6 Ways To Grow Your Email List With Lead Magnets

6 Ways To Grow Your Email List With Lead Magnets

hello I am Nakisha B your online
business trainer welcome to my channel where I teach you step-by-step strategies
and equip you with resources to start and grow your online business in this
video today we’re going to be talking about six highly effective lead magnet
ideas to grow your email list so email is still one of the most powerful and
valuable access on for any online business but before we get started and
talk about the lead magnets let’s talk about what’s what is a leave a and lead
magnet is something that you offer for free in exchange for an email address it
could be content or information or even something that’s um that like access to
you and your knowledge so in other words is something that has value for people
in your target audience in fact it should be valuable to your target
audience that they will be willing to give you
their email address to get access to the lead magnet so how does a lead magnet
fit into the sales process so in short let’s see it helps you get traffic helps
you generate leads it helps you nurture your leads and then it turns your leads
into customers aka make sales so one leave magnet I need to do is do a
challenge there are challenges that I have seen 5 to 7 day challenges or you
can do a 30 day challenge but challenge are fun and highly-effective lead
magnets and challenges where you offer to help someone to achieve a very
specific goal over a very specific period of time challenges with a start
and end date have urgency so this makes the offer that much more compelling
challenges build brand awareness by fostering a sense of community so
everyone is doing a challenge together at the same time you can offer a planner
create a plan a calendar that’s mapped out for someone on a daily or weekly or
monthly basis for example five free meal plan is a great lead
magnet for a busy mom who is struggling to find the time you know to figure out
what’s for dinner every night your lead magnet could even be a blank planner
that’s the that way the user can feel in their own plan so these are blank
planners and they are really useful too because they make it easier for people
to organize their selves and to be able to fill in their own content educational
videos so if you want to take your lead magnet one step further than an
infographic create a video videos not only include visual components but they
have an occupant as well plus you can put real people in front of the camera
or come on camera yourself to really boost your brand you can do an email
course an email course email courses are fairly easy to put together because they
don’t require you to create something you know fancy or downloadable is
essentially just a simple email autoresponder series that teaches users
how to accomplish something specific the best part about email courses is that
they can be used to turn prospects into customers you could create a resource
list a list of resources are really valuable because they are huge time
savers so whenever you pull all of the best stuff together you’re saving your
users a ton of research time checklist is another lead magnet that you can
create and checklists do convert the best out of all the lead magnets
probably because you know they are easily consumed they can they’re
convinced you know everything that the user needs to know is into like an
actionable list and they also are super quick to create and so for example arise
your popular blog post as a checklist and turn into content then you can
combine that content and upgrade it to a two-step opt-in form
you see a big boost in your conversions so that was six highly effective lead
magnet ideas that I gave you but below the video in the description I’m going
to put a link so you can download your free checklists checklists to eighteen
creatively magnet ideas that will actually additional ideas that already
gave you six so with this download you’re going to actually get 18 total so
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