5 ways how to spot EXIT SCAM INVESTMENT!

5 ways how to spot EXIT SCAM INVESTMENT!

In this video, I will be sharing you guys 5 ways how to spot an exit scam investment! Hello and this is Aiza Mercado welcome back again wtih my another video! This video is for the investors awareness whether continue your investment or stop right now. Alright! I will be sharing tips and 5 checklists how to spot an exit scam investment. 1) Days Online Always check the website’s running days you can check it on investors-protect but some of them has been transparent and putting the statistics on their site. Going not too far lets make “EMPOWERFOREX.BIZ” as an example which yesterday, just turned into a SCAM. Display with 59 days and I think that the safest days to invest is 5 to 10 days. 30 days and up you should lay-low your money and not to use it for investment. 2) First in, first out Alright, what is the meaning of first in-first out? this means that if you invest first you will be the one who gets profit and payout. 3) Higher daily profit per day, higher risk to earlier scam Empower offers HYIP profit which is 2.1% per day with a 15 days deposit return. And as I notice to some low tariff plans like for example 1.2% or 0.8% daily the site lasts long because they can sustain the low daily profit of the user. 4) Receive daily email like what empowerforex does. You can see my email here which pushes me to invest more money with their site. 5) Conducting promos You can see that they offer new FAST PRO FOREX which when you invest $150 you will earn 103.1% just in 1 day. Take note: Don’t get blinded with the promo they offer like buy 1 get 1 package or DOUBLE BTC and that is a sign to avoid. So this is my 5 ways how to spot an exit scam investment and if this video helped you, please hit the like button! Also, SUBSCRIBE now to my Youtube and Telegram Channel. This is Aiza Mercado again and see you on my next video!


  1. How about proledgr po? Do you think magtatagal po yun? Mag 70 days na sila eh, plano ko pa sana mag invest dun. Anyway nice video 🙂 Very helfpul buti hindi na ako nag invest sa empower 😁

  2. Ms. Ganda Aiza, pag meron kayong bagong site to invest, pls update nyo kami mga subscriber mo para sabay tayo lahat na mag earn… salamat sa mga video tutorial mo… have a great day

  3. Miss aiza, salamat po😊 tsaka may bago ngayon miss aiza na pagkakakitaan. Proven and tested ko kasi nakapayout na ako 😊 baka want nyo po lagyan ng video review and tutorial 😊 Legit po sya promise 😊 until april 16 na nga lang sya.

  4. naku! panu kaya yun ms. Aiza wala na ung waiting ko? Nagreinvest ako 15 days waiting pa nman ako till April 27..huhuhu

  5. Kinutuban nako buti di ko reinvest yung kita ko 0.0375 babaye sana pera ko Maam aiza Pa update naman po kung may bago pag investan para makasabay den. Godbless po.😁

  6. Hi ate aiza 😁 ask ko lang po kung nag ppawithdraw ba sila every sunday? Di po kasi ako maka withdraw kahapon pa po eh.

  7. Lagi po akong nascam kaya po nung napanuod ko po ulit yung vid niyo po sa proledgr nag invest napo ako kagad ngayon ng 0.01 sa premium plan.😊

  8. Mam Aiza sana mapagbigyan nyo ko subscriber nyo po ako mam kung pagbibigyan nyo po pede po ako manghingi kahit 0.001 bitcoin lang po mam bago palang ako sa online earning po mam message nyo sana ako mam sana mapagbigyan nyo ko hihikayatin ko rin po yung iba ko manga kaibigan mag subscribe sa inyo mam gusto ko rin kasi po kumita hindi para sa sarili kundi para sa manga dalawa kung anak na babae po mam papalaguin ko po mam kung mapagbigyan nyo po ako salamat po mam more power to ur channel laking tulung po sa kapwa natin pinoy

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  10. maam Aiza dun po sa mga in-upload nyu pong mga investment site. anu po ung mas nirerequire nyu po saming mas magandang mag invest at hanggang ngaun ay paying pa rin po? tanung ko lang po 🙂

  11. anu pong nangyari sa proledgr? di pa ako nakakawithdraw dun e..nakarecieve pa ako ng message sa telgram iagabi hindi daw sila ng iiscam iniimprove lang daw ngayun nawala na yung message wala na din contact

  12. Pa shout out idol at may tqnonf ako tungkol sa spare5.di ba pwede yan sa vivo na phone lng?

  13. first time ko po sa ganito..God bless po..hindi ko kasi alam kung saan ako mag iinvest na legit.thank you

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