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  2. Tom, thanks for all your vids. I’m early on in my education in graphic design but I feel you’ve already taught me a lot of important things about professionalism and quality in graphics. You are a good teacher.

  3. ♥️ this kind of content.
    Btw, is your voice/audio different? Or have I missed a couple of videos where your voice became different ?

  4. Mind blowing 😍😍…It's too much helpful for as a logo designer.
    By the way, can you share some tricks of TYPOGRAPHY and also best process of LoGo design☺☺

  5. I have a regular client that gets me to design logos for his products, he only ever wants wordmarks, but then tells me what font to use. Kinda dumb, but some of the easiest work I've ever done.

  6. Thanks for the great information on typography. For me it’s a small refresher. Thanks for sharing. As always have a great day.

  7. I’ve always liked wordmark logos more than symbols or emblems, maybe it sounds easy, but people underestimate how important typography is. I really love to design minimal stuff ‘less is more’ so also happy flat design is in the designing trend now. And really liked how all famous fashion brands rebranded their text logo to a minimal flat text logo.

  8. You are right..
    Monograms are important n fonts we use can make or break the image of any company..
    Awesome video..
    Thank u..

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