Affiliate Marketing For Beginners #4: My $1,000,000 Content Strategies [2019]

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners #4: My $1,000,000 Content Strategies [2019]

– Hey, what is going on you guys? Welcome back to the channel. Hope you’re having a great day so far. So we’re gonna continue my series here on affiliate marketing for beginners. I took a little bit of a break as I was moving, so I
do apologize about that. We’re gonna continue right along here. And in this video today
we’re gonna be talking about how to figure out what content to create with your affiliate marketing business. And at the end of the day content is ultimately going to be the
life blood of your business, but I wanna help you
take all the guess work out of your content creation by showing you three legit
methods for figuring out exactly what type of content
you should be producing. And the way that you wanna think about it is that each piece of content is going to potentially
become an oil well for you that’s going to continue to deliver oil. Now this could be in
the form of conversions for your affiliates. This could be the form of emails while you’re building your email list, which we’re gonna talk
about in the next video. Or it’s just getting you new subscribers and new people watching your videos and joining your community. So content is king at the end of the day, but we’re gonna take the
guess work out of it. I’m gonna show you guys
exactly how to figure out what content to produce based on your niche, showing you
three different methods. Now method number one, we’re going to use YouTube. And essentially what you’re
going to be doing here is looking at other
channels in your niche, and looking at the
content they’re producing, and then figuring out okay
this is probably good content. And then making your own
version of those videos. So we’re gonna be using
the vegan niche here, vegan cooking for this example. Just one that I pulled out of thin air. And so I’m gonna go ahead over to YouTube now and I’m gonna type in vegan cooking, and we’re going to see what
channels are already out there if you were trying to get into this niche. So after we typed vegan cooking
into the search bar here we see a number of
different videos popping up. And what we’re looking for right now is not specific videos, but we’re actually looking
for specific channels. Now you can do this with as
many channels as you want to, but I’m gonna keep this video short so we can get to the other
two research examples. And we’re just gonna do this
with one specific channel. What you’re going to be doing is taking a look at their videos and in particular their
most popular videos. So this channel is
called Avant Garde Vegan. Ii don’t know anything about it, but we’re gonna click on it and we’re gonna look at
their most popular videos. So essentially what you’re going to do, you’re going to navigate
to that channel’s page, you’re going to click on videos, and over here on the right hand side you’re gonna click on sort by and most popular videos. Because this guy has
obviously created a lot of videos in the vegan cooking space, but we wanna know what are
the most popular videos. Essentially he’s already done
the market research for you by making pIeces Of Content, and you can see what are
the most popular ones. That way you can identify the demand for that content and possibly make your own version of that content. So as we can see here
his post popular videos, high protein vegan meal prep, 3.4 million views. Budget vegan meal prep. I’m not gonna go through a ton of examples here, but essentially this is method number one for figuring out what content to produce. It is simply looking at what has already worked for other people. And it’s easiest to do this
with a YouTube channel, but you could also do it with a blog or other different platforms out there. Okay, now the second method for doing this is going to leverage a
lesser known platform know as Facebook. And obviously I’m joking about that. It is the biggest social
media platform out there. Maybe Instagram’s bigger at this point, I don’t know. But what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be
joining Facebook groups related to the niche you
are looking to get into. And you’re not going to
be spamming these groups saying hey come watch
my videos, none of that. What you’re going to be doing is becoming an active
member of that community. And you’re gonna be looking at the questions that people are asking. And if a lot of people are
asking the same questions, that’s probably a good
piece of content to produce. And you can also make your own posts within these groups and ask them hey, what are your pain points? Or what are you looking to
learn about vegan cooking? Tell then you’re starting up your own blog or YouTube channel or whatever it may be, and say I’m looking for ideas for content to produce,
what do you guys think? So you simply go to the
search bar on Facebook, type in vegan and then
you can choose to look at only Facebook groups. And I actually belong to one. I was a vegan for about a week, before I decided that wasn’t for me. But basically, you know, look at the size of some of these groups, vegetarian and vegan recipes. 657,000 members, what broke eagans, eagns, whet broke vegans eat. That might even be a good
piece of content right there. And essentially you’re going to click and you’re gonna join these groups. And you’re gonna go into each one and look at what people are sharing. And then ask questions, be active in that community, and get market research
from these Facebook groups. No matter what the niche is out there, I can almost guarantee you will find Facebook groups in that niche that you can ask questions and become an active
member of that community. And then the third and final
method I’m gonna show you guys is something called the
Google keyboard planner. And essentially what this is, it’s a tool for advertisers
to find related key words to the ones that they put in. Now you might actually have
to have a Google ads account in order to use this feature, but you don’t actually have
to spend any money on ads to have access to the keyword planner. And essentially what you’re doing here is you’re putting in a searched term and they you’re going to
be getting related terms as a result. And you can use this
as a data driven factor to decide what content to produce. So as you can see here, a couple of examples, easy vegan recipes, vegan dinner recipes, and there are over 921 results of terms related to vegan cooking. Simple vegan recopies, easy vegan meals, best vegan recipes. So you can use any of these methods, all of these methods, and create a massive, never ending list of content that you’re
going to be producing. Now how is this content making you money? Well maybe you’re going
to be linking to some of your favorite vegan foods that are available for purchase on Amazon. Or maybe you’re going to find
a vegan meal prep company that preps meals for people and you’re going to establish
a relationship with them. Or maybe there’s specific
utensils and tools or meal prep kits you recommend. You just have to think outside the box and figure out how to leverage affiliate marketing for this business. But as far as content creation goes, these three strategies
take all of the guesswork out of the equation. So that is essentially my strategies when it comes down to figuring
out what content to produce and that is going to
basically wrap up this video. If you guys are looking
to go deeper here with me and have me mentor you one on one and teach you my affiliate
marketing methods, I do have mu full course, which is called Steal My Business Model, Six Figure Affiliate Marketing. And I just wanted to real
quick give you a sneak peak of the Facebook group which
is a private community where you guys can ask
me any questions you have about affiliate marketing. Just to show you some of the
examples of the engagements and conversations that are happening in here every single day. So for example here Kevin is asking about what is the best color scheme to be using for his Instagram posts. Andrew is asking us about whether or not you should be running ads on your blog, or should you just be
leveraging affiliate marketing? There are great questions
and conversations happening like this every single day over in the Six Figure Affiliate
Marketing Facebook group, which is a part of my full blown course. If you guys are on the fence still and you’re not quite
sure if this is for you, at the very least go ahead and click the top link in the description. And join that completely free
affiliate marketing training. It’s about two hours long and it’s gonna answer most if not all of the questions you have about the basics of starting out with affiliate marketing. But until next time I
will see you guys there, and I hope you have a
great rest of your day.


  1. Kind of unrelated to this video. But, it has been a bit since you have done a video analyzing a stock in your portfolio. Do you plan on making another one of those type videos? I really enjoyed those.

  2. Did anyone else didn't get any notifications that this video was uploaded? I saw this on the home page and when I checked on my subscription tab it does not say this video was uploaded. I even have the notification bell on, that's weird.

  3. Great stuff Ryan. Working my way up the ladder with my own content. Love creating evergreen content. Just like an online version of real estate. Once you create it, it can pay you for a long time to come if monetized correctly.

  4. Wow, I am a vegan myself (raw vegan)! What about your eating habits, Ryan? Are you a vegan, vegetarian?

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