Add Your Social Media Accounts to Your HubSpot Marketing Portal

Add Your Social Media Accounts to Your HubSpot Marketing Portal

Look you’ve worked really hard on that content and you need to share it out on social but to easily share it and to save Time you need to get those social accounts hooked up to your HubSpot portal Now you might think that that sounds super nerdy, but it’s super-easy and we’re gonna cover that in today’s sprocket talk tutorial Hey, this is George beat Thomas from impulse creative And remember if you ever need HubSpot education over this tutorial. Hey, that’s what we’re here for reach out, but let’s get into today’s tutorial So as you can see we are in HubSpot And now what we want to do is we want to get those social media accounts set up And so what we’re gonna do is under marketing we’re going to see that we can click on Social once we do that it’ll load up the default publishing social page But we’re going to want to jump over to the settings area Now one of the things I will tell you that you’ll want to do Beforehand is make sure that you’re logged in to your social accounts so you can see up here. I’m actually logged into my Facebook I’m logged into my Instagram into my LinkedIn into my Twitter and yes, believe it or not into Google+ Hey, if it’s not noisy, you might want to be there just saying and we still have the ability to connect to a Google+ account Inside of your HubSpot portal what we’ll do now that we’re here under accounts We’ll go ahead and hit connect account and you’ll see that we have Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn, Google+ We’re gonna go ahead and click all of those and get them set up. So I’ll do Facebook in Instagram you’re gonna get a pop up that’s going to show up and it’s gonna say what do you want to connect? I’m going to connect my personal account. I’m going to connect my George Benjamin Thomas Facebook page which is really more for like the speaking in business side, and then I’m going to connect the George B, Thomas Instagram account right I’m gonna hit okay And then I am asked if I want to create a post and of course we get the hooray Everybody loves Hearts kitty cats and thumbs up on the internet, but I’m going to say not yet. And those are connected I’m gonna hit Connect account again this time. I’m going to do Twitter again. You’re gonna get a pop-up This pop-up is going to ask you if you want to authorize the app This is why we have our accounts open and logged in we’re gonna go ahead and say authorize that That will then say hooray and again with the kitty cats the hearts and the thumbs up We’ll say not yet will connect to count one more time actually, two more times. We’ll get another pop-up and it’s gonna ask us about LinkedIn and we will just say hey I want to add my personal LinkedIn the page that you have for your company will come along for the ride This is actually already in the system. So I’ll just click it and say ok, and we get her a Hearts thumbs kitty cats not so much exciting as it was the first time or the second time you know, it’d be super interesting if this was a Customizable image or just a different image for the different accounts. Just saying HubSpot will say not yet one more time We’ll connect account one more time We’ll hit Google+ and again you kind of seen a pattern happening here where we’ll get a pop-up will choose George me Thomas at impulse Creative and we will allow these things to happen Then they are all connected the way that you’ll be able to see once you checkmark this and hit Ok, because I did forget about the kitty cats and a thumbs up it not yet Now one of the things you’ll see in here after you have them Connected is you’ll have blog Auto publish. I would honestly say that we never do that. We always create custom social posts you’ll see the share and if you hover over this You’ll see allow other users to share on your accounts if you want to allow them to do that You can keep those check mark but then also because you’re logged in as you you can set them as the default for when you go to launch the Social share tool. Let me just show you real quick if I type in my name Then I see all my accounts that are associated with me and I can just say hey make these My default when I’m logged in so I don’t have to flip around and look for different things here So now that we have our default setup and we’re ready to go we just want to go back over to marketing back over to social and Hopefully you’ve installed this social Chrome extension because it makes your life way easier, but right here We’re gonna just say create a social post in HubSpot. We’re not really going to create that social post We just want to see if we connect on Facebook. Yep. There is George Thomas Instagram George me Thomas Twitter George V Thomas LinkedIn George V Thomas So it’s that simple it’s that easy once you set up HubSpot social sharing you will be able to go through all of your Accounts while you’re floating around on the internet and share all the goodness kitty-cats parts thumbs up Look, if you like this video go ahead and hit the subscribe hit the bell for instant notifications if you need other HubSpot education Or have questions leave them down in the comments or check out the description below until next time This is your boy George B. Thomas at Impulse creative saying happy hub spotting


  1. first minute – under marketing I do not have social. I dont' know why Hubspot makes this so difficult. I've tried for 2 hours to connect a social media account and all the videos dont' correlate to the webiste

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