Amazon Associates Tutorial 2019 (Start Affiliate Marketing TODAY!)

Amazon Associates Tutorial 2019 (Start Affiliate Marketing TODAY!)

What’s up, today’s all about Amazon affiliate marketing how to get into it and start making passive income right away I got a ton of stuff to show you. So let’s jump into it Here we are on my computer. Again Amazon affiliate marketing there’s gonna be a complete step-by-step tutorial for beginners whether you’re a blogger Youtuber any other social media accounts you might have that you can start recommending products and earning passive Income on so what I’m going to show you today is first how to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program There is application process. I’m gonna go through that with you step-by-step and give you some tips and tricks on getting approved Quickly, the second thing is what I’m gonna give you a complete walkthrough of the dashboard and settings show you the backend kind of where? Everything’s laid out how to set up IDs and track so that you know when you start posting blog posts Recording videos and recommending products what’s getting the most traction for you? And the very last thing is I’m going to show you how to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing a little bit and Then if you want to make a lot and get super focused there’s two different kind of tactics that you can use there That’s gonna be after the tutorials so stick around So real quick why Amazon? Well, there’s two main things that I think are amazing about Amazon number one for beginners Amazon has a huge selection of products and different niches so you may be in a little bit more of an Obscure niche whether you’re on your blog or you’re on YouTube talking about certain things And you may be in a weird niche where there’s not really many affiliate programs well What’s cool about Amazon is there’s gonna be products that you can find and recommend to your audience And that’s awesome for anyone new who’s jumping in and is looking to start making money with affiliate marketing The next thing is you get paid on any product that someone buys within 24 hours Let me explain so if they go through your blog they go through your youtube description and they click one of your amazon links You are gonna get paid on anything they buy for 24 hours So you may have recommended it camera for instance and they go through and end up buying a complete outdoor furniture patio set You’re gonna get paid a percentage on that furniture patio set Which is so awesome because you don’t necessarily have to just be making a commission on what you were referring so it opens up a whole new world of possibilities with Amazon, which I love so much and Again, the very last thing is how to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing after the tutorial and walk through I am gonna show you how to make a little bit and then how to make a lot there’s two different kind of mindsets and Strategies that go into that and I’m gonna explain them both So here we are on Google and all you’re gonna do is we’re just going to search for Amazon affiliate program pretty easy It’s gonna be right here at the top. Associates, it’s the same thing and here’s the page. We’re actually gonna sign up You can see join advertise earn you can make up to 10% in advertising commission depending on the niche that you’re in and actually have these broken down here you can see furniture home improvement 8% and then the percentages go down from there PCs PC components two and a half percent So if you want to find this all you need to do is just search for the Amazon Associates program fee schedule And they’ll have the breakdown free there, but let’s go ahead and sign up So we’ll hit join now for free and or if you don’t already have an Amazon account, you can create a new one So go ahead and hit create your Amazon account and we’ll just do this real quick here Okay, so create your Amazon account they’re gonna be sending an email Okay, so the email has come through you’re just gonna verify that this is your account. So you’ll enter the code and There we go. Here we are. Now. We’re going to be going through the steps of actually setting up your Amazon account just gonna put your name in there and then I’m gonna go ahead and fill out my address information and once you’ve got all that filled out, you’re just gonna hit next Okay, so this is a really important part So if you don’t have a blog website actually have a video you’re gonna see an info card above This is gonna show you how to start a blog within like 20 minutes. Actually. It’s 17 minutes I think so. It’s really fast If you don’t have a website, I really recommend it because it’s gonna help you out in the long term But you can also use a youtube channel Even, you know certain types of social media Accounts whatever else so anything you’re gonna be recommending products on you need to enter in here. So we’ll just say My one of my websites here okay, we’ll just add that and then if you have a youtube channel, whatever else you would include that in there as well, so We’ll go ahead and hit next are any of the websites and mobile apps list above directly Directed at children under 13. We’ll hit no and then confirm So now that we’re here you’re gonna actually select a preferred associate store ID So this is gonna kind of be your main ID. Just name it something Whatever you whatever the name of your blog or your YouTube channel might be we’re gonna talk about what our Website is about so we’ll just say Blogging, you know, if your fashion whatever else will keep going down which of the following topics describes your website or mobile apps You’re just gonna go through and pick whatever fits your niche best. So let’s just say he We’ll do computer software technology and then you can pick a secondary topic as well and add additional topics What type of Amazon ayahs do tend to list on your website again, just pick whatever products you think you might recommend you can even just select all of them really and What type are your website or mobile apps? You’re just gonna tell them what type of website it is So usually it’s gonna be a content or niche website You don’t really have you know Unless you’re doing coupons or deals and stuff like that and you can select the second one here next They’re gonna want to know traffic and monetization how exactly you’re getting traffic to your blog or your website So you might be doing social networks SEO blogs forms Email whatever else and just select a couple there. How do you utilize your website and apps to generate income? They want to know about any other types of ways that you’re generating income You know, you just select if you’re brand new Amazon Associates is the only way I monetize in my site You can select a secondary there. How do you usually build links? I would just say content management system or you could do blog editor here How many total unique visitors does your website and apps get per month now? You might be brand new and not maybe not even have a blog yet So you can hit less than 500 your primary reason for joining. I Would just select other you can say to get rich content for my site to monetize I would just select other there and how did you hear about us? You’re here. Maybe you’re hearing about it for the first time from this video so just say word-of-mouth or online search there and all we’re gonna do is do these fun little CAPTCHA codes so once you’re on this screen here they want you to enter your phone number so that they can identify you just do that and hit call me now and You’ll actually see That they’re gonna give you a pin and they’re calling me right now. So I’m gonna do this live Hello, this is an automated call from Amazon Using a touchpad on your phone. Please. Enter the four-digit pin number that was displayed on the screen So you’re gonna just enter the pin there? and A so you have your identity verification and then just agree to the terms and conditions and hit finish All right, so congrats. There you go easy Done Congrats Brandon Scott. You will see your unique associate ID there You’re pretty much set up Now you’ve applied And you’ve been accepted except for one little thing is that they are going to require that you make at least Three sales within the next 60 days But I’m gonna show you how to do that and actually have another video that talks in depth about how to do that Rather quickly, so we don’t have to worry about our payment and tax information for now. We’ll just hit later You’re gonna want to fill that out afterwards So here we are on the Amazon Associates dashboard. This is kind of your quick overview of everything You’re gonna be able to see when you log in Right here You’re gonna have a quick Earnings overview for the last 30 days and you’re gonna see your total fees your total bounties and your clicks So your fees are gonna be how much you actually made Bounties are a special program and I’ll talk about those in a minute and then your total clicks so people that are actually clicking your links and then if you go over here You’ll see a summary for the month which will show your total items shipped your earnings in your total order item So when someone orders an item, it’ll show up here But you actually don’t make commission until that product ships. So that will show total items shipped right there And then last you’ll be you’ll see your conversion rate. So for however many Clips you got how many of those? Equated into actual commissions and then you can even go into a full report Okay, so let’s start going through some of these the first is product links So this is how you’re gonna actually link your stuff and I’m going to show you a quicker way to do it But you can come in to your dashboard here And actually search by product code if you want to so Let’s say you wanted to promote, you know this type of camera here. All you would select is get link it’s gonna pop up with a Little you know dialog box here that’s gonna have a link. It’s this is a very cumbersome way to do it I don’t recommend this What I do recommend is that if you actually go to tools and you go to site stripe site shrimp is really cool Because what will happen is when you’re on your Amazon account Let’s actually go over here and we’ll just go to and then you search for let’s say coolers Let’s say you’re talking about some type of coolers and you want to recommend one Ok, when you click on the cooler, you’re gonna see at the top here you have Amazon Associates site stripes So when you signed up you now have this to where you can easily Get a text blank an image or even text plus image, but let’s just do a text link Okay, so we’ll select that there and there you go. That’s what you can put into your blog at the bottom of your youtube description Where people are going to be able to click and go over to? Your to this product and it’s now tagging it to you so that you’re going to commission whatever they buy You can do a full link if you want or a short link So this is Amazon Associates site stripe really utilize this because it’s a real easy way to get links fast The other way is very long cumbersome, and I don’t even really use it Unless I’m doing some specific stuff. So That’s product links. We won’t worry about banners or native shopping ads. You can link to any page on Amazon as well so if you decide you want to link to the search results You can do that by entering keywords, so you can actually link to a page of search results on Amazon So, you know that could be kind of cool too. So let’s talk about the Amazon bounty program What amazon has their own bounty program you’ll get a few sales from this every now and then? But if we click here and see all bounties, you can actually see what’s available Here, so if someone clicks through one ear links and ends up You know signing up for prime pantry. You’re gonna get three dollars If they sign up for a free unlimited free trial of Amazon I’m not really sure what that one is, but you’re gonna get three bucks Twitch Prime three dollars, I think honorable is down here. I don’t really see it right now Oh there it is audible five dollars for a 30-day free trial and then if they sign up for a direct gold membership It’s ten dollars bounty is gonna be be usually a very small percentage of your signups unless you have posts directed To those types of programs. So the one thing I want to show you which is really really cool here is Being able to use one link now a lot of people sign up for the Amazon Associates program Just in the United States and that’s fine But the problem is when you start building a blog you’re gonna get traffic from overseas Maybe from the UK from Canada and other places Well when people click on your links and you’re only signed up in the US They’re gonna go to a us-based Amazon page where the product may not be available in their country The cool thing is that with one link. What you can do is you can link all your accounts so if someone does end up coming from Someone’s searching on or lands on your site in Canada clicks your link it’s gonna direct them to the Canadian Amazon page with those suppliers and actually being able to Make a commission in their own currency. So I know it sounds a little bit complicated. But here’s what you actually do You’re going to link your accounts. So that process that I showed you in the beginning with the Amazon Associates a u.s Program you’re gonna do for a number of different ones so if you hit click to link here because this is the first part of the process you’re gonna see you can get Traffic or you can get commissions from the UK France Japan and all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go down here and click each one of these and this is this is a process So, you know, maybe take a day and sign up for a couple of these do it the next day It’s gonna say don’t have a United Kingdom account You’re gonna click sign up here and you’re gonna go through the process once you get your store ID with your UK account You’re gonna link it here and you’ll hit link store. Ok, after you do all that. It’s really easy you’re gonna copy this code put it on your blog your website usually in the footer and It’s gonna link all your accounts to one so that whenever somebody from any other country that were listed Clicks on your links. You’re still gonna make Commission in their currency and it it’s really it’s actually really cool You are gonna notice a bump in your earnings because you are getting you know traffic from other from other countries, so Definitely set up one link as soon as you can because it’s really it’s really beneficial and you will see an uptick in Earnings. Ok. So the next thing we’ll do is we’ll go over to reports here You’re gonna get a deep dive into your earnings as you can see the last 30 days you can go back to last year this year and you can even Download these reports and export them and then you have some resource centers You know advertising fee schedule the thing that we were talking about earlier You can click on there and see what the current advertising fee schedules are and they actually even break down all The bounty programs in here as well. So this is pretty much the back end of the Amazon affiliate program It’s really it’s really easy to use and once you get in there and start getting clicks and sales You’re gonna understand a little bit more You know, it’s one thing to actually show you here, but once you get in there and start tinkering with it yourself You’re gonna get it So I’m going through editing this video and I notice I did not show you guys how to set up individual tracking IDs Which I think is really important, especially if you’re blogging and have a lot of different posts and want to track What is getting the best? Conversions so you’re gonna go over here to your account and go to manage your tracking IDs and you’ll see that your main tracking ID Here is the website nerd is the site that I actually signed up with Okay, what we can do is we can go and add an extra tracking ID So say we have a post about the best yoga pants you can see I’ve created a tracking ID here But you would just go to add tracking ID type in whatever identifier you want maybe the name of the post and then hit Create and it’ll set up free there. So now you have this tracking ID. And what you can do is when you’re going out and looking for Yoga pants to put on maybe this guide that you’ve created on site stripe. You can actually hit get link Click text and now you have that option to apply any Commission’s through this tracking ID So later on when you’re actually filtering through your Commission’s you can filter through tracking IDs and see Exactly. What? Posts got the best Conversions are or are converting the highest so it’s really key if you’re going into this start separating tracking IDs and attaching them to posts so that you can have a greater understanding of what is actually working with your affiliate marketing okay, as promised I was gonna show you after the tutorial how to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing how to use the Program to make a little bit and a lot, okay And I’ve got two great examples of both of these here to kind of get your wheels turning I actually go into a lot more depth on this on my video on how to make money blogging So check up on the info cards and look at that I go through an exact strategy that I used to make my first thousand dollars with a blog so if you want to see that check that check that video but I’m gonna show you right here. Just an overview in two really good Examples of how to make a little bit and a lot so let’s start with just recommending products casually to make a little bit Amazon Associates Program. So if you’re not familiar with Peter McKinnon, he is a really big youtuber Photography youtuber and has a lot of great videos helping photographers but if you go through and just click one of his videos, I want to show you how he casually He still mix a lot. I mean his videos get a ton of views So even casually he’s making pretty good money from the Amazon Associates program But you can see in his description all these Amazon links. You see all these right here for his You know photo time-lapse camera and if you actually click over which we’ll do right here You can see there. It goes right to it shows his camera $2,300 camera that he’s I think the Commission on cameras is four and a half percent so you can do the math on that And doing looking at how many views he gets four hundred thousand on this video He’s probably making a healthy Income just casually putting these in the description here So you can use this by doing the same thing in your blog posts, you know Maybe casually recommending products and whatnot and you’re gonna make good, you know decent Side money in doing this and the bigger your blog is obviously the more following that you have the more you’re gonna be able to Casually recommend and make money But the next thing I want to show you is how to do it and make a ton of money Okay, and this is a really good example here So if we go to Google and we type in best Wireless earbuds and you can do this in pretty much whatever your niche is as well, you know Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom and you like journaling, you know? You can find products and do best of type Posts and what this does is it really hones in on what people are searching for? So you can see here just for this example best wireless earbuds These huge sites here like seen it are jumping onto this Because they know just how powerful it is and how much you can make so see net is on here and they review You know all the best wireless Earbuds and you can see they all go to Amazon so they are in the Amazon It’s program doing Amazon affiliate marketing Making Commission’s off of this and again that video that I have that goes into depth on a strategy. I Show you how to kind of get more and find more low competition obviously best wireless earbuds It’s super competitive when you’ve got sites like C net and PC Mag all going and shooting for those terms But hopefully you kind of get an idea Here about what is possible with doing this strategy to make a little bit and to make a lot. Okay There’s two different ways. You can do it. I see a lot of bloggers Online and youtubers who are wondering. You know, how come I’m not making that much with the Amazon Associates program Well, the problem is that you’re not building affiliate content, right So you’re not getting content in there? That people are actually looking for and when you can do this type of stuff and look for you know, maybe best sewing-machine People are looking for this stuff People are looking for these types of keywords. So when you actually have a post Breaking down the best sewing machines people are hyper focused in in a buying mindset Okay, so hopefully that really helps you guys out. This is the end of the this video I hope you got a lot out of it Leave a comment below saying Amazon affiliate marketing if you just signed up today and consider hitting that like button Subscribing and hitting the bell notification if you want to see all my new videos coming out I appreciate you guys for taking the time Spending a little bit time with me and watching this and I hope you learn something new today And I will see you in the next one. Peace


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