5 Ways To Grow Your Small Business With Content Marketing

5 Ways To Grow Your Small Business With Content Marketing


  1. Great job with the camera angle. But on the other hand, the video doesn't look as crisp as it did in the other ones. It might be the video processing on YouTube or whatever but anyway, thanks for listening to your viewers. 😉

  2. I've learned so much from your channel. thank you so much for sharing all this information. talk about win/win

  3. great video! yeah I noticed the minor focus issue, but ur content overpowers the video production quality every time. very informative. you're like an "all you eat" buffet. I always feel full when ur videos end.

  4. do you use someways to broadcast your videos or you just upload them only on youtube ??

  5. Good information always. I took notes and making moves, thanks Roberto!! Nice color shirt. I have the "Always be Creating" The first time i wore it to work a few people read it but no conversation from them.

  6. LOLing at the Star Wars bobbleheads. Nice!

    Loved your remarks about delivering value to your email list. I'm on a lot of lists of pro marketers, since I'm in marketing myself, and I'm surprised how they don't take advantage of building trust by creating valuable content. Instead, I get a lot of promotions for the latest launch of an affiliate partner's product, which can be valuable, but generally just puts a check in their bank accounts and, frankly, annoys me.

  7. Will have to put some of these to the test. Have attempted Podcasting before, but have yet to really figure out where I'd upload it; or what topic I'd discuss.

  8. Good video, interesting points, perfect length. Wherever the content is, your other social media, blog, or web pages should also be used to help people find the content. Example: post video to youtube, share on twitter, facebook, etc.

    Within Content Marketing I think it depends on if you are marketing the content itself – bringing readers to a page — or marketing the content to improve the brand, sell a product such as a print book or ebook, etc. In the latter cases often excerpting on other media portals can give users a taste of the final product. Examples: Here is chapter 1 of the new book; if you like this please buy the book. For a technical report or analysis, here is a free abstract; to read the entire report please purchase.

    Also, giving the content away as a guest post on a related blog or page can help customers find your product or the rest of your content.

  9. BTW, just to let you know, I really appreciate that you don't curse. That sounds stuffy, but, frankly, I'm a mom of four, and there's no cursing in our home, and I just prefer to keep things clean. Your channel stands out among others as so much more professional that way. Thank you for that as well as your amazing info.

  10. 10152017 REVIEW 4,572nd viewer, Thanks Roberto, for "5 Ways To Grow Your Small Business With Content Marketing"

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