Are Google Sites SEO Friendly? (REAL Case Studies)

Are Google Sites SEO Friendly? (REAL Case Studies)

hi this is Simon Leung from Simon
Leung dot com ( and in our last video we talked about how to make money with
Google Sites the feedback has been pretty positive so far as most people
were not aware that they can build a website for free directly from a tool
created by Google so needless to say many of you have been quite excited to
get into that for that great job you get a fist bump for that now even though the
idea of using Google Sites to make money is an exciting concept we still got a
lot of questions on how to use it how to get visitors and how to monetize in
terms of monetization I will include more on that topic in future videos
you’re welcome although if you’re a bit impatient and want to get some ideas to
get started right away visiting my website at Simon Leung dot com ( and grabbing
your free access to this online mini course for free will be a great start
for you tutorials on how to use Google Sites to build our kind of simple pages
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it I’ll wait oh you’re done thinking great thanks for
subscribing for your subscription you get to fist pumps for that one let’s not
get carried away here okay so as for today we’re going to follow up with our
previous video to show you how we can get visitors from Google to our Google
Sites for free so without further ado let’s do this welcome back now last time I showed you
just a couple of one-page sites that we built with Google Sites and again the
beauty of Google Sites is that everything is already set up for you so
that all you need to do is point and click drag and drop and even copy and
paste if you’re feeling super lazy and you still be able to finish a site in
five minutes once you get used to it are there pros and cons of using Google
Sites well of course there are just like with everything else in the world but
for someone starting out or want to branch out to a bunch of different
topics and genres and still have a presence online talking about a wide
variety of things that they want promoting whatever new business ideas
that you might have without having to need to pay for any new domain name
registrations and web hosting and going through the tedious process of
installing WordPress and setting it all up and customizing it with different
designs and themes well Google Sites is a great solution
for you to create as many sites as you want for absolutely free and our own
sites are doing very well for us here’s why if you recall from my how to make
money with Google Video one of the first tips was to get traffic which is what we
need to do here and that first method that we talked about was getting free
visitors directly from Google the key here is we want to take advantage of all
the people who are searching for something in the search engines and
assuming that you actually offer that solution to them well we want them to
find your sites let me show you an example when we go to and do
a search for internet millionaire secrets which is the name of our course
and of course the keywords that we’re targeting you can actually see that it
is quite competitive with fourteen point six million search results which means
fourteen point six million competitors despite the huge competition
you can see that our Google sites actually can be found on page one number
one now I’m not sure if you were paying
attention to what I mentioned in my previous video about dominating and
owning multiple positions on the first page of Google but this is also what we
have done here even though we had not really been actively marketing all these
properties that we had built you can see on this page that we are showing up not
only for Google Sites but also for our YouTube videos we have another listing
for our Google Sites plus our blogger search results as well as from our own
websites plus many of the images that are taken directly from our contents as
well as some additional social platforms that you can see directly on this page
in regards to all these different properties as well as the different
sites on how you can dominate Google as we’re doing here we actually get more
into the strategy in our live classes that you can find out more about at my
internet’s events calm but today we’re just talking about Google Sites we’re
just good enough for most people to get started the other example that we saw
was our e-commerce millionaire secrets one-page sites which when we go back up
here to Google and do a search for that you can also see that our own properties
are at the top of the page out of 3.3 million search results page one number
one is our Facebook posts followed by two of our consecutive Google sites as
well as if you continue to scroll down see a lot more of our own properties
which we had uploaded in regards to e-commerce millionaire secrets many of
which were actually created last year of course in combination with our other
listings that are also on the first page our strategies have been proven to work
extremely well to bring in visitors back to our main website at my internet
events calm now even though we only talked about these two Google Sites
which means that technically we only have two examples to show you in this
video I’m feeling a little generous today so let me go ahead and give you
another example you’re welcome just to let you
know another one of our courses is called internet marketing insider
secrets when we do a Google search on it you can actually see that we have over
13 million competitors yet our properties are also occupying multiple
first page positions you can see up top we have a wordpress site followed by
some videos as well as additional properties that are owned by my domain
names and of course the other strategies that we talked about including blogger
and yes Google Sites we also now have multiple first page positions on anytime any one of these sites are visited the visitor will then
be redirected back to our main page at my internet events calm so that they can
register for our next live event now because I’m feeling a little bit
generous today I’m going to throw in one more bonus example is that okay great
you’re welcome again for our internet marketing insider secrets class we
actually have a Chinese version which we had previously conducted in countries
like Taiwan as well as Singapore now we are actually on a schedule to
consistently deliver this particular Chinese class in Penang Malaysia this is
the Chinese version of our class it’s called one lorry shell name Mimi and of
course it means internet marketing insider secrets funds and woman Delilah
since we are here let’s go ahead and do a search on that nine hundred and fifty
nine thousand competitors yet when you take a look at page one number one our
Google site is sitting pretty right there at the top of the page for the
next listing you can naturally see they are two different videos created by one
of our lead mentors and they are no longer than anywhere between 30 seconds
to 43 seconds and there are also at the top of the search listings
as we scroll down you’ll see another Google Sites followed by a blogger site
in addition to several of our other properties so do our strategies work and
more specifically does Google site or to not only attract traffic but convert
visitors into customers in any niche the answer is an astounding yes my students
and I approve this all the time and guess what all these strategies are
absolutely free so it goes without saying that if you want to grow even
further you will want to expand into other options you can see that we also
rank for YouTube videos which is another reason why I previously mentioned I want
to focus more on videos this year but in addition to that there are also plenty
more platforms that you can explore there’s blogger there’s Facebook there’s
Instagram and so many other platforms that you can use if you want to learn
more about these strategies in future videos like this video and let me know
down in the comment section that you’re interested and of course make sure if
you haven’t already to hit that subscribe button and click on a bell
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twitter profile was recently hacked and I lost a whole bunch of tweets and
followers in the process haven’t yet had the chance to send it all up again
simply because we’ve been so busy working on very important things right
here on our team inside our community but you can start following now if you
want to and we will be back up and running very very soon you can find my
twitter at thanks you


  1. Google sites seem to be almost impossible to INDEX. There is pretty much zero info about this when searching. I had assumed that being Google's own product it may index automatically, like a YouTube video. But no. I've created two PBN-like Google sites with pages optimised around keywords I'm targeting (low comp, long-tail, local SEO 50-100 searches per month) with a silo structure and all pages embedded with YouTube live events chasing same keywords and yet there is literally zip online for my sites when I search. They literally don't exist. I indexed it (even though indexing one of these sites is almost counter-intuitive – they don't even give you a sitemap URL etc).

    it's a dead end product. I don't know how you did it man. If you got landing pages and it's driving traffic, I'd LOVE to know your secret to how you even got it INDEXED.

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    1.Which Google site is easy to rank
    Classic or new?

  4. Your keywords is specific not high competitve if your keyword is competitive I
    don't think your website will be in firs

  5. Like how to rank it. I've been trying to rank it has a keyword difficulty of 5.0 and I thought it'd be easier to rank than it is

  6. I created a google site and glad to see that it is on the top 5 in google if i use the site name to search. But when I use words from my site content, its not showing among the top pages in google. How do i make relevant words from my content to appear among the tope 5 in google, when they are being searched. Appreciate your help/advice.

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