1. Thanks, Anastasia I really love all the Pinterest tips you give as they've helped me a lot.

  2. Hey there,

    Great Video.

    What other tips have you got?

    Right now I am looking at other tip websites



  3. Hey I wanna start online earning but I don't focus on one thing I heard many things of online earning like affiliate marketing, CPA marketing , blogging if I have 100$ to invest which method is good for me pls ans it

  4. Subscribed and Notified. This is just what I've been looking for. Pinterest is just confusing for a beginner. The analytics make no sense.

    On the 80/20 rule: Someone didn't understand the Pareto Principle or just grossly misapplied it. It's not something you can really apply to anything; it just happens. It's likely that 80% of your traffic will be coming due to 20% of your pins. That's all there is to the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule. The only take-away from it here is that you're going to need a lot of pins.

  5. I have been struggling to get traffic to my blog! These tips are priceless! Such a game changer and eye opener, thank you Anastasia 😊

  6. hey anastasia, i have a question about the hack #1. which module & which number of video has the answer for it in your traffic secrets course? Also, when you said, "save pins from other sites…" , did you mean save images directly from 3rd parties individual website(not on pinterest) by surfing around the internet? or literally, repin from other peoples account on pinterest?

  7. Hi,

    Amazing Video.

    What other hints have you got?

    I am looking at other tip websites

    Look forward to your reply


  8. When talking about the auto-fill for pin descriptions, what's the social plug in you mentioned? Say if I'm using a Shopify blog and want to pre-fill those photos descriptions? That part went very fast and I wasn't able to understand all the details! Thanks!

  9. I'm confused with something…..you're posting pins to your website AND your pinterest boards? Maybe I missed how you set that up.

  10. Hello, we have a Pinterest account and are working to update our boards. We are a little confused about what you mean when you stated we would refresh our pins with new images.. how do you edit a photo on an old pin or change it? Fantastic tutorial, by the way! We will have our Digital Marketing team in Ghana sign up for the courses.

  11. Hello.What should I turn on exactly in settings to receive those popular topic emails weekly? Or whenever

  12. Hi anastasia! I really love all your videos. I have a problem regarding Pinterest pin description. As for all, description shown below the pin title. But for me, it's shown up after this line "You save to some baord". If you know anything about this, please help me.
    Do I need to change any settings in my Pinterest account? Thanks 🙂

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