6 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs – Websites w/ High Paying & Recurring Commissions

6 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs – Websites w/ High Paying & Recurring Commissions

hey there hey are you looking for the
best high paying affiliate marketing programs are available in the market
right now hey my name is Chris with ChrisNjigha.com and in this very exciting episode we were talking about just that
– the six best in my pen highest paying affiliate marketing
programs that have recurring commissions hype a recurring commissions alright alright so hey if you haven’t already
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we’re gonna get right down into it okay so six best affiliate programs with
high-paying recurring commissions what I really like about this list is that hey
they’re paying you monthly month after month after month for services and
things that hey more than likely are gonna continuously paying you so it’s a
form of passive residual income that is really awesome apart from like the
traditional ones so hey let’s get right down into it okay so the first one is
click funnels alright so if you’re if you don’t know click funnels is
essentially an online lead lead pages creation software tool alright it’s
headed off by the gentleman um I always forget his name Russell Brunson yeah
yeah yeah so hey real smart guy and is one of the
best best lead generation software programs out there right now they’re
really really good quality content quality software and one of the biggest
things is that their stuff just works so you can get in their affiliate program
what I like about it is that the affiliate program has 40% recurrent
commissions yeah 40% recurrent commissions and those tend
to stay it will stick around every month because you gotta think
about the fact that hey it’s a great product people are using it is one of
the leaders in the industry so if someone gets started with you with your
link more than likely they’re gonna keep on using it which means consistent
passive income residual income for you every month one of the other things too
is that they have a really good set of robust training for their affiliates and
another thing too is that on top of 40 percent recurrent commissions they also
have like a second tier structure so it’s like a second level marketing type
of thing the big guy which is really so you also can earn 5% Commission’s off
of your your affiliate sales so it’s so it’s like you’re giving them an
incentive see you have an incentive to help your affiliates that are people
that you refer to do well in the affiliate program too so that is pretty
cool the next one number two best affiliate marketing program that has
high paying with current missions is SCM rush alright so SEM rush if you probably
don’t know is it’s a basically an online digital marketing toolkit so what they
do is a bunch of a bunch of SEO type research tools and trainings that help
you so if you’re doing like if you have a blog and you need to do keyword
research you need analytics you need to know what’s going on with your with your
website in fact it wasn’t nice to that it also helps you track your your
traffic to your to your websites and you can also kind of what is it called
basically steal your other your competitors keywords and what they’re
doing and see what they’re doing their backlinks and all that type of stuff so
it’s really cool once again a leader in end in the industry and as with SEM rush
so what’s really cool that their affiliate program they call it be rush
it’s 40% more current Commission’s so yeah 40% and so every month you’re
getting it getting it and what’s cool about it too they also have a 10-year
life ten years on their cookie lives so once someone gets hooked to you and they
click on your link they’re linked to you pretty much almost forever so another
big paying high-paying ticket recurring affiliate program that I really really
like number three for affiliate marketing programs and websites that are
paying you big money right now is a doobie so if you’re not familiar with
Adobe Adobe is basically the leader in just designs and software tools to help
you get a lot of your creative type work done so I usual Dobby premier pros which
is a video editing tool very robust very good stuff if you’re into doing if
you’re in YouTube you’re probably editing videos it’s probably one that
you probably want to take a look at other big ones would be final cut
probably Adobe Premiere you lose one of the best ones for me and they also have
a bunch of other stuff too like stock photo
the document cloud and all the other stuff they haven’t created class so
what’s really cool is that they have 85 percent Commission’s on your first month
and so it’s not recurring so that’s the only thing but it’s really good because
if they get 85 percent of the first month or you can get about eight percent
on the first year which a lot of people do I know I did because it just was a
better deal so you get about eight percent on the year which is a pretty
good payout so if you’re using it and promoting it I just like Adobe a lot and
their quality product quality services she’s just always gonna get paid with
their program as well so not recurring but still high pay all right and then
number four in the ninth list of six best affiliate marketing programs or
websites with high paying commissions recurrent is a web all right so a Weber
is a email autoresponder software tool you probably heard of it
once again you notice the trend here they are the leader in their industry
the leader in this space high quality high high conversions good customer
service lots of tools and trainings to help you with your email marketing so
you really just can’t go wrong as a matter of fact if you’re an online
marketer and all do any business online at all you should you probably are using
some type of email autoresponder which means you’re probably on affiliate to so
you should probably just do that and so with the a weber you get 30% where
current commissions monthly so hey if someone isn’t you in online business one
unlikely they’re gonna have a list and they’re always gonna keep their list
which means that is guaranteed almost I can’t think of anything as sure as that
but it’s probably pretty close the cool thing is sure money that you can get
online right now so that’s a weber for your list number four all right and then
number five for your philly marketing websites and programs are paying
big-time high paying recurrent commissions is a software program called
instead ohio so basically instead o is a really cool instagram bot tool that will
automatically follow for you build your business for you so far
your followers like people comment unfollow send D ends and things like
that is a really cool tool especially if you’re like me you got a full-time job
you got other stuff you’re doing got kids and you really need to continue
growing your audience in your business but you kind of want to leverage your
time this is a great way to leverage your time leverage your resources with
software tools that can do it like this for you and so on his dad was really
cool because they have 25% recurring commissions on all their products and
services for every person that you refer to their program and this is lifetime
mind.you lifetime so really really awesome tool and once again leader in
this space right and if someone is using this more than likely they’re gonna keep
on using it because people are getting results and it’s pretty cool so and then
number 6 and last but not certainly least for your the best best of 6
affiliate marketing programs that are paying high commissions is a tool named
Kista soak insta is actually a wordpress hosting hosting software service so if
you have a blog and you want to you know start use wordpress or any other type of
program on your blog then they help you host it so what’s really cool is that
they manage everything for you so they’re they’re taking care of the speed
they’re taking care of the platform where it’s on only managing it the
security the really good support service and you he’s really easy to use even for
a beginner so it’s really really cool and one of the big things about them is
that they have a really really solid really solid affiliate program basically
you get up to 50 to up to $500 per sign up I hike high paying and then you get
10% monthly with current Commission’s every month I recurrent commissions and
what’s pretty cool about it is that it’s all I got said once again passive income
almost expected money you can get every month for your from these websites
because with kids that for example they have such a low low turnover rate like
5% only 5% which means what product is quality
with equality and number one and number two you’re guaranteed to be to get your
money every month as long as long as you continue to refer to refer people to the
to the service in the program so god I love you got 60 day tracking cookies
just a great program really great program especially for the beginner and
so that’s it my friend all right hope you enjoyed it hope that was
helpful feet right there that right there is my six best affiliate marketing
programs right now high paying web sites with high recurrent Commission’s that
you can take advantage of very beginner friendly right now you can start making
some money online business alright so you enjoyed it definitely give the video
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until the next exciting episode my plan be blessed stay hungry out there and
I’ll see you on the next one alright bye now


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