BEST INVESTING APPS FOR 2019 (Top 3 Free Investing Apps)

BEST INVESTING APPS FOR 2019 (Top 3 Free Investing Apps)


  1. It really sucks for us that don’t live in the US. I live in Switzerland and have a US citizenship but never lived there. IMPOSSIBLE to open an account with just a Social Security Number with any of these brokerages that offer free or reduced fares for people just beginning with investing and little money. I have no choice but to invest with high fares, 60 bucks a year, plus all the commissions… that’s quite a lot if say, I only have 5000 to invest. I really wish we would have something like M1 in good’ol Switzerland

  2. I don't like how you said "if you wanna get a free stock you must use my affiliate link or someone else's affiliate link" this is misleading. You can get a free stock with or without an affiliate link. The link only ensures that you also Ryan get a free stock.

  3. halloo ryan you are very good and gongratsulations for all you have done you really helping people and this is the most important think. i really watch every day the new and old videos that upload and i want to ask you if you can to help us and find some applications like those for european union citizens this will very helpfull for us and most important for me because i lived in very corruption country and enemy goverment i live in Greece and here we cant do anything to grow goverment stop us for any growing and wealthing. if you have the time and if you want i appreciate to find some apps to invest like m1 or robinhood e.t.c thank you for your time greetings from Greece

  4. This video was awesome, thank you for the upload. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your channel and subscribers 🤘

  5. I used way back when. You can set up formulas to sleuth the market. I wonder if it still contains my account that I let lapse with all my formulas? I had a lot of winners back then but quit due to listening to others' advice.

  6. Ryan – Kevin O’ Leary has an app called Beanstox. It’s allows fractional share investing. I have been using it for about 3 months now. Very easy to use. Stocks and many ETFs. With a $14.99 membership, you are only charged 1 cent per trade, without a membership .99c a trade. Really simple and clean app. You should review it.

  7. I think Stash invest is the most user friendly and the true platform for beginners. It lets you buy fractional shares. You can also open a stash bank account with cool benefits and they let you link up to 3 cards to get cash back which are deposited into your invest account. You can also open a roth Ira with stash with the DRIP feature and also a custodial account. The only drawback is that there is no day trading and the $1 monthly fee.

  8. THANK YOU RYAN this is the video I’ve been looking for. Thank you for always being transparent, adding time stamps and having prefect information. Keep it up

  9. I will open an M1 Fiance this week. I will use your affiliate link. The channel is great!! Great information! Can you recommend a few ETF's besides VOO? I want to create my own pie.

  10. Off subject, but thought of Ryan’s channel today when looking at NGG. I know that’s one of his holding and it has a starting yield of 8 percent! Am I missing something?

  11. Great video Ryan you really know your stuff,I hope some of the younger people are watching your vids because they are very imformative thank you

  12. Hi Ryan, Robinhood just opened free checking and savings plus 3% that's much more than any other bank out there. I am not going to share my link so that people can sing up under you if you like it and make a video about it. Thank you for all the info that you put out there

  13. Just started watching your channel & had to subscribe! I was curious to know if you use any of these platforms personally?? If so, which ones & why? Would highly appreciate a response!

  14. Hi Ryan. What is your opinion of Firstrade? The went 0 commission in Aug 2018 and seem to be a step above Robinhood in that they also handle retirement accounts. They also seem to be more established with 30 years being in business. They received good reviews at various finance websites, but I have seen maybe only 1 youtube review on them.

  15. Thank you for stating they are for US only, nothing pisses me off more than wasting time only to find out it doesn't apply to me.

  16. Hi Ryan, great review as always. in the beginning of 2019, I am planning on funding my M1 account with $1,000 on a portfolio I have made consisting of 75% VTI, 15% VEA, 10% VWO. I am currently 19 years old college student with no debt. How do you feel about this portfolio and what are your comments and suggestions. Your advise will help me a lot because you were the one to pretty much convince me to go to M1. Thank you!! P.s : im not investing in bonds atm because im putting them in high yield savings account due to rising interest.

  17. How do you feel about "Acorns,"? It seems as though it works similarly to M1 Finance, but charges a $1/month fee. Any thoughts?

  18. Was thinking of webull. Since I like using indicators. My only concern is that I seen a YOUTUBE video on webull about a person trying to sell a stock and webull wouldn't let him. Is that something you've experienced with webull?

  19. The M1 Finance is available only the people in US, I from the Pacific, Papua New Guinea and I am interested. The other thing is that for taxation process is the other alternatives for people from other regions

  20. Would like to see you do a video on moomoo stock trading app, it is available for download in Google play store

  21. One thing I've come to realize after so much time spent trading IQ options is in this trade is all you need to make good profit is the right strategy and a good manager, videos wont help much(no disrespect to the makers of this) because what's in the field is totally different so you have to leave it to the professionals unless you are one. Since I met my current manager Mr Brown, it's been winning for me every week and I just thought to put that out there as sharing is the right thing to do plus I also get a referral bonus too lol. Here's his email [email protected] com feel free to contact him if you want to invest and make good profit the right way.

  22. Ryan thanks for the video! If I want to start in say Robinhood and then upgrade to Webull, how do you transfer your portfolio and does it have a cost? Best, B.

  23. thank you i like the webull app and thank you for leading me to it I have used your link so enjoy your free stock will be linking a account and funding it soon robinhood failed me so i chose another and this one looks like something worth my time as they put effort into it.

  24. Can I make like $20 a day doing this? Im trying to make money to eventually start Amazon FBA

  25. I want to use Robinhood but Google users give it a really bad review. It was help a lot if you explained why I should still use robinhood instead of any other app

  26. What happens when I want to take my money out? Do they take out the taxes then? Do they give only a partial amount on my stocks? How easy is it? How easy is it to close my account? Some companies make it difficult to get your money out or to close the account, where they still charge your bank account for fees, even if free. Do I have to link my bank account? I'm not comfortable with that…

  27. Thank you for telling us about the app use for us only. you did save my time, so i better leave this comment and like on this video. Thank so much.

  28. Any apps that include international investors that aren't part of EU? (second world country here)

  29. Can you please talk about Swell investing or how to invest in companies that are making a positive impact in the world or for people?

  30. Can I search and buy individual stocks on M1 Finance. Not pre selected stocks like apple or walmart, but lets say if i want to invest in the company i work for. Its a travel agency i didn't find on Robin hood etc.

  31. People tend to never learn, you keep losing and keep looking for magical strategies to save the day but in the end keep losing, why don't you just get a pro?… i did! i have been making a strong living from my trades ever since… if you don't know any pro then contact Mr Mahmoud Abbas via : [email protected] com

  32. Hello Ryan, please can a Nigerian use the M1 Finance as I heard you saying something about social security number? Thanks

  33. Actually, I have recently downloaded one more best Indian stock market app that is #IntelliInvest app. It makes stock-picking very easy and is able to guide you through the ups and downs of the market with timely advice. You get full Technical, Fundamental, Industry, Market Bubble, Industry Bubble, and Investment profile analysis all under one umbrella of NSE and BSE stocks.

  34. I'm not a beginner but I'm not a day trader and only invest in things that I understand and usually have personal experience with using. I enjoy the simplicity of M1 and Robinhood (it'd be great if they combined). With Schwab soon to be offering fractional shares as well as being a full service brokerage how do you think these to compare? I'd much rather keep all of my holdings at one brokerage.

  35. The results of one particular trade mean nothing, only the general performance is important. If the strategy is profitable, the results would be positive.

  36. Sign Up For M1 Finance:
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