Are Email Lists DEAD? Ep 4

Are Email Lists DEAD? Ep 4

(intense music) – Hey it’s Kimra Luna
here, personal branding and online business
strategist and the founder of Freedom Hackers which is right
where you are at right now., thank
you so much for being here. And today we are going to
ask, answer a very important question that I see all
the time that people say and ask me in my comments on
my videos and people email to me, they ask me, hey
Kimra, is email lists dead? Should I even spend the time growing it? Why would I keep growing something when I barely enough check my emails? The thing is is sometimes
you might think people really aren’t opening your emails. Or you’re like well only
like 20% of people have been opening my emails
and the rest of the people haven’t been opening them, that’s true. Sometimes that happens
and the thing is is sales still come primarily from emails. I know people in all
different types of industries from anything from health and
wellness to selling physical products and every person
will say that an email is something that will close a sale. Yes, there’s other really
cool fancy things now like there’s Facebook Messenger Bots. There’s all types of oh, I
can just promote all these things on social media
and things like that. Yes, those are really great
but like I mentioned in one of my previous videos,
you wanna make sure that you are growing your list because
you can follow up with people. Alright, so sure you can make
another post on Facebook. But we all know how the
algorithms are now, right? When you post on Instagram,
it’s not really showing your people, Facebook, same thing. A lot of social platforms
are not a reliable place for you to keep, to try
to follow up with people that are interested in you, right? Unless you’re maybe direct
messaging them or something. And that takes up a lot of time. But if you have your
emails, the email addresses, you can automate that
process and follow up with people based off of what
they do on your email list, based off of what emails
they open and you can keep following up with them continually. Another amazing thing that’s
really great about an email list is you can actually
download your email list and promote other offers to those people on your list utilizing Facebook. I have an entire course
all about Facebook ads called Ad, Set, Go, you can
check out on my website. If you go to,
click on the courses and you’ll see a course
called Ad, Set, Go. Click on that, it’s only 50
bucks, super inexpensive course. But anyway, I show you how
to do this in that course where you can literally
download your own list and then send them other information. So maybe you have a sale,
a product coming up. Maybe you are launching a digital course. Maybe you are now open up
for some more consultations so people can become your clients, right? You can place ads towards
people who already get on your list so you’re hitting
them in multiple places. They’re getting the emails,
they’re seeing you on Facebook and Instagram,
they’re able to see you in multiple places and it
really builds this effect of like you probably have heard,
it takes people multiple times seeing your content
before they wanna buy from you. And this way once you
have that email list, you can utilize those other
places and other platforms to keep getting that message
in front of people which then of course, gets the
person closer to buying and making the decision to work with you. So I personally don’t
believe email lists are dead. I still make a majority of my
sales through my email list. I do make some through
other platforms, sometimes through Instagram, a lot
of times through Facebook. But most of the sales end
up coming in after a person gets on my email list but
anyways, if you really enjoy this video and you wanna
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  1. Hey Freedom Hacker! Thanks for watching. Let me know the questions you have about email list building and marketing in the comments below. I'd love some ideas for more videos to add to this List Building series! Don't be shy! <3 xx Kimra

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