Affiliate Marketing | 5 Crazy Effective Techniques For Closing a Sale Online

Affiliate Marketing | 5 Crazy Effective Techniques For Closing a Sale Online

– Whether you’re in affiliate marketing, selling digital, or
even physical products, or some services, there’s only one way that you can make money and
that’s by closing sales. You can do everything else right, but if you aren’t making
sales, you aren’t making money. It’s LeahRae from and in this video, I’m
gonna walk you through the different techniques that you can use for closing sales in your online business. Now this is the first video in a series all about closing sales online, so make sure to subscribe
and turn on notifications so you can get all the videos. Now, probably the simplest
method for closing sales when you’re first getting started, or if it’s a high ticket
offer, is over the phone. Well this might not be a super sexy, automated way to make sales. It’s honestly really effective. Learning how to call leads, offer a solution to their problems, and close a sale is a
very valuable skillset. Yes, it takes gumption,
but if you really want to make money quickly, it’s what you do. While it’s usually scary for
folks to get started doing, you get better and better
the more you do it. Plus, as an added benefit,
you really get good at knowing your customer
when you’re talking to them constantly on the phone. This’ll help you in the long term, as you create content for them, or just copywriting on sales
pages, or whatever else. You’ll learn their language, what are their common pain points, what are their common struggles, what are their common goals? All this information is
really helpful as a marketer. Now the higher price your offer, the more effective phone
calls will be for you over the other methods. Now for the first two years,
in our online business, our primary method for closing sales was over the phone. We focused our digital marketing simply on generating leads, and then I would call those leads, see what offer that we had
that would help ’em out, expose ’em to the information,
and close the sale. Now I’ve honestly made tens
of thousands of phone calls, and I’ve gotten really, really good at it. And why do we do it that way? Because we understood that the fastest way to bring money into our
business was by calling leads. And our reason for building
our business online, bringing Todd home from a traveling job, that was enough of a driver
for me to get uncomfortable, and do what needed to be done. Now another method for closing
sales is through email. Again, this is one of many reasons that you need to be
building your email list. Not only can you invite your email list to check out another
method for making sales, like a webinar or a challenge
course, or whatever, but you could also directly
make them an offer. The more you nurture your list by providing great information, content, the more receptive they
will be to making purchases. Now the higher price the offer is, the more convincing or warming up that’ll need to be done in
order for them to purchase. So if you’re directly emailing
an offer to your list, it will work best with
lower priced offers. Number three, sales pages. A common technique online is to directly send
people to a sales page. There may or may not be a video on it, but there’s usually a ton of information, with really good copywriting,
all about the offer. Because of the skill
needed to put together an effective sales page, this is something typically done as you get more advanced
in your marketing. Also, the higher the price point, the more warming up will be needed, so I would keep this
to lower price offers. Now the fourth method is one
of my favorites, challenges. This is where you give
people short daily lessons often with an assignment or two, over a series of days. On the final day, you make
your pitch for your offer. Obviously, this all needs to be congruent. The content of the challenge, and the offer that is presented, as a way to help them, help
them proceed to the next step, help them solve a problem
that they’re facing. Now there are several ways
to deliver this content. You could use Facebook groups, you can use your own membership sites, even email or Facebook messenger bots. What’s great about this is that
you’re building familiarity with your audience, with a daily content. Banking up that know,
like and trust factor that is needed to make a purchase. So they are very open to hear your offer when the time comes. Now the fifth method to make
sales in your online business is through webinars. This is also one of my
very favorite methods for making sales. It can be fully automated,
and when you get good at it, it can provide a very large income stream for you business. Now when you have a good webinar in place, you really only have to
worry about generating leads or getting registrants for your webinar, which can be done both
organically and through paid ads. Now a good webinar, it
provides great information, and offers a paid option for
them to take the next step to help solve their problems. Now, if you want to check out a great affiliate marketing program that takes care of the closing for you, then you definitely want to click the link at the top of the description to check out our number one recommendation for making money online. Now, please know that
we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So, subscribe, so that
we can help you do that. If you’re new to our channel, say hi, so that we can welcome
you to the community. Again, this is LeahRae
from, and I’ll see ya soon.


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  2. Great tips for closing the sale online! I know some people who might benefit from these tips, so will be sure to share. Thank you for your smart insight!

  3. These are great tips to close a sale. I like how you flowed from your content to your offer. That was smooth. Thanks for the techniques.

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