Aliko Dangote’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@AlikoDangote)

Aliko Dangote’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@AlikoDangote)

– He’s a Nigerian billionaire
and founder of the Dangote Group. His company operates in Nigeria
and other African countries. He has an estimated net worth
of 18.6 billion dollars. He’s Aliko Dandote, and here are his top 10 rules for success. – Well to be a good leader. You have to be a very good listener. You have to listen to people, you have to also to quite relative advice. You have to make sure that it is not what you tell people to do. You have to crack your brains and have quite a lot of what you call advice from your own team. It has to be a teamwork, because there’s no way you can make it as a person without a good team. – You must be consistent. When you try a business and you start, you might have hiccups here and there. It does not mean that that
business is not going to work, there must be challenges. In fact what I keep saying is that life without challenges
is very, very boring. So if you have challenges
you just have to know how to work out and work
around these challenges, and you’ll be successful
once you are consistent. What business doesn’t like
is for you to try something and then once you have one or two problems now you want to change or
move into another business. That doesn’t work in business at all. The way that the data is, you need to have a lot of
information identified to you so it will allow you to make decisions. To also take the right decisions. What I was doing five years ago, if I tried to do them without the information that we have today, it’s just not going to happen at all. Well the problem with some of
our young graduation today, they just want to jump and see themselves up there overnight. It doesn’t really happen. What you need to do is
to be very, very focused, as a person, and be dedicated to
whatever that you are doing. It is not really good for you to now go out and try something, then after a month you just
say ‘No, it doesn’t work’. You jump into something else. I think you need to be very, very focused in what you are doing. Once you believe in what you are doing, you should not take your
either business or job as something that you must do. Okay, you must take it
as part of your hobby. If it’s part of your hobby,
then you do it better. You want to try to think ahead. In business sometimes what’s good today might not be good tomorrow. So you need to look at, if you have the means, there’s nothing really
like diversification. Sometimes you do quite a
lot of diversification, and then you consolidate
before you move forward. You can not just keep
expanding and expanding, because sometimes when you over expand, it comes possible to prices overages. So you need at least once
in a while to consolidate. When you look at, you
know, it is really common for somebody to leave banking and go and start something totally new. Especially in an area
of events management. At the time that she left the bank, which was 10 years ago. Nobody thought that something
like events management would actually succeed, but I mean it is good, this is really what you
call entrepreneurship, and also a vision. She had a vision and she is
able to actualize our vision. Just like myself, I
remember one time I went to address a retrieval at
First Bank of Nigeria. When I was selling in
First Bank of Nigeria. This is where Dangote is going to be in the next five years. I was not really that big
at the time that I went there to address them. I’m sure they couldn’t really believe what I was saying then, but I remember at a point the MG said they are really shocked at how we actually been able to make it and
also actualize our vision. So I think with this
thing that she has done, I personally believe that this is just the beginning of the journey. Because she has the vision and I’m sure if she continues to do it, this can turn into another big business. Like I always say, look for one entrepreneur, there are no boundaries. Not only are there no boundaries, you can actually excel much
more than your own expectation. That’s really what I expect
of an entrepreneur to be. Not to just just say okay fine I have a vision
and only achieve that vision. You need to have a vision and a mission so then you can actually actualize it and also excel. I had somebody who came
to interview me one time, and I told him that yes,
three, four, five years ago, I never ever expected myself
to be on the Forbes list, but right now the vision that I have, and also my own mission, is actually to be on top of the light. Not even where I am today. That’s really how a
visionary person should be. Hard work. I mean that we are very focused, we are a very focused company. We don’t really go into things
that we don’t understand. Any business that I
don’t understand as well, I don’t do it at all. That’s really why we’re successful. To be an entrepreneur and
also to be a visionary person, you have to actually be very, very bold. You have to be ready to
take calculated risks. Not just any risks, you have
to take a calculated risk. You have to think big, if you think small, you’ll always have been small in life. The way that we operate as a company, especially in Dangote, just like earlier I said we have a vision. That vision will have a strategy of how we’re going to achieve the vision. Which we do normally do
over a period of five years. Like today, we know where we are going. Even this investment that I announced of 400 million dollars here. I didn’t just sit down on
my own and just say it. It is part of our strategy
plan to invest in Kenya. To be serious, if you want
to be the next Dangote, is that, you have to have a very big heart. You have to take quite a lot
of risks, calculated risks. First of all you have to
make sure that you’re honest. You must make sure that
you don’t destroy the name. Because your name is very important. That the most valuable asset
that you have going forward. If you don’t have a good
name, even the banks. It doesn’t matter how big you are, they’re not going to touch. – [Female] True. – So you must make sure that you have a very, very good name. Number three, you have to make sure that you say that look, nothing is impossible. Once you say that yes
nothing is impossible, it means that you can
actually achieve that target. – Thank you so much for watching. I made this video because
Narie Abba asked me to. So if there’s a famous
entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it in the comments below
and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know
which of Aliko Dangote’s top 10 rules had the
biggest impact on you. Leave it in the comments, I’m
going to join the discussion. Thank you so much for watching, choose to believe, and I’ll see you soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing. As for me, almost all the 10 point touch and I had jotted each point down to apply to my own business. But most importantly; Think big!

  2. Integrity and zero ego! very inspiring!
    Honesty❤"Honesty is a very expensive thing,dont expect it from cheap people" W.Buffet…

  3. #10 your name is your most valuable asset. It's in the Bible…ecclesiastes (the richest man who ever lived) 7:1 "A good name is better than precious ointment" (KJV).
    Evan maybe you can come up with top 10 rules for success according to King Solomon. What do you think?

  4. Kudos Evan! Your works are absolutely outstanding. I admire you.
    Dangote's rule that struck me is 'Be consistent.' He said "life without challenges is very very boring" and I completely concur.
    However, I'd love you to profile Mira Mehta, CEO Tomato Jos. Thanks.

  5. Boy I would have been note taking on my hand with a crayon raising my hand asking him to spell it lolol sound it out….slow down SPEAK louder lolol….once in a lifetime opportunity….sorry y'all I just really would have gotten on this man's last nerve lmbo, " Excuse me sir but can we please just touch foreheads ??..?… maybe……

  6. Dangote should run for Nigerian president … He is the only one that has actually made and is still making good impact to the Nigerian economy

  7. Thanks Evan, I believe in having a vision then a mission! Evan you are appreciated for providing these valuable tools for growth and self development.

  8. I like when he said “ protect your name “ be honest, that speaks a lot about his integrity. Nice one

  9. i like the rule of ' name .. as the most valuable asset .. it has changed and made my day great , thanks for sharing . i watch your vidios dAILY

  10. Sir, I am from Africa and we African we waiting for you to create Aliko Dangote rules for success volume II, I hope you will help us to create thank you sir!

  11. His got wisdom for greatness, this is how men odd to think and work hard…….having a vision and mission

  12. I will be bigger and richer than this honourable man. Watch out…Great is the glory of the Lord.

  13. #7 Do only things you understand, I like that. I've wasted money on businesses I knew nothing about.

  14. 1. Your name is your most valuable asset 2. Nothing is impossible 3. Think BIG… if u think small you will remain small 👌 Thanks Aliko Dangote 🙏🙌🙌

  15. Be honest and never destroy ur name because is the best valuable asset you have on the earth. I love this

  16. Men those were really deep… An entrepreneur just starting out like I was 10 years ago might not really understand what the man is saying… But after 10 years I can tell you that all those points that He mentioned is the gospel truth – without those things locked down making a £million is preety much impossible.. you have that, you can make a £million very easily – I would say in any industry.. even selling sand to an arab… I think I will make a video digging deep into each of these points as it might help an entrepreneur who is just starting out… you do not need to waste 10 years…

  17. everything he said is important for all of us as human being, even for those who don't want to be billionaire.

  18. Great man ,wise shorts for fellow Africans.I like this man though rich as he is he still lives and invest in africa

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