1. Definitely Basecamp and High Rise. I've been using 37 Signals Products since I started in 2010. They're just so easy to use and so easy to manage your team.

    OH! And of course Elance.com for all things talent related.
    Since, you told me that you've found more talent on oDesk, I decided to scan their site for outsourcers but when I find them, I tell them that they have to go over to Elance because the interface is just so much better for me and my team.

  2. James, awesome tools I have to agree with as I use most of them in my online business. I'm not using lead player yet but here a lot of great things about it… Will probably check it out soon. For those that do a lot of coaching and consulting I've found Time Trade to be a great online scheduling system and one that I use in my business everyday.

  3. Well, actually FILE size being small is one reason, ease of FAST use is another one… I don't have to fire up ScreenFlow…
    So what do you like mmtTVchannel for replacement to JING?

  4. Thank you for subscribing to my channel James! Your awesome… great tips, have you tried FBwebinars yet?

  5. Currently for me it is Evernote and Screen flow. As my online business develops I could see a lot of these being on my list.

  6. Contest Domination sounds cool. We ended doing our own design, but did find a plugin on WordPress that had the programming done.

    Check out our quickbooks 2013 contest!

  7. Thanks so much! Will definitely be checking out some of your goodies through your blog. Great job on the CreativeLive webcast. I learned so much!

  8. Hi James! Thanks for sharing this list. Although you can do editing in Easy Video Suite, do you typically use it after your videos have been edited elsewhere and more for tracking and conversion, etc.? Want to make sure I'm clear on it's functionality when compared to things like Screenflow and other products with some similar functions. Thanks!

  9. A lot of WP plugins that do contests are actually using the old code of Contest Domination 1.0 (it's hosted now and has been totally rebuilt from the ground up). Those plugins work, they are just pretty basic (which might be all you need). PS I'm the founder of Contest Domination if you have any questions 🙂

  10. Hey James, great video! you shared some of the best tools around. You missed one thing that I want to know about. What is the tool that lets you create those little popups on your videos in YouTube. That tool is awesome! Happy to subscribe and learn more about your valuable content.

  11. Hello James, great videos! Very helpful I'm learning a lot! =)
    I have a question, do you have any video where you show how to create a link inside of a video of youtube that redirect to another website just like you have it at the end of this video?
    Thank you!

  12. Hey James I own EVS was wondering do you still need Optimize Press and Lead Player when you have that?

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  15. Hey James big fan.. Question for you.. I purchased EVS and no I have not yet maximized it at all but can you tell me what Lead Player does different/better than EVS? I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on it.

  16. Hey Robert, I have a video coming out on it next week, I promise it will explain it better than I could in a text-based comment 🙂

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  25. Hey James, any ideas why the clickable hotspots for subscribe etc aren't working? And the free offer?

    Also how do I add the end red frame or something similar?


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  29. It could be on your end. Under the video player is a little button that looks like a speech bubble. That turns on and off annotations.

  30. Sadly, LeadPlayer won't help much with that. That type of graphics/animation needs to be done with a video editor or video design product. For instance, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas and even iMovie…. plus a little photoshop

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