6 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 That Will Explode Your Brand Awareness

6 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 That Will Explode Your Brand Awareness

– Today, I’m gonna share
with you the six big changes when online marketing in 2018. Scott Oldford here and I cannot wait to help you create the unfair advantage in your marketing. (dynamic music) Relevancy will win the game and that’s the first
thing that is changing. It is no longer about collecting all kinds of email addresses. It’s no longer about having more leads. It’s about being able to dive in deeper and be more intimate and be more relevant and be omnipresent with those leads that you’re generating. If you wanna increase the
amount of profit you have, it’s not about generating more leads. It’s about being more intimate
and being more relevant, being at the right time
and at the right place based on the mindset and
the level of awareness of your potential customer. I talk about this all
the time with SSSF Method and the relevancy funnel
of being able to ensure that you’re always the
awareness of sidewalkers, slow-laners, and fast-laners, ensuring that your
marketing and your content is being relevant to the right people. Because when something’s
relevant, it’s a heck yes. But, if something’s not relevant, you will lose someone’s attention. Which brings us to number two. Attention is the new currency and if you’re not actively
creating attention directing it towards your signal and then, of course,
ensuring that that signal is relevant to that person,
you’re going to lose the ability to compete. The things is is that
attention is so expensive now that it is very important
that the attention that you do get, whether it’s PR, podcast, a utilizing paid or
organic or partner ways of driving traffic and
driving attention to you, you need to be utilizing
every single piece. You need to be optimizing
every single piece of attention that is towards you. People have become so
starved for presence, the ability to get someone
to presently engage with you. The ability to get someone
to actually read your post. The ability to get someone
to actually watch your video has become so difficult
that when you get the chance it must be optimized, it
must be readily available, and more than anything
else, you must be ready to capitalize on that
attention because those that get that attention are
the ones that are gonna win in business moving forward. The third is about being Tai Lopez. Now, don’t worry, you
don’t need to be Tai Lopez, but Tai has been able to
master a very specific skill. Outside of being incredibly polarizing, he is omnipresent. He is absolutely everywhere. He has spent so much
time being omnipresent to so many people that I read a stat that three out of four
males in the United States can tell you who Tai Lopez
by simply looking at a photo. That is absolutely amazing. Now, the beautiful thing
is we can be the Tai Lopez, we can be the big fish in the small pond by being omnipresent, by
continually showing up to those leads that are relevant to us and that we are relevant to. And, by doing this, by creating
this omnipresence effect, we’re consistently top of mind. And, when we’re consistently top of mind, someone is going to
know, like, and trust us, going to lean into how
we can actually help them and, again, will come
back to instead of having all sorts of leads, having less leads, but being in front of them more, being top of mind with them more. The next is the death of the platform. If you believe that you
can only be on one platform and you’re gonna be able to succeed, it is going to be very difficult. Now, it’s really easy to be
able to distribute content that is the same on different platforms engaging different audiences. Because the people that are on Facebook are not on YouTube. The people on YouTube
are not on your blog. The people on your blog perhaps
aren’t on your email list. See, in a world where
we can take our content and be able to distribute
it in different places and repurpose that content
for different audiences for such a small amount
of money in our resources, if you want to be able to
utilize true omnipresence and true ability to be
seen, it’s gonna take more than just one platform. Now, of course, you can
start with one platform, but as you grow, it’s very
simple and very effective to further grow the platforms
where your customers are. And, it’s gonna be more and more important to be on these different
platforms as we progress in online marketing. If you have a marketing
funnel, you realize that a marketing funnel’s
going meet experience, it’s gonna meet intimacy. That means that your marketing funnel is no longer about just bringing people through a pre-defined level of this step, this step, this step. Guess what? Your customers are sophisticated. Further, do you really
wanna have dumb customers that are going to push the actual button because there’s a countdown timer and they think your digital product is going to of away? Chances are you don’t. So, what you need to do is create experiential marketing funnels, the ability for someone to
come in at one entry point based on their mindset on where they are and then from there are
continually fed the content and information that’s based
upon the different levels of where they’re to from
a mindset perspective. The days of one marketing
funnel actually working to be able to get you to
the goals of your business are going to be gone. It’s about being able to bring people in from an entry point of the
deepest, sexiest ability to take a stranger off of the internet and turn them into a lead,
turn them into a follower, turn them into an audience member of yours and then further from
there, it’s about having true, authentic relationships
in a one-to-many way with those people. This allows you to be
able to go past the level of lower end sophistication
because the thing is most people know they’re
in a marketing funnel. And, when someone knows
they’re in a marketing funnel, their ability to trust,
like, and know you decreases because there’s someone
out there that’s willing to have more intimacy than you. So, it’s about having intimacy inside of your marketing funnel instead of trying to create
these huge automations that really, you’re not fooling anyone. And, the very last is
invisible return on investment. Those that are spending
money on brand awareness and audience building, instead
of just lead generation and sales generation, are the ones that are going to succeed. This goes along with
omnipresence and relevancy and those that are going
to be spending money, sharing their content,
sharing their value, and being in front of their audience are the ones that are going to win. It’s no longer about just
spending all your money and all your ad budget
on acquiring new leads that are ready to buy right now. It’s going to become too expensive. The amount of competitors
that are out there that are spending their
money against yours, bidding against you for the
attention that’s out there, is just so high that if
you don’t get smarter, if you don’t realize that
it’s about being able to nurture the leads that you have and being able to show up to them and continually be in front of them, then your ability to
actually market online and do it profitably
because you don’t have a quarter a million dollar
a month marketing budget is going to be really difficult. It’s about meeting
somewhere where they’re too, being in front of them,
and then being able to ensure that you’re
the most relevant choice. So, those are the things that I see that are changing the most. Yeah, there’s all kinds of
tactics and different tools, things like messenger bots,
things like, you know, new levels of and new ways
to able to advertise online, but these are the fundamental strategies and the fundamental changes of society and how your customers are evolving and the marketplace is
evolving as a whole. Take this and apply it to
all your marketing strategies and your ability to
market online successfully and profitably while allowing you to grow a sustainable, scalable
business will be much easier. So, with that said, go implement these and if you need some help,
I got a cool resource right there for you now. Talk soon. Bye. So, if you enjoyed this content and you want more of it,
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that means the most to you. Remember, as entrepreneurs it’s our job to be able to help other entrepreneurs continue to elevate,
allowing us to evolve society and evolve our world. I’ll see you next time. Bye.


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