5 Tips To Focus On In Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

5 Tips To Focus On In Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

hello my names Victoria and I’m the account manager here at Matter Solutions any small businesses that come to us we like to make sure
they understand who their customers are so that’s going through and detailing
where they live what they like doing what the interests are and where they
actually hang out at that way you’d be able to get the website specific to the
needs of the customer and you’ll be also able to get your marketing messages and
imagery and all the other things related to you marketing campaign on point
hi I’m Ben I’m the director here at matter solutions and from SEO one of you
because i ciose my thing you want to get the low-hanging fruit you want to pick
up the thing that’s already kind of out there and the key thing is to take the
brand name for us obviously matter solutions put it in double quotes search
in Google for that thing and it’ll bring up your main website obviously at the
top you should be ranking for our brand you can go bit deeper you can go and
look at the websites that mention you and click on them have a look who
mentions you go and see and maybe some of those websites don’t actually link to
you maybe they talk about your business but the donee willing to you well email
them ask them to change that reference of you into a hyperlink that goes to
your website that would have quite a considerable amount of SEO value over
time hi I’m Chris I do content marketing here about
solutions Victoria has told you what you’re quite personas up but it’s very
important to know what they actually searched for I recommend using search
tools keywords everywhere is if we want to start with or Google Trends you want
to make content around what the potential clients the leads are actually
looking for that offers their value by giving them what they want to find hi my
name’s Sam fields from matter solutions I’m one of the CBC strategists here I
would recommend starting out in the Google ads and making sure that is set
up correctly hi my name is Shawn Claire I’m from our solutions and I am a
digital marketer the number one place I would say to start is social media the
reason for that it’s simple it’s easy and it is open you can target your
specific audience that you’re going for so for example you could use Facebook to
target a certain type of audience or you could use LinkedIn to target for more
business audience so you want to choose a social media
that can work for you

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  1. Following on from our 5 tips from around the office on making your website better, we wanted to talk about 5 tips to focus on in Digital Marketing, mainly for small businesses! What are your tips?

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