AMP for Email: A New Frontier for AMP (AMP Conf 2018)

AMP for Email: A New Frontier for AMP (AMP Conf 2018)


  1. How are these interactions recorded? Ex) Browsing the image carousel, clicking/ saving Pinterest images.
    If people are interacting with the email, and not being directed to a web page, how is engagement being measured?

  2. 1. How is the end user authenticated? How does your api know that I have not forwarded the email to my friend and now hes inviting people I dont want.
    2. This is outside of what an end user expects.. an email is not an application with dynamic content. I don't save my email from a year ago and expect that message to change. It should be what was sent to me at the time.

  3. This is pretty awesome!
    Looking forward to reminiscing "Remember when we would click and get taken to a browser?"

  4. The feeling of feedback is what matters
    Amp that only confuses the user. Now it is much better to click, you perceive that the content is opened in a web browser, independently of the email manager app, that equals more sense of security

  5. Great move. Here is what we can expect few things in 2019 –

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