Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing Program

What is up everybody its Natalie from Be sure to watch this video to the very end because we are gonna reveal the best affiliate marketing programs if you don’t know
what affiliate marketing is if you don’t know where to start if you don’t know
what products to promote then keep on watching so what is affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing is when you go and you promote other people’s proven
products affiliate marketing is everywhere you might not be aware of
that but all the big brands that you know about they have affiliate marketing
programs so how it goes is if you want to become an affiliate you go and you
signup to the company’s affiliate program to become an affiliate and once
you do they give you an affiliate link and all you have to do is go market and
promote this affiliate link of the product or service that you are trying
to sell and once you make a sale you get a freakin commission now all affiliate marketing programs are different and they would fall in either one of these
three categories and the first one is called and these are programs where the commission is between 1 to 20% there really isn’t a specific
range but these are products that when you sell you have to sell plenty of
times in order to make a decent monthly commission so say for example your goal
is to make so in order to make 3000 got it so in order to make $3,000 a month you would have to sell that product 150 times which is not very sexy it’s not like you
know it doesn’t sound very nice to live your life like that so examples of these
products would be a very well known online e-commerce store and that’s called Amazon’s got tons of products in their website so you can actually sign up to become an Amazon affiliate which is called Amazon
Associates if you google Amazon Associates you can become an Amazon
affiliate and that is where you are gonna be able to promote any one of
the products over there and get a commission if anyone buys through your
affiliate link and these are what youtubers are doing if you’ve seen anywhere in other like if you watch makeup tutorials you know and they say ah if
you want to know where I got it then click the link down below so yeah that’s how they do it the next category is called and this is where you can earn anywhere in between
40 to 60 % again there isn’t really a
specific range but you can earn like you know $200 $500 $700 $1000 you know you
wouldn’t have to sell it as many times to make a decent income although it
would be really hard to sell because it is expensive so one example of where you can find a high ticket affiliate program is a
website called and these are where you can promote courses or high ticket digital products and you wouldn’t have to sell them as many times you just
have to sell like one to ten times a month in order to make a decent monthly
income and the third and last category is called and this is personally my favorite because it is
totally the definition of a passive income business reason being is you make
a sale one time okay but you keep on getting paid commissions every single
month after why because you are selling subscription-based services you are
selling a software or anything that has a membership so all you have to do is
sell to someone one time and when they subscribe or become a member as long as
they are paying their monthly subscription then you are getting
passive income every single time now if i were to choose only one okay between
low ticket high ticket and recurring commissions I would choose recurring
commissions because yeah as much as high ticket it’s a good deal you are still
having to be active you have to still sell to someone and it’s really hard to
sell a high ticket product but you only get commission if you make a sale and
even if their recurring commissions were like say $10 a sale okay I only make $10 a
sale but if I get paid $10 every month for eating sleeping and pooping why
wouldn’t you want that then when you build and you sell to ten people you
would be earning $1,000 no that’s wrong you’d be selling $100 every month if you
sell to 100 people you would be earning $1,000 every one if you sell to
300 people then you would be earning $3000 every month for nothing
nothing you’ve already made the sale once you just have to build up and sell
to 300 people in your lifetime and then you can be getting paid $3,000
every month so that was that guys that were the three categories of affiliate
marketing programs it’s up to you whatever you want to do honestly I
wouldn’t choose low ticket for the life of me because that’s just for the
desperate people you know like you have to actively sell something and just get
like $5 why would you do that like your time is precious right so if you’re
gonna use your time make the most of it I hope this video helped you to decide
which one is the best affiliate marketing program for you and which
category to go for if you’d like to know what I suggest to be the best recurring affiliate marketing program then click the link down below where we teach you everything about it
how to nail your affiliate sales and guys thank you
guys so much for watching I’ll see you on the next one Peace!


  1. Nice vids .. So I was wondering if all/ most of the banner ads posted on the side or like pop ups in some blogs or websites..could just be affiliates rather than paid ads?

  2. Thank you for this video. This is an area I am really weak in. Do you have any other videos on how to actually implement a video marketing program

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