Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | How To Make Sales When You’re New

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | How To Make Sales When You’re New

– Ever get some doubts? Wonder why people would buy
from, join, follow, watch you when there’s all these already successful brands, gurus, personalities out there? Well, I know I felt that way. Both Todd and I did when we
first got started online. We didn’t have any success
to speak of previously, but we took action but that
doubt was there, right? I remember it. I remember taking action,
doing what we needed to do, starting to build that audience, but why in the world would they join us? We didn’t have any success yet. Why would they buy from us? What we didn’t understand then is that there’s a huge
advantage to being new. We quickly learned about it and started leveraging that advantage as the sales and the
sign-ups and everything started coming through for us online. But what I want to help
you do is understand that as a newbie, if that’s where you are, there is a huge advantage to that. Hey, it’s LeahRae from and I feel your pain. We have been there and
we’ve gotten through it and I want to teach you
how to use the advantage of being new online so
you can start making sales and growing your
audience, so stick around. (intense music) Now one of the main things that you have that someone who’s
already successful doesn’t is that you have the
time and the availability to get to know and engage
with your audience more. Once you have, say an email list, like I think our list
is like 40,000 people or something right now. Well that’s a lot of people. There’s absolutely no way
that I know even a fraction of who those people actually are. I haven’t been able to engage with them or interact with them personally so that’s a challenge that comes with the more successful you are. But when you’re new, you’ve
got that time freedom, you’ve got that ability that if you’re generating
a couple leads a day, a handful of leads a day,
you can actually reach out, pick up the phone, call
people, talk to people, message with them, email
with them, whatever directly. And you’re building more of
that know, like and trust factor and more of that rapport. Now another thing is that the
longer you’ve been doing this, the more success that you’ve
created in your business, the more distance that
there is between you and the brand new beginner, right? It becomes harder to relate to people who are just getting
started who are, of course, still struggling and
are trying to find air and find a way to be successful online. So when you’re new, you’re much closer to where that brand new person is. Maybe you’re just a couple
steps ahead of them. Maybe you’re still struggling, you haven’t figured it out yet, but hey, you created your YouTube channel or you created your Instagram account and now you’ve got a few followers, right? You got a little content that you created. Whatever it is, you’re a
couple steps ahead of them. You can relate, you
understand the thoughts, the fears, the worries, the goals, the things that they’re
working towards, their dreams, a lot fresher if you will, than someone who is more successful and further down the road. Plus, they’re gonna see you
as someone much more relatable than someone who’s already successful. I know we actually had this happen. We had a Facebook group where we were teaching online marketing and it’s really funny, we had
a gal go through the training we were providing in the
group and get some results. She generated her very
first 10 leads online. Fabulous, right? Big stepping stone for her. In the group she simply made a post saying how awesome the training was
and she got her first 10 leads. Instead of all the people
in the group who had access to the same training from us
who could’ve asked us about it or actually gone to the training
we already provided them, they started asking her,
privately messaging her, commenting on the post, everything else asking her what she was doing. Why? Because she was new. But she had had the breakthrough that they were looking to get. And so she could understand,
she could help them make that very first same step. They saw us as a bit too distant, someone who’s a bit more advanced
and further away from that and it was much less relatable. One thing that you have to remember is that people really
don’t care about you. They don’t care about your
success or what you’ve done, all this kind of stuff. What they care about is
how you can help them. It’s all about them. If they see you as someone
that can help them, that’s what’s important
and that’s what moves them to buy, to follow, to watch, to engage, whatever it is. They have to see you as
someone who can help them. The moment that you start doing something that they aren’t doing
yet, there’s a shift. There’s a shift and they begin to see you as some authority figure, as having some level
of authority over them. So maybe you’re sharing helpful
information on social media. They’re gonna start to see
you as an authority in that, so you’ve got a fitness business, start sharing some fitness
tips or quick morning stretches that you can do before you
go to work or whatever. They’re gonna start to see
you as an authority there. Maybe you do Facebook Lives and they’ve never done a Facebook Live. Obviously they’re gonna start to see you as some level of authority
in that relationship. Maybe you have your
personally-branded website. That’s awesome. If they don’t have that yet,
there’s definitely a shift. There’s a level of authority given to you because you’re a step
further in the process. Just a few months after
we got started online, I called our leads. I called every single lead
that gave us a phone number when they came in because
that’s the hustle part of making money quicker
when you first get started. I called a lead, and it was really funny, we were just a few months into this, still really figuring it out and he said that he followed
three people online, two ginormous names – at the time we were in the network marketing world- it was Ray Higdon and Eric Worre and us. We were the third. And we were like, “Oh my
gosh, we’re like brand new.” He doesn’t realize that and
he started talking about seeing us on stage with them and all this and we were like, “Whoa” right? Whoa. Because we had that level of authority because we had taken the steps
that he hadn’t yet taken. Maybe you’re on Instagram and you now have reached
2000 followers on Instagram, if you run into someone who has 50, they’re gonna be impressed, right? You’re gonna have a
level of authority there. Now all you have to do is to
teach people as you learn. If you learn to generate
your very first lead, teach people. If you learn to lose your
first five pounds, teach that. If you learn to cook your
very first all-clean, homemade scratch meal, teach it. Whatever fits your
brand and your audience, as you’re learning these
things, share it with them and share your journey as you go. Share your lessons learned,
things that went well, things that didn’t go well. You may have heard of Pat Flynn. He is an amazing marketer, love his stuff. He’s made a fortune doing the same thing. That’s how he created his brand. Not as the go-to guru but as
someone who was on a journey and was sharing with you
the lessons he was learning along the way. So there’s a lot you
can do with this, guys. But when you are new, use
the advantage of being new. Get to really know your
audience, engage with them. Keep taking the steps
that you need to grow and share with them as you’re doing that so that you can build that
know, like and trust factor and you can get sales. I hope you got some value from this, it’s helping you shift your mind and understand the
advantages that you have as someone who’s new online. Make sure to give us a
thumbs up if you did. Comment to let us know,
share out on social media and subscribe if you
haven’t done that yet. We are here to help you out
and we greatly appreciate you. Take care.


  1. Getting the first sale for a company is always the hardest, once I get my first one I got so excited to get more! 💰

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