App Store + SEO =❓ | Differences between ASO and SEO

Hi everyone, it’s Maja. I’m Elisa. And today we will start a new series which is about App Store Optimization for beginners. Or for dummies. Exactly. So, we’re really excited for our first video today. And we’ll start off with differences and similarities between So, many of you know, and we had this problem as well to understand the differences between ASO and SEO. And actually, they are different, but they also have some similarities. Which are: For example, they both involve backlinks, they both involve keywords, and they both involve conversion optimization. She was cheating, did you see it? She was cheating. No, I wasn’t. She was. So there are many similarities, but there are also a few differences. And the main difference is the ranking. So, the ranking factors that actually impact the ranking. So, Google actually considers more than 200 different ranking factors. When sorting the results. And ASO has, I would say, quite a smaller number of ranking factors. While in SEO we’re trying to rank for the search engines like in a website like: Google, Bing, Yahoo, in ASO we want to rank in app stores, So, the App Store for iOS, and Google Play for Android. Actually, both of them have on-page optimization, we could call it like this. But there are different factors that are influencing that on-page. And different things that you can change. And when it comes to SEO, you usually just check out the keyword density, you choose the keywords, you put them in the headlines, into the meta title, meta description. And with ASO, this is a bit different. It’s a bit less to do, I would say. But still, there are some factors Such as: iOS keywords, because on iOS you actually have a keyword field. 100 characters for you. Make sure you use that. Also you have a title, subtitle, and the description. Apart from that, both actually consider how users engage with either the page, so for the SEO or with an App, so when we’re talking about ASO. Like, with the page that would be metrics like “bounce rate”. So people coming and going. Or uninstall rate, or retention rate also is very important when it comes to apps. So when people come, and install the app, and how often do they come back, and play it. So what does it mean for SEO? How do people come to your page? Basically, how do they find you? Which link bring them to you? Like social media, from a website, this really means a lot. The quality of this user. Means a lot. So for ASO the most important, I would say, I don’t know if you agree is Ratings and Reviews. Because basically, you don’t control it, people are going there, just rating your app, reviewing it, it doesn’t depend on you, that’s why is off-page, but it is actually so important for you to rank well. In addition, for Google Play: Backlinks. How people are coming to your app page, it matters a lot. And apart from that, also the downloads statistics. So if you have a lot of downloads, how many downloads you have of course it counts a lot, but I guess this is quite obvious. This is actually the goal, what you are trying to achieve with either SEO or ASO. It’s quite obvious, something that we’ve already said at the beginning. So, with SEO what you’re actually trying to get are visitors, who probably in an ideal case do a conversion, so they do something that you want them to do on your website. And you won a new user or a new lead. And, on the other hand with ASO, what you want are new players, so new users of your app. Who also then download your app, and play it, and come back. so that was it for today. I hope you understood the differences between ASO and SEO. Also, if you’re already a pro in App Store Optimization, we have another playlist. with Thomas and he’s really focusing on app marketing, and app trends, and also about tricks you can use when you already know something about App Store Optimization. So, I would say the level is a bit higher. But ours you can see when Elisa? Once a month, we’re going to post a video, initially. Because if you guys ask a lot, and have questions, we’re open to suggestions. And also follow us on social media. So you always know when we have a new video or new blog content. We have an Instagram account, Facebook, Twitter, everything is here. And the most important part this YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe, click on the button, The bell. So it’s going to ring “there’s a new video on”, and you’re going to find us and come back. And I have a special announcement. Oh my God, she’s engaged! Actually I have a surprise because this is our first video. And I have a surprise for Elisa. This video is not sponsored. We’re going to have cups. For both of us. Next time, we’ll be drinking out of this. We’ll be waiting for you in our next video with our mugs. Cheers to that and see you then.

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