6.Edit and delete list fields and Merge tags in MC – MailChimp course Bizanosa

6.Edit and delete list fields and Merge tags in MC – MailChimp course Bizanosa

Hey guys, welcome back . So the next thing
that we are to cover in this video is how to add fields here and remove fields.
So let’s say you want to add location; Location or title, how will you go about doing that?
You will come to settings, and then you’ll go to “List Fields and *|MERGE|* tags”
. So this is where all the fields are, you can
see the email address is here. If you also want to change the names…. Or if you want…
if you want the First and the last Name to be required. So If you embed a Form on your
Website, for people to subscribe, they will have to input their name: Their First and
Last Name if you make it
a required Field here. So, we want to add a Field . So the field
we want to add first of all is… is a Text Field . So here is the Field that we’ve
added. Lets say we want to call it TITLE, and TITLE needs to be mandatory.
So you can rename it here, You can rename it to TITLE. If you were to use this in your
template, it would be easier to remember. You’d just put TITLE , the Merge tag *|TITLE|*
. Once you do that you want to save the changes. If you feel like there is a field you don’t
want anymore, you can just come and delete them by clicking on delete.
So lets add another Field …. Then we can go back and take a look at it.
So you will just come back here to “Manage Subscribers” , then click on “View Subscribers”
. We have the new Fields : We have the Title
and the Location Field . So … if you want to add any Fields, you can add as many fields
as you want. If you want to delete a field, you know how to do it.
Just to recap that… If you want to add a field , you go into settings, then you go
into “List Fields and *|MERGE|* tags” . That’s where you can add, delete, change
the names of any of these Fields – of any of these editable fields.
Ok I think that’s enough and feel free to subscribe, like the videos, share and embed
the videos anywhere on your website if you so wish . Guys . Thanks .Till Next time.


  1. Can you tell me how I can delete Merge Tags? Cause when my subscribers now get a Newsletter they can see this 🙁 |FNAME| |LNAME|
    in the field where it's written to: …. thanks for your help

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