6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners

6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners

You know I’m shooting money at you is
because I’m going to teach you the number one marketing skill that you will ever
learn and it’s called copywriting. I’m going to show you 6 copy tips for
beginners. Alright, now I make millions of dollars a year in my business. And the
reason I do so is because I write good ads. Basically I am able to reach people
and offer them a solution to their problem. And I’m able to connect my
product with their problem and help make a transaction occur. But the only way I’m
able to do that is because I’m good at basically marketing. Which is copywriting.
So, I’m going to go over these 6 tips. We’re going to start with smaller sentences
but I have 5 more tips and I have a special bonus for you which is an entire
playlist from copywriting greats. Guys, doing affiliate marketing and making
millions of dollars per month. And I’ve got some exclusive interviews with them.
I’ll reveal that later on in this video. Let’s check it out. Copywriting is the
most important skill you’ll learn as a marketer. Using words that you put in an
ad or on a web page and using those words in the correct order to convince
people to buy your product or to click on your affiliate link or to choose to
do a consulting call or anything with you is magic. It is the most magical
quality you can have. I consider myself a wizard when I’m able to successfully
create a marketing campaign where I just press go and it brings me money into my
bank account. Now, the skill is not to be taken lightly. You want to get good at
this skill. The more you learn copywriting the better you become at
marketing, the more powerful your bank account grows which is pretty cool. Now,
the first tip for copywriting is smaller sentences, okay? And shorter paragraphs. In
school they teach you to write really long sentences and use semicolons and
colons and lots of commas and what-have-you tip. Right?
Nice fancy complicated Shakespearean sentences. That doesn’t work. In real life,
what works is short sentences. If my Americans here recalled the 2016
presidential elections, there was Hillary Clinton, the Democrat and President Trump
which is the Republican. And how many people can call tag lines from Hillary’s
campaign here? If anybody can recall a tagline from Hillary’s campaign, write it
in the comments because I certainly can’t. Now, how many people here can
recall tag lines from Trump’s campaign for president? If anybody can recall tag
lines from Trump’s campaign for president, type him in the comments below.
And we’ll kind of see who wins there. Now, it’s not just because I kind of lean
conservative. I’m not going to go into my political beliefs here. Everybody gets
all mad. And if you’re politically correct, please like unsubscribe from
this channel. I’m not going to like pander to sissies, okay? No pandering to sissies
here. But Trump all of his campaign slogans very short. Lock her up. Make
America great again. Build the wall. You know, like stuff like that. Send her to
jail. Lazy Joe. All these sorts of things. Lying
Hillary. Sorry, that was lying Ted. I forgot. Basically, all of Trump’s sentences were
just short and punchy. Like first grade language. Smaller sentences. Don’t use
run-on sentences. Don’t use long paragraphs. Keep everything really short.
Really basic grade level and you’ll be more successful in writing ads. Now, the
second copy tip is read Amazon reviews of a product. Why would you read Amazon
reviews about a particular type of product? The reason is is because you can
see exactly what people are thinking about a particular type of product. What
they care about. What they want in the product. What language they use. What
words they use. And particularly look at the three-star or lower reviews. People
who had a problem with the product. Look at what people are desiring within a
product. And doesn’t need to be the exact same product you’re selling. For instance,
if you want to market a product on how to make money, you could find books that
talk about how to make money. If you want to market a weight loss product, find a way
lost product on Amazon. If you want to market skin care, photography equipment;
look up those types of products and find the 1 star 2 star 3 star reviews on
those products and see what people are saying. Because if you can address the
biggest concerns of people when they’re buying these sorts of products, you’re
going to have a winning ad. You’re going to create a winner. If you’re dressing all
those concerns with your writing, you will sell the product. Another thing to
check out is use proven formulas. There’s no reason not to use proven headline
formulas because you can easily find out what the proven headline formulas are if
you study copywriting, if you study ads. They’re proven formulas which already
work that you can use in your ads. Now, I share a lot of proven headline formula
with my students in my 6-week super affiliate system course. I give them my
entire swipe file. I really… You know, my students who take my six-week course.
It’s really like full open kimono. And if you want to learn a little bit about my
6-week course, you can go to the link in the description. There’s the top link
below this video. Should be a link to a webinar which is roughly 2 hours long
which is a free training on affiliate marketing where I show you soup-to-nuts
affiliate marketing. And if you want to go further beyond that, you can sign up
to be a student of mine and go through my 6-week course where I really just
lay everything out that is in my brain of how to do paid advertising,
copywriting and data analysis. Now, the next copy tip is customer focus, okay? I
see a lot of advertisers saying, I, I, I. And me, me, me. What you want to do is you
want to focus on you. Talk to the YOU. I’m talking to you. You can make a lot of
money. You can succeed in life. You can be whoever you want to be. Focus on the
customer. Focus on them. Don’t talk about what you want to talk about. Talk about
their concerns from the Amazon reviews or what not. Talk about what they’re
thinking about. Talk about what benefits are in it for
them. Don’t focus on your own self or you know all those little things about why
you created the product. Talk about them. Now 5th copy tip is make it newsworthy. Now,
this is one of my favorites because I used to advertise…
I mean I made my first millions as a marketer by doing advertorials which are
actually they look like news articles. And I would say breaking news. You know,
“Miracle diet pill to hit American stores.” You know… Or “Miracle diet pill now
available in America.” It’s being called Botox in a box or whatever I would say.
But I always make my stuff newsworthy. Because news catches people’s attention.
If you say breaking news or if you say you know “Alert:
People wonder what’s going on.” Another good word would be “New discovery.”
Right? That’s a headline I would use. “New discovery: Miracle weight loss formula
from the Brazilian jungle is now has been found. And can help anybody lose
weight.” Yeah. And that’s marketing right there. Now, the last copy tip is
right how you speak/ Don’t get it twisted. Copy should be simple. It shouldn’t be
using superfluous language. That’s… The word superfluous is sort of a
superfluous word. Point being, use short sentences. Talking a low grade level. Talk
how normal people talk. And if you don’t know how normal people talk, go to
McDonald’s sit there for a day and just listen into people’s conversations. Place
yourself in an area where you can listen to people argue, listen to people banter.
Listen to people complain. Listen to people talk about normal everyday things.
And write your ads that way. The biggest mistake I see people make in copywriting
is they think that marketing is like this weird like… This weird little alien
and they have to write this like weird non-human way and like it like they have
to write like a marketer, like an advertiser. Marketing should just sound
like you’re talking to normal people. Now, if you want to go deeper into
copywriting, I suggest you check out my playlist “The Art Of Copywriting”. I’m
going to have my assistants link it somewhere in this video. If you want to
go deeper and become a student of mine and really learn just marketing inside
it out. Make sure to sign up for the webinar where you’ll go through a 2
hour training on how do paid advertising and affiliate
marketing. And you’ll be given an opportunity to sign up as a student of
mine at the end of that if you wish to move forward with my six-week program. As
always, let’s make some money. Guys, put this into practice. Have fun.
Build this skill. Give this a like. Give this a comment. And make sure you
subscribe and get the notification bell if you want to see more videos where I’m
talking about marketing going deep into the light in the dark side to figure out
what’s going to make you money. Let’s do it.


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  3. 🤔 What I can remember from Donald Trump???
    !! Q FLASHBACK !! 😣

    🏗️ I'm Building A Wall!!🏗️


    – Flashback over – 😰

    😐Hmm.. 😦 Yeeaah……
    Let's not go there.. 😗

  4. Perfect video for me today while working on my copy! Always learning something new from ya John. Greatly appreciated!

  5. Great video on copy writng. I don't like Hillary or Trump. I don't like Trump"s anti Latino rhetoric. I am an American born citizen (just like my parents) and have had my life threatened due to having dark features of my Spanish ancestry, I am mutiracial based on my DNA. I have been called racial slurs by Trump supporters. Even police and security guards have treated me less than human. I don't even have a criminal record. Yet I am treated like a criminal just because of my dark features. I never experienced this years ago in the midwest. What i remember of Trump's campaign is that he stated that Mexicans are Drug dealers and Rapists. That doesn't go well with me who is male and obviously with Spanish ancestry. I have been told that I don't belong in my own country. So are Trump supporters going to deport me to Wisconsin or what?

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