Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [$50 Per Day Method] 2019

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [$50 Per Day Method] 2019

affiliate marketing for beginners in
this video I’m going to show you how you can make $50 a day just getting started
with affiliate marketing now a $50 a day a lot of people say oh that’s not a
whole lot of money mark and I say well that’s about $1,500 a month and that
pays most people’s mortgage payment not necessarily here in California but it
does pay most people’s mortgage payment now
I’ve been selling and doing things online for a long long time and I
started affiliate marketing back in about 2008 you can see from the
screenshot here this is from 2009 and I’ll move it right on through to this
screenshot here which was just in March so again I’ve been doing affiliate
marketing for over a decade now let’s start getting you on affiliate marketing
today before we continue be sure to subscribe to the channel so that you will get notified every time I make a new video now let’s jump on over to the
computer and get started okay so over here at the computer and we’re on
warrior + and warrior + is an affiliate network it’s very much like Clickbank it
really has a lot of how to make money online types of offers from different
vendors you can see here we can go jump into the category section marketing
education platforms industry software services things like this but what we
want to do in order to find our offer or fund and offer so that we can make 50
dollars a day is come over here to affiliate and let’s click on offers
because we are the affiliate and you can see that there is a whole list of things
that come up and I want to make sure that I am a promoting something recent
so I’m going to be looking at the launch date I can look at the various aspects
of this particular vendor top 1% said 20 featured offers so you can see that this
guy has been in warrior Plus for a while and doing some good things he’s had
2,000 sales and this thing just launched in late March so this isn’t even
was just over a week old not even two weeks old good conversion rate 23%
visitor value average sale etc so you can see and I forgot to mention the
pulse the heartbeat here it’s got a good high strong heartbeat
indication which is kind of like the gravity score in Clickbank but this is
warrior pluses version of that so as we go through here we can look for various
offers you could search for an offer here you could type in a vendor name if
you knew it you could sort and filter and do things I’m just gonna show you a
little bit about picking an offer and go into that affiliate or the vendors page
and then I’m gonna let you make your own decisions from there but I think that
there are a few criteria that I want to point out that are important so as I
just scroll down here real quick and again I don’t want to spend a whole lot
of time on it but I am looking something here towards the top I’m looking for
something and remember I’m not filtering or searching by anything in particular
I’m just kind of taking a look but I want to make sure that it’s it’s recent
its add quite a few sales this particular vendor is in the top 5% has
had six featured offers so this all looks pretty good to me you can see here
the average sale refund rate so I’m just gonna jump in to this one and if we just
come over here and click into it if you like these videos and tutorials that I
produce then let me know by liking this video that way more people will get the
opportunity to see it you’ll see a lot of these you need to get there’s some
that you don’t but a lot of these you’ll need to get approved by the vendor very
simple to do you can just follow this request approval process but just
looking here at this information I want to come into the products tab and what
this is gonna show me is this is going to show me these are the various upsells
and down cells that go through this vendors funnel for this particular offer
and you can see front end offer is $12 what I’m looking
for what I’m looking for is something that’s gonna pay me a hundred percent 90
percent 100 percent commission on this first sale because this is the biggest
one that I want to try to make and then yes I will get some residual sale on
through their funnel but I always want to make sure that this is a hundred
percent and that my price point is pretty good really I like something
that’s somewhere between fifteen or twenty dollars on this front end offer
because again we’re trying to make fifty dollars a day so a couple of sales two
or three sales would make me fifty dollars just on the front end offer I
don’t really want to have to count on getting some of these upsell or down
sell offers to make my fifty dollars this will just be the bonus that comes
when some of these other offers come through but you can kind of see here
they have a little map laid out of their upsells downsells and how they’re going
to do it but aside from this being just a couple dollars less than where I would
like my entry point to be at fifteen this looks pretty good
so we can go back to the overview and consider this to be our you know winning
product we can jump over to the sales page and take a peek make sure that the
sales page is something that looks good and we can look at their JV page and
this is how we’re going to sign up to get approved but you can see here kind
of come down here and just see looks like they’re they have a email swipe
file which is great I covered a lot of this in an earlier video that I did on
solo ads affiliate marketing and solo ads you can see there should be a link
in the description I mean the top corner link in the description for that video
but also in the top corner there should be a card that pops up that’ll show you
in more detail that video but they do have a swipe file so that’s good I’m
just going to close out of a couple of these windows and let’s say that this is
the offer that I wanted to go with and this is one
free traffic so what do we do step one is we have identified an offer that we
want to promote to make fifty dollars a day from the second thing that we’re
going to need to do is we’re going to need to get a lead capture page so when
we send people to our offer we want to send them to a squeeze page or a very
easy landing page because we want to collect their email addresses email
addresses are the single most critical thing to capture from people because we
can create a list based on a particular niche and then we can not only try to
make our $50 a day from this process but next time we need to we start a campaign
we can email that same group of people an email and offer and it won’t cost us
anything that marketing won’t effectively cost us anything because
we’re building our list so come over to leadpages you need an autoresponder an
email autoresponder you have any comments you’d like to share then be
sure and put them down below if anything just put hashtag mortgage payment if
this video is helping you out so leadpages is probably one of the easiest
squeeze pages that we can hook our autoresponder into then our
autoresponder is going to be MailChimp MailChimp is one of my favorites you
could use a weber you could use any number of autoresponders that you want
to the autoresponder is what is going to capture that email address and then
automatically send them an email or a series of emails kind of in a drip
sequence to try to get people into the funnel and into the sales process but
what we do is we will tie MailChimp into our leadpages squeeze page so this will
be our landing page leech bait leadpages is one it’s super easy to use it’s one
of the least expensive solutions on the internet for us so I recommend doing it
I don’t have an affiliate link to them or affiliate with them or anything I’m
just recommending it to you you can see when you sign up for an account you
could see you can come in to their templates section and we can template
something use the template template something we can use a template
and just craft it to match the message of our offer and if you need a little
help you can go over to the sales page for the affiliate vendor and you can use
some of the headlines here again I’ve done all this in my previous solo ad
video but you’ll use a little bit of the information from here you don’t want
your lead page to be your squeeze page to be too wordy you certainly don’t want
it to be this wordy this is the sales page we want to get people to our
squeeze page first and we’re going to do that by offering them something for free
so if we run Facebook ads or YouTube ads or Google ads or solo ads whatever the
case may be we’re going to entice people to click over to our lead page to get
something for free and what we’re going to give them is something that is
relative to what our overall offer here is and what we can do is if you have a
PDF or something that you can give them as a free download some good valuable
information then that’s great if you don’t then you can come over here to
master resell rights calm and you can do a search for you do a search for
anything what we want is free traffic something along those lines we can offer
something like free traffic that would help if I spell traffic correctly and
you can see here that we can get any number of different ebooks like internet
marketing is $5 here’s YouTube marketing SEO we can look at some of this kind of
stuff and see if any of this is relative to our offer they don’t have to be
perfect but what we do is we buy this and then we have the resale rights to
redistribute it if we get master resale rights then we can even rebrand it with
our own brand on there and remove the branding from some of these vendors but
this is your lead magnet this is the thing that is going to attract people to
giving you their email address because in turn you’re going to email them this
free ebook and what happens is you will take this it’ll be a
EDF it’ll be a digital document and you’ll load that into your email
marketing autoresponder so that when people fill out your form on your
squeeze page their name and their email address to get this free PDF you’re
going to send it to them by way of MailChimp or Aweber whatever you choose
you’re gonna send this document to them and then you’re instantly in the you’re
instantly going to send them over to this page and in the email you send is
going to be a link back to this page so how do we get our people to see our
offer in the first place just like I said a minute ago whether it’s Facebook
Ads YouTube ads Google Ads solo ads you know
what have you you take your pick I would recommend especially for
beginners just come on here to you to me udemy is a great place for solo ads solo
ads are a list these people have email lists of people that are interested in a
particular topic or niche and you can come through here and order solo ads
from someone and they will start to deliver traffic from their email list to
your offer to your lead page to your squeeze page usually within 24 hours if
you need to I did a very exhaustive kind of tutorial on how to use you to me and
again I keep referring to this here’s my YouTube channel if you scroll down
here’s a my affiliate marketing for beginners Clickbank and solo ads there’s
a lot of great information in there just click on the link again there’ll be a
card for this video if you just click on that link it’ll take you over there and
it’ll explain a lot more in detail about how to use you to me but in a nutshell
that’s how you can make 50 dollars a day with affiliate marketing you know I love
ecommerce I love ecommerce but man I love affiliate marketing because I don’t
have customer service I don’t have physical products I don’t like shipping
I don’t have returns I don’t have any of that stuff to worry about it literally
just make money in my sleep with affiliate marketing so once again to
wrap it all up find an offer on warrior Plus create a landing squeeze page on
leadpages use a lead magnet that you’re going to give away for free
from master resell rights you’re going to deliver that to them using MailChimp
that you’ve hooked back into your lead page and then ultimately to get some
initial traffic to your offer you solo ass with you to me and in a nutshell
that’s how you can make 50 dollars a day with affiliate marketing making fifty
dollars a day with affiliate marketing that’s all it takes to get started it’s
so easy to do anyone can do it you can do it just apply yourself today if you
can make $50 a day with affiliate marketing you can make a hundred and if
you can make $100 a day with affiliate marketing you can make two three four
five hundred sky’s the limit but you have to get started today don’t forget
to subscribe to the channel so that you’ll stay notified of all the videos
that I publish also download my free ebook on how to launch knockout products
on Amazon be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified of future videos
and don’t forget to like this video now watch that video next go ahead watch that video video video


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