I hope to bring more
of you into this wonderful field of marketing. I’ve done very well by it. And
I hope this enthusiasm passes down to you for you to want to desire. Not just
to make a lot of money, right? This is nice.
At the end of the day, I want you to enjoy the process to be the best
marketer. And if you are committed to enjoying the process, type in “committed”.
If you made it this far, type in “committed”. It’s not a commitment to me
but commitment to yourself. And you’ll have fun.


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    Good advice. Agree 100%. Analyzing data is important in order to find what works and what doesn’t.
    Copywriters can extend their knowledge in any field: outreach, optimization, data analyzation because they know how to write.
    The best marketers continue learning every single day. They read marketing books, listen to audio podcasts, read blogs and watch YouTube videos. They don't stay in one place and don't think they are the best. There is always room for improvement.

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