Average $65 Per Hour Make Money Online

Average $65 Per Hour Make Money Online

okay in this video guys I’m going to
show you a great place where you can work both full-time or part-time
depending on your choice and you can make anywhere up to $32 per half an hour
or $65 per hour it’s your choice stick around I’m going to get you
started on that here right now all righty guys welcome back to the
video like I said before in this video I’m going to show you how you can make
up to $65 an hour on average and what this is is this is a job transcribing
audio into typed words it’s just that easy
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videos as well all right all right well with that I’ll Blaine let’s go ahead and
get started right on this video here today I come over here to a site called
way with words jobs alright way with words jobs you see it
up here in the address bar way with words jobs.com way with words jobs com
alright and this site here it’s it’s all about like I said transcribing audio
into words written words pretty simple says here you can work when and where
you want and guys take a look right here on the signup sheet you know basically
you can sign up for free here and put your name man a surname if you want to
use that on your sign up and a good email address and take a
this guy’s this can be done any where in the world literally every single country
is covered in this sign-up sheet right here it’s all you could be in you could
be in the live here in the Maldives laying on the beach as long as you have
internet access on your computer you can work from there or in Malaysia or in
Mali Malta all these great places you can be anywhere in the world and do this
job so there’s no excuse you guys can jump on this right now starting today
all right sign up for free doesn’t cost anything and start learning how to
transcribe the audio into the written words okay so you can freelance or
full-time like I’m saying you can freelance I suppose it’s a part-time or
whatever and then you can go with this full-time so that tells me they have a
lot of work if they’re offering full-time at this it’s they need you
they need people like you and me to help them out here okay and you can earn
between 45 cents to $1 and 75 73 cents per audio minute based on the project
turnaround time so let’s pull up the calculator here now if we take for
example just to give you an idea here like what I was telling you how much you
could make right so let’s take point for five and then we’ll add that’s the low
point and we’ll add the high point plus a dollar 73 right and then we equal that
that’s two dollars and 18 cents and then divide that by two which would give us a
good 50% ratio that’s a good average right in between the two so if we take
it’s a dollar and nine let’s say you get a thirty minute audio that they want you
to type the words that you hear in the audio into like your word processor if
you have Microsoft Word installed in your computer
or your word processor in Macintosh computer so let’s just say 30 minutes so
we take $1 at nine cents per per audio minute
and times that by 30 minutes guys that’s thirty two dollars and seventy cents for
just a half an hour’s worth of work so that if you take that and if you did two
of those in an hour right so we multiply that by two that’s sixty five dollars
and forty cents in one hour guys that’s the same that you’re getting paid like a
doctor that’s almost doctor pay there all right so that’s why I say you can
make up to 65 dollars per hour doing this job okay now let’s find out some
more of the benefits who is way of way with words way with words launched in
2002 so you see they’ve been around for quite a while it’s an established
international audio to text service and solution company providing
english-language audio video or custom transcription solutions to thousands of
clients globally we continually strive to provide the best transcription
services using select pools of transcribers from around the world and
partner partnering with leading technology companies and startups in our
field and they’re our recruitment team our recruitment drink team is dedicated
to ensuring that new transcribers are comfortable working with the company so
they’re going to train you ok they’re going to train you on how to do this
they enjoy getting to know the people they work with but are not as soft as
they look between the three of them they have a cat and a dog and two nephews and
so they’re well equipped to nurture transcribers into this role so that
tells me that they will train you into this says why not join our global team
of transcribers and i’m going to kind of darken this in so we can see it better
right here all right so it says we are looking for people
have an excellent understanding and knowledge of the English language so if
you’re you know you’re over in Pakistan or you’re in any other country around
the world as long as you have a good understanding of the English language
well you’re a good fit for this this job right here okay and in a good ear for
accents the ability to type and research accurately follow formats and meet
deadlines previous transcription experience is not essential as we will
show you the ropes like I said they will train you how to
do this some people think you have to be slightly crazy to transcribe and they
say but they like crazy okay all right and then there’s some testimonials here
of other people that are doing this around the world here’s somebody in Sri
Lanka that’s doing it here and they’ve done all over now the frequently asked
questions here let’s go through this when individuals or businesses have
audio or video they need and that they need a usable text record of they employ
the services of a transcription company like way with words in turn we provide
the audio to our pool of transcribers who listen to the audio and type out
what what they hear so in other words all you’re going to do is just listen to
the audio or the audio in the video and then you just type out what you hear you
guys you can actually practice with this video right here if you want it to just
listen to me talk and then type it out in a word processor everything I’m
saying here you know you could do that as practice you know whatever in any way
so that’s time here it says what is the rate of pay okay well we I think we know
that’s paid for transcription ranges between 45 cents and a dollar 73 per
audio minute alright how do I get paid our transcribers are paid monthly
directly into their PayPal accounts so there you go make sure you have a
PayPal account if you don’t it’s easy enough to do just go right over to
paypal.com and brings it up right here and then you can just click on sign up
and then you choose a personal account or a business account and then choose
next and then you just fill in your name and then have a make sure you have a
good email address that you can use so you can also use the good email address
on this way with words jobs comm when you sign up so it’s easy enough to sign
up with PayPal right and then irrespective of who that counts with so
that’s how you’re going to get paid right there and then do next question is
do I need any special software or hardware well for our application
process as long as you have a working copy of Microsoft Word some software to
play audio and videos such as the VLC player and a great set of ears then
you’re all set if your application is successful we will recommend suitable
transcripts and hardware and software to you that you could use and alrighty and
then can I still apply if I’ve never done some transcription before of course
you can should your application be successful you will be guided through
training by one of our dedicated recruitment team members the best way to
learn is through doing so straightaway we start training you up on live work
for what you’re paid so if you go through this process and they like you
and they accept you and then you’re going to get paid even to go through
their training before they put you out and have you’re doing actual
transcription jobs ok so that’s a pretty good feature they’re going to pay you to
train you too so that’s good alright and then why do I need to do your assessment
and our clients expect superior quality transcripts from us
and we in turn expect top quality transcripts from our transcribers
whether you are an experienced transcriber or not we need to gauge
whether your skills match our requirements these include an excellent
knowledge of the English language see that I mentioned that to you before a
good ear for accents the ability to research and type accurately following
formats and meeting deadlines the assessments have been set up to test
your knowledge and ability in the these areas and reflect the type of work we
receive so it’s pretty easy as long as you know English and you’re pretty good
at typing that you can easily get this job that’s going to be no problem for
you is there a fee associated with applying most certainly not it’s
entirely free to sign up on this site guys and it says am i required to work a
minimum number of hours per month because transcribers are independent
contractors you can choose how frequently you want to work with this
company okay so like I said it can be part-time or it can be full-time right
how much water well we pay our transcribers per audio minute which
means that we pay you per minute of audio that you have transcribed
generally an experienced transcriber will transcribe at a ratio of three or
four to one whereas a novice transcriber may transcribe at a rate of eight to one
what this means is that it will take a novice subscriber eight minutes to
transcribe one minute of audio accurately the more experience you gain
the faster you become in the more you’ll be able to earn alright so looks pretty
good guys at that point this is a good place to get signed up here and become a
part of this company because they need your service they’re obviously asking
for full-time people here that’s what they’re looking for
okay part-time or full-time and you guys can do this from anywhere in the world
alright guys that’s what I have for you today one
this really cool site where you can get a job working from home right online and
make money online right from your home up to $65 per hour as we saw all righty
well guys don’t forget to reach down there and hit the subscribe button and
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or less and be on your way to financial freedom just like so many of us alright
alrighty guys I’m gonna let you go with that and I’ll see you again here in a
couple of days on the next exciting video you guys take care and have an
awesome day today alright


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